Warlock of the Magus World

By Wen Chao Gong

CH 500

CH 500

„Yes! I think very clearly, I cannot look on the family to destroy at the flames of war!”

The Ivanov firm [say / way], on the face has the holy look unexpectedly.

„Is very good! The enemy who we aim is only these evil bloodline Warlock, your this types awaken promptly, was still our Magus member!”

Transmits sound from the Secret Imprint opposite.

„That naturally! This is my being honored!” Ivanov excited [say / way].

At once some did not feel relieved asked: „This contact channel security? The Ouroboros Ring headquarters have very strict isolation and interception measure!”

„Ha Ha...... Relax! This passed through the channel of special encryption! Among us the dialog will not leak out absolutely!”

„Good, how you need me to do!” Since has decided the betrayal, Ivanov displays the unusual hoodlum actually.

„Is very simple, you want......”

sound is getting more and more low, but Ivanov is keeps nodding.

The dim lights are put out gradually, darkness has covered up all.


The attack always unknowingly comes.

When has been used to martial law Warlock to discover the entire city already by a Man Eating Flower plant forest surrounds the time, numerous Warlock instead had a feeling of relaxing.

Compared with beforehand being anxious, the enemy of this being able to see can make them calm and steady, is fights, the person who wins lives, but the person of failure is beyond redemption, that is all.

Compares at this war, before is, that depressing waiting, made the person Spirit collapse.

But numerous Warlock moods also relaxed flash, when they saw time that everywhere the Airship regiment as if dark cloud same presses, even if Faisal, somewhat thought own beforehand fighting for power and profit, as if became a joke was the same!


He is roaring hoarsely, in the middle of sound even presented one to shiver.

„The Magus Tower authorization is completed! Core defensive system construction!”

Compares him to come, these have concrete order Warlock, the good and evil can also complete the work methodically.

Buzz! Magus Tower shivers, numerous rune reappear from the tower surface, **** arrives at the midair.

Entire urban Magus Tower, is this situation, numerous rune composition ray, gathered in the urban center, has formed a bright Sun.

The water curtain is centered on Sun together tumbles to all around, the semblance has the clear luster, included the entire city.

„terrifying Spell Formation, this at least gathered 50-60 element ponds and reactor!”

In the flower garden center, Magus of green hair scoffs to say with a smile: „Was a pity that the opposite party was too anxious, we such frighten him to frighten, was forced a card in a hand!”

„Yes!” Female Magus of another red clothes is also covering the lip to smile tenderly: „If Ouroboros Ring Warlock is this goods, this fought us to win!”

„In fact, so long as the three senior statesmen of opposite party have not hurried back, the result that this fights will not have any change, most is only the length of time!”

Magus of green hair investigates the correct path, as the high-grade leader of regiment, the information that he knows compared with ordinary Magus on many many, even knew Gilbert they three together missing news.

„Therefore, we need to make anything now...... The probing attack......” female Magus is biting the lip, seemed several points of smart-alecky flavor.

„Does not need the probe, all these have other organizations to help us!”

Before her, the wizard appears very self-confident, somewhat happily announced.

„Arm of Vengeance they?” Female Magus nods, at once smiles tenderly, extended happy stretching: „Since had the opposite party to help us work, should handle other matters while the present......”

Her sound is sweet, has almost surpassed the tastiest honey, making male Magus immerse.

Indistinct, but also some sound of two conversation transmit in a low voice unceasingly: „These Magus, reliable?”

„Abandons the child, when the time comes certainly must give up in any case, but also with being worried about what?”

„I am some do not feel relieved them......”

„At the worst I give you dark health/guard command jurisdiction again, you stared at them to be good for me......”

All sorts of plots gradually perform here, thoroughly was actually covered by numerous green Plant Legion.

Has the matter here, has not brought to the outside slight attention.

Along with the encirclement of plant and Airship army, the strong war dark clouds, have covered entirely the entire Ouroboros Ring surroundings immediately, the feeling that a mountain rain wants, making numerous Kemoyin Warlock get hold of the double fist.

But has acted as the candidate of main attack duty truly, slowly from Airship.

On a face full is scar, has a vacation wooden leg, walks the Magus face on lamely to bring the biting cold hatred, the faint trace to stare at the huge Warlock city, the vision almost must light the entire city.

„Ouroboros Ring! Kemoyin Warlock! You have today!” The ice-cold words, almost push from the tooth slit.

„Lober your excellency! The appointment according to allied armies headquarters, you are the commander-in-chief who first time attacks!”

Brought the person's shadow of comedian clown mask to say in side, bowed slightly, on the face as a result of cover of mask, could not see the slight expression, but the expression was obviously contemptuous.

„I knew! Please pass on to Lord, Lober must fulfill their mission!” The Lober fist several times get hold and relaxes, clenched teeth to say.

„Is very good!” After the mask male bows at once salutes, the entire body immediately submerges void middle vanishes does not see.

„Teacher! We arrived at this finally!” Another white-haired, the fire of life dim to almost vanished the old man who did not see Airship, when he saw already the city of surrounded Warlock time, finally could not endure patiently, the tears have splashed.

From Airship Magus, mostly is Ouroboros Ring has the Magus organization of cutting tooth hatred.

Stemming from the hope of revenge, other series of benefit exchanges, they have filled a position of the cutting edge role of allied armies without hesitation, even started the bloody revenge and clean in the occupied area, as if must the humiliation that all ancestors receive with the misery, completely retaliates to be the same.

But Lober, is the Arm of Vengeance state head, is the leader who this numerous small organization elects.

Moreover one side, on tall turret, numerous Warlock also in observation enemy intelligence, but compares to accomplishing a task with ease of opposite party, even also has the mood to seek pleasure, their situations were more difficult.

Not only on the face of everyone has hung all over the dark clouds, Faisal is no exception, to be filled by the deep fear.

„Blue Mountain City Blue Rain Knight Group! City of Sins Devil Magus brigade!”

Freya both hands holds on the parapet, looks at another two clear regiments, eye inside has the incredible look.

In direction that she looks , a wear blue color armor, Knight square formation of head also one bunch of giant feathers, as well as covers entirely the scale or the sharp claws corner by numerous on, the appearance grotesque Magus group, calmly stands erect there.

Only the aura fluctuation that accidentally from them sends out, sufficiently made level 1 Magus suffocate, even does not dare to depend on them to be near the allied armies, but has vacated massively white.

„Hunted for demon and Blue Mountain King has torn to pieces the facial skin thoroughly, unexpectedly dispatched their subordinates elite to enter besieges......”

Compared with covering up of several other influences, Blue Mountain City and City of Sins influence obviously wanted four to be much unscrupulous.

This also explained that opposite party regarding the cutting tooth hatred of Ouroboros Ring. Even, had very big assurance, can determine that Gilbert their three did not come back, will therefore be ruthless.

„Blue Rain Knight Group is good, but imitates spurious of road of Ancient Steel Knight, but these Devil Magus......”

Moreover LuXi at the same time also frowned: „They were the ditch through Devil plane Magus, the body underwent the exaggeration of strength of Devil, had special ability, even through with the contract of Devil signing, has awakened all kinds of Esper! Also only then hunts for demon Lord, can subdue them for oneself thoroughly uses! They often appeared representing the destruction and death......”

„Also is not your teacher does the good deed!” Faisal sneers saying that „, even if to this time, your study younger brother Leylin had not appeared!”

Because Gilbert robbed many Forgotten Land resources shares from Ganlier there stiffly, therefore the two sides relations have been not much, Faisal was not a person of Gilbert department, naturally must use something as a pretext.

In fact, if he knows that Blue Mountain King is so breathless is also Leylin initiates, perhaps will grasp crazily.

„Initial having made up mind, was the decision of Elder Committee, and three elders were also together to act, your let alone these bloodline valuable things you have not used!”

Freya refuted immediately.

Saw that she spoke for herself, LuXi toward the Freya good intentions smiled.

„......” Saw that here also has the trend of dark war, on another face full is periphery, but also leads the old man of motley snake scale to come out to mediate immediately.

„Leylin and Shate must deduce the teacher their Coordinate, now the most essential stage, does not come to be also normal, we at present, must work with concerted efforts, got through this difficult time!”

This old age Warlock not only has the Crystal Phase strength, and as if the status is not low, Faisal is also only the complexion is indignant, has not exported again says anything.

But at this time, they also saw the movement of opposite party.

Numerous small Magus organizations, under lead of another Magus, swaggering arrived at the urban fringe, starts to arrange Spell Formation.

„Lober?! This bastard! Unexpectedly also dares to come out!”

Appearance outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted Warlock has licked the knife edge on hand: „I initially should give him several blades!”

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