The Lady’s Sickly Husband Xiào Māo Yānrán

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A blind date is a first love? shocked! A bite of tea did not go down, butt. Blinking again, lying on the bed with a sick sorrow, she became a rushing lady? The house is borrowed, the rice tank is empty, and the ground is covered with grass! ! What is this situation? ! ! The bed, only one? ! There is only one quilt? ! Serve the public during the day to eat and drink, and wait for the public to sleep at night! Still have to be careful to be "eaten"? ! ! Such a day can't be done! * Hardworking and richest, the most reliable, building workshops, opening factories, leading the public to run a well-off. Fortunately, there is no ulterior harassment, and the best villagers come to knock on the door. An old family: Ning Niangzi, you are a private company, you are doing business like this, it really hurts the image of the gentleman, or hand over the workshop to the village to manage it. A brain damage: a rush of love, but also as a root? When I enter the door, I will give you a sly identity, and you will wait for the tea. ... want her money? Who wants her? When she is papery! Give her a date, still ten inches of gold. Let her faceless? Come and come, give a red! Just - this sick husband seems to be incomprehensible! ......······Okay, come to the little theater...······* His wife is actually and other, other women kissed. "You, you, you don't follow the woman." "No effort to crap with you, life is off, flash and go." "Don't let!" "No more, don't believe me, slap me to shoot you on the wall, 抠I can't get down."...*The ninety-ninth time to climb the bed failed. "I have been married for so long, I should have been round the room, how can I kick me out of bed." "Do you have flowers, diamond rings? Do you have a proposal?" "No..." "What do you waste?" "Can you come over now? Hey!" A woman holding flowers, admiring the ring on her finger, and kicking a man who is ready to go to bed. "How can I not?" "Today's relatives are visiting." Hey! A man can't afford it. @_@哟哟, 切克闹~Click [Join the shelf] One-click operation, easy to have ~

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