Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 891

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 891

Postscript 2

“What the hell!” All the beasts on the entire Yu-Bei highway trembled on the ground.

The rainbow head stunned and turned to stare at Gao Peng.

It seems that this brother just now introduces Gao Peng?

Gao Peng smiled slyly. “Should… just call me.”

“fuck, arrogant!”

“Fortunately, generally.” Gao Peng’s haze has dissipated a lot.

“Gao Peng ~~~~” The sound waves pass through the top of the head and continue to fly east…

“Gao Peng 诶…”

The sound is getting farther and farther. The sky was reverberating, as if the bomber had just flown.

Gao Peng’s face is black. “This idiot has flown again!”

Finally, the people on this road saw how a mountain rushed into a man’s arms, and saw how a person left a mountain.

“You said… The name Gao Peng seems to be a bit familiar?” Rainbow head scratched his head.

Sitting in the back row of a glasses of youngster took the textbook out of the bag and then pointed to the cover of the textbook and said, “Is it him?”


“We are damn!” Another person next to him blew up and exclaimed.


“Gao Peng~ Where have you been in these years, why can’t I find you.” Ah’Ban said to Gao Peng carefully.

I was afraid that Gao Peng would disappear again, and then they would have to wait for hundreds of years.

“Come.” Gao Peng smiled and looked into the distance.


A silver jellyfish is like a mask on Gao Peng’s face, and Gao Peng sits directly on Ah’Ban’s back.

It was hard to tear Ah’Chun down, and Gao Peng gasped with a big mouth.

“How many years have passed, how are you still so stupid.” Gao Peng did not swear by Ah’Chun.

“Because I am your Ah’Chun.” Ah’Chun smiled.

“Do you know where Da Zi is?” Gao Peng thought that the first thing he met after his return was Da Zi.

“I don’t know, but I know where Ant Dragon is,” Ah’Chun said.

“Let’s go find Ant Dragon first.” Gao Peng nodded.

At the same time, in a very luxurious manor outside Hope City, Xiao Huang was wearing a suit with his hands behind his back, Xiao Yan not far behind, but at the moment Xiao Yan had lost weight and didn’t know how many laps.

Behind Xiao Yan’s ass is a body-shaped pansy, which looks like Xiao Huang and Xiao Yan with seven or eight points. The hair is sparse.

“Why are you always following me, go with your dad!” Xiao Yan’s violent murder.

The cyan duckling behind Xiao Yan’s ass shrank his neck and cried his face. “Dad, Dad is ugly…”

Xiao Huang walks in front of you.

Black face turned his head, “Xiao Yan Huang! You give me over, how is your father ugly! Gao Peng used to praise me for my spirit!”

Xiao Yan Huang retracted his head and said carefully: “Dad, who is Gao Peng?”

I heard the words Gao Peng, Xiao Yan and Xiao Huang are a bit embarrassed.

Xiao Huang licked Xiao Yan’s head. “Gao Peng, it’s your father’s Trainer.”

“Trainer? Dad will also have a Trainer?” Xiao Yan Huang only knows that his father is super powerful, and such a powerful father will have a Trainer?

“Of course, it is because of Gao Peng that your father will know your mother.”


“Ant Dragon is in this castle?” Gao Peng asked Ah’Chun, Ah’Chun nodded.

As Ah’Ban descended, there was a huge riot in the palace below.

“Vientiane Palace, good name.” Gao Peng looked at the plaque hanging on the palace.

“Who dares to come to the Vientiane Palace!” Two figures were raised below.

Still waiting for them to speak, a violent afterimage suddenly burst out in the Vientiane Palace.

“Master!” Ant Dragon excitedly squatted in front of Gao Peng.

The side of the field was in utter disappointment.

The head of the Vientiane Palace, one of the top two palaces of the entire Terran, was called a Master by a strange man.

This is definitely a big news!

“Is it all going to the Lord God Realm? It’s hard work, much better than Ah’Chun and Ah’Ban.” Gao Peng said with emotion.

“I am not a salted fish.” Ah’Chun protested.

Ah’Ban is embarrassed to laugh. Since Gao Peng disappeared, it didn’t have the mentality to practice. He lay there to sleep every day, his body was full of trees, and now he is also a high-profile god.

“Let’s go, don’t just float in the sky.” Gao Peng said to Ant Dragon, he knows that the news of his return should not be convinced, I believe that it will be spread soon, and those who want to see themselves should come over.

“What is your Vientiane Palace?”

“This is also the idea of ​​Grandfather Ji, because I can copy Law, so let me be a sparring in the Vientiane Palace.” Ant Dragon said embarrassedly.

“Then you copied a lot of Law?” Gao Peng suddenly felt that his grandfather was a gangster.

“Fortunately, there are seventy or eighty, many are repeated.”

“For the Master, you will be very happy to see these two people!” Ant Dragon suddenly slaps his head.

On the other hand, Ji Hanwu, who has stepped down as governor, received news of the return of Gao Peng from the following person.

Ji Hanwu excitedly stood up and couldn’t even take care of his own fish. “Go! It’s right to call Little Gao and Yixue.”

“Dad, Mom!” Gao Peng can’t restrain his excitement.

“Xiao Peng.” Ji Yixue hugged Gao Peng.

After a brief statement, Gao Peng also knew the experience of his parents.

The Initial Stage Because of the Space Crack, Mom and Dad entered Ten Earths after their death and became Trainer in Ten Earths.

Ten Earths is too big, and Gao Peng used to find his parents, but he did not find his parents.

After the Terran successfully entered Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, Gao Dongguo and Ji Yixue found Ji Hanwu and finally reunited with their father and daughter.

In addition, Gao Peng also saw the magic brain, white dragon, Liu Guang, Xiao Huang, Xiao Yan, Xiao Cao.

“Who is this little fellow?” Gao Peng teased Xiao Yan Huang hiding behind Xiao Yan’s ass.

“I am Xiao Yan Huang!” Little fellow said with great courage, then retracted.

“You are very cute, I hope that you can become as strong as your father.” Gao Peng encouraged the little fellow.

“I don’t!” Xiao Yan Huang stretched out his head and reluctantly responded.


“Because Dad is ugly!”

“Ha ha ha ha.” The yard was full of cheerful laughter.

“Gao Peng, I have been looking at your company for the years you have been away.” Xiao Huang was not angry at all, and smirked at Gao Peng.

Xiao Yan sighed at the bottom of her heart. Since Gao Peng hasn’t seen dead Baldy for so many years, she is so happy.

“But I didn’t see Da Zi Ji Shi and Ah’Dai Fatty Da Hai.” Gao Peng felt that there were still a few people.

“Master!” A steady and powerful voice came from outside the door.

Ah’Dai pushed in, followed by Xiao Hua who had broken into the first god.

“Ah’Dai!” Gao Peng and Ah’Dai gaze at each other and hug together.

“I know you will definitely come back.” Ah’Dai’s low voice echoed in Gao Peng’s ear.

“Fatty Da Hai is now a bronchitis. It found its wife six hundred years ago, and then Fatty Da Hai, who was still a high god, was beaten by the wife of the high god, and she stepped into the road of bronchitis. I will never return.” Xiao Huang is very embarrassed, quite a bit of empathy.

“Ji Shi, I haven’t seen it for a long time. I saw it once in 30 years ago. If the change is the biggest, Ji Shi.”

“How big is the change?” Gao Peng was curious, but he was able to perceive through the Blood Contract that Ji Shi was still dead.

“Oh, I don’t want you to secretly say that I am bad.” Silver flashed, and the one-eyed male stood tall in the chest and stood in the yard.

“You have already gathered six lions,” Gao Peng said.

“How do you know when I got together?” Ji Shi was very surprised.

“Because you have six colors on your body now.”

Ji Shi, “…”

“Da Zi, Da Zi hasn’t come yet?” Gao Peng frowned, a little worried inside.

“Da Zi knew that you were back, it was the first of us to know,” said Xiao Huang.

“I understand.” Gao Peng nodded, and he was clear about Da Zi’s careful thoughts.

“Da Zi?”

“Da Zi?”

Gao Peng jumped off the valley.

There is a dragon on a small island in the middle of the valley. At this moment, the dragon’s head is buried in the soil and ass.

“I call you, why don’t you answer me.” Gao Peng took Da Zi’s hind legs.

“I am not angry!”

[○?`Д’?○] Da Zi licked the tail.

“Hey, ugly things, how is your heart so small, isn’t it the first one to find you, as for being so stingy, I see that your careful eye has not been cured.”

“I know.” Da Zi’s tail is another look.

Gao Peng reluctantly walked over to Da Zi’s head and patted Da Zi’s back neck.


“Hey, ugly things, I will show you something.”

Da Zi pulled his head out of the soil, his head was dirty and muddy, staring at Gao Peng. “I don’t…”

Gao Peng hugged Da Zi’s head and kissed it on his forehead. “I am back, this time I will never leave.”

(End of this chapter)

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