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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 887

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 887

Chapter 851 Anti-kill (three more)

“When did you get used to it?” Gao Peng couldn’t help but ask.

“I don’t remember, I have been fighting for so many years. What kind of fire, electricity, acid, Gao Peng, I secretly told you that this fire power is big but not the most painful.”

And more than me, like Fatty Da Hai, Ji Shi, Ant Dragon, oh… Ah’Chun is definitely not worth it, even if the goods are rubbed, they will cry for a long time. Xiao Huang noticed the change in Gao Peng’s mood and suddenly smirked: “Oh, Gao Peng really doesn’t hurt, we are all God Realm rough.” ”

“Sorry for me…” Gao Peng said that he would stop talking and feel that he would be very emotional, but if he didn’t say it, it would be very blocked.

“Gao Peng, if you feel uncomfortable, wait for this battle to fight with us.” Fatty Da Hai smiled. “When you are with us, you will suffer together.”

“Okay…hey.” Gao Peng took another breath.

“Wait a minute later, I must hammer the phoenix.” Gao Peng said with a grin.

“Oh, you have inherited our strongest power. If you don’t blow the fellow like it.” Fatty Da Hai began to float.

“If I wait for the main god, I can use the hand to pull the sparrow,” Fatty Da Hai said arrogantly.

Life and death cycle, arrogant release!

One side of the Qingyang sheep and the Leihuan emperor deer joined forces to display a horrible trick.

In the sky, the cyan and blue thunder rings are intertwined, the cyan has the power of violent destruction, and the blue contains the healing nature.

The two opposite forces converge, and the constant reincarnation of destruction and rebirth creates an extremely powerful suction.

Blinking the Kung Fu reincarnation, the thunder ring will fall, and the thunder will blast –

Oulu was suddenly inundated by Thunder.

“You are too slow.” Olu did not know when it appeared on the back of the blood-stained phoenix, worried about Gao Peng surrounded by Feng Yan.

The two palms are close together, such as a two-handed scalpel that accurately cuts into the back of the neck.

Then pull it outward, and the blue and silver aurora shines.

“Stars and Lights.”

Divine Light slams.

The head of the blood phoenix is ​​cut off!

The phoenix flame that has been burning has also disappeared.

Gao Peng looked up awkwardly and looked at Oulu in a complex look.

“Don’t thank, we are friends.” Oulu nodded like a little general.

Then continue to rush to tear them off with the dying green sheep.

But you can grab the head…

Gao Peng is very sad and feels just now his own suffering.

The body of the cockroach on the ground was burned out of the air, and the bright phoenix came out of the flame.

In the eyes of Gao Peng, he was resurrected with blood and blood.

“Are you alive?” Gao Peng said kindly.

Perceiving that Gao Peng is not like a fake joy, it is a bit fascinating.

Is this feeling that I was stupid?

“Now this power is almost enough.” Gao Peng licked his fist.

Opposite to this blood is not good at close combat, this is determined by the innate race genes. Have you seen a few birds who are good at close combat?

Gao Peng rushed to the front of the blood-stained Cangfeng, and swung it down.

In front of the blood, Cangfeng condenses the fire tornado, and the fire dragon rolls sweep Gao Peng.

Passing through the flame, the fist burning with flames fell on the face of the bloody phoenix.

“just now burned very cool?” Gao Peng’s gnashing teeth rang in the ears of blood.


A strong fist squatted on the face of the bloody phoenix.

One punch, two punches, three punches.

The fist is like a blast.

Every punch fell and it was dizzy.

The bloody phoenix screams.

Xiao Huang, who is in the flames, is like a flame, War God, and he is indifferent to the burning of his body.

“Give it to you.” Gao Peng silently said to Xiao Huang through Blood Contract.

The main reason is that it burns too much… I can’t do a big move at all.

Xiao Huang took charge of the body and succeeded Gao Peng’s previous actions. The blood phoenix was suppressed by Xiao Huang on the ground. Xiao Huang was still very experienced on the bird.

Fist to the flesh, the squeaky sound echoed in the air.

At first, he was still struggling against the blood and the phoenix. He had already given up resistance in the back.

Its head is also becoming more and more flat, and a pool of blood slowly oozes out…

It’s like a variant of basketball.

Xiao Huang Every punching down makes it even more concave.

The dying young sheep took the time to look at the battle here and found that the blood-stained phoenix was so horrified when it was suppressed so badly.

what’s the situation? A master god can’t beat a high god. You are not putting water. Are you putting the sea?

The disintegrating Qingyang sheep was beaten by Oro’s machine and almost smashed its horns at the top of Qingyang’s head.

On the other side, the blood phoenix phoenix utters the last curse after discovering that it is difficult to escape.

“You will indulge in my flames for the rest of my life. I want you to be in pain for a lifetime.”

Once again, the blood-sucking phoenix that was smashed in the head was not resurrected.

Its resurrection ability has a cooling time limit and cannot be revived frequently in a short time.

After reading this scene, Gao Peng took a sigh of relief. “Xiao Huang, you are really passive.”

“Alright,” Xiao Huang said worriedly. “The problem is this fire… How can I explain it to Xiao Yan?”

“Nothing, against the blood, Cangfeng, I heard the voice is only public.” Gao Peng comforted Xiao Huang.



“That’s good.” Xiao Huang breathed a sigh of relief.

“What if Xiao Yan is more angry?” Fatty Da Hai said quietly.


“It doesn’t matter when I explain it to you, let’s go to help Oul to solve the two fellows.” Gao Peng and Xiao Huang said.

“No problem, Gao Peng, you can see that I am a big fan.” Xiao Huang is full of content.

The dying green sheep and the Leiwang emperor deer look at each other and talk about the direct split.

Staying in the green hills is not burning.

“We are chasing one person.” Oulu chased a stronger and more ruined green sheep and left the Leiwang emperor deer to Gao Peng.

“This fellow runs too fast, and can’t catch up with it.” Gao Peng has some egg pain, and the four beasts of Integration are not good at speed.

But the only thing that made him happy was that the Leiwang Emperor Deer, although running fast, was not as fast as he could imagine.

“You go back.” Lei Wang emperor deer turned back and said: “You don’t chase me, you can’t catch up with me.”

“Mom, this fellow ……” Gao Peng Lei ring emperor saw deer that Qianbian face could not help but want to beat it.

It looks too flat!

“You are going back soon, big deal, I won’t play with you next time.” Lei Wang emperor deer said loudly.

“Oh.” Gao Peng sneered back.

Wu Tong, Lei Wang emperor deer suddenly fell to the ground.

Oul did not know what appeared in front of the Leihan emperor deer.

“Are you not going to chase the young sheep?” The thunder ring emperor deer was shocked.

“Do you mean it?” Oulu grabbed his left hand in the void and threw a bloody sheep’s head from the other space and threw it on the ground.

Cough, estimate errors, today should not be finished, although the plot has reached the end but the wine will not be ruined, and some pits will be filled.

Well, tomorrow, tomorrow should be able to finish!

(End of this chapter)

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