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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 882

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 882

Chapter 846 White Tiger (second more)

Call Da Zi through the Blood Contract.

Da Zi’s arrow is generally over, and Fatty Da Hai is guarded behind him and looks at the basalt that is in a stalemate with the end of the source. The tail is erected high, and the pupil shrinks inward and cold.

“You first put Fatty Da Hai on. Let’s get out of here.” Gao Peng said to Da Zi through the Blood Contract.

Da Zi nodded and turned to catch Fatty Da Hai. The mysterious ice on Fatty Da Hai had a pain in Da Zi’s sole.

Gao Peng with Fatty Da Hai Integration took Ah’Ban and Xiao Huang back to Monster-Familiar Space. As for the body of the one-eyed demon bear, it was too late to recover.

“Gao Peng, that fellow is too annoying, it actually attacked you.” Da Zi said indignantly. “That’s half of the fellow sneak attack on you, I have never seen such a shameless king!”

“嗷~” came behind the screams of Xuanwu. It is also accompanied by horrific energy fluctuations.

However, these are not much related to Gao Peng. Da Zi is not slow, especially in short distances.

With Gao Peng, I quickly flew away and found a remote place to fall.

Originally, Da Zi wanted to bring Gao Peng to the Bi Fang of the Fire God Valley, but was stopped by Gao Peng.

“We have become this way now, and we don’t know what attitude Bi Fang of Fire God Valley is.” Gao Peng said with dignity. “We don’t want to go wherever there are gods and animals.”

Put down Fatty Da Hai and Gao Peng to release the integration with Fatty Da Hai.

The front of Fatty Da Hai’s head was frozen in the mysterious ice, and there is still no tendency to melt.

The only good news may be that Fatty Da Hai’s life is still strong and there is no danger to his life.

“Gao Peng, I have to take care of it.” Fatty Da Hai said to Gao Peng through the Blood Contract.

“Well, we are here to give you a protector.”

Fatty Da Hai runs the body to devour the gods, the power of engulfing is close to the mysterious ice, and the mysterious ice is like the sacral entanglement of Fatty Da Hai, but the control of the master has lost the rootless ice. The Ice Element in the slow absorption of air has grown, but the number of this expansion is negligible compared to Fatty Da Hai’s use of the Devouring Law.

“That basaltic is definitely the Lord God Level, this ice thorn makes me really hurt.” Fatty Da Hai 骂骂咧咧.

“This is not ice, this is the knot integration of Yin Attribute Law and Water Attribute Law,” Gao Peng said.

Just now Gao Peng saw a part of Xuanwu’s attribute, in which there are only two types of Law, Yin Attribute Law and Water Attribute Law.

Among them, Yin Attribute Law has reached 76% control, and Water Attribute Law has 73%.

As for the person who is stronger with the Star of the Stars, Gao Peng is hard to say, because at that time, Gao Peng’s Soul Strength was too different from the star owner to see the owner’s attribute.

But one thing is certain is that the star master is definitely the main God Level expert.


Half a day later, some people who dared to fight were dare to approach.

All the mountains in the square are broken, the void is confusing, and there is a black shadow floating in the depths of the emptiness.

A horrific earthquake spread out from here until a dark shadow of the gods came out.

It is a golden red turtle shell with a big hill.

There are mottled blood stains on it.

The power that is emitted is that the existence of all gods below the level cannot be approached.

“This is… the shell of Xuanwu.” Qinglong said slowly.

“Oh, it’s really the old tortoise.” A white kitten jumped on the turtle shell, and the small claws swept from the claw pad and smudged in the stain on the back of the turtle shell and licked it with the tongue.

“You don’t always have to go all day long, you are old and still tender.” Suzaku looked disgusted.

“Hey?” White Tiger, I am just a kitten who doesn’t understand anything.

“Ignore this idiot.” Suzaku turned to the head and said to Qinglong. “Xuanwu this fellow has always been very cautious, and its defense is the strongest of the four of us. I did not expect it to die silently here.”

“Oh, it is the ultimate breath.” White Tiger said with a sigh.


“It started to start with us.” Qinglong said slowly.

“It can kill Xuanwu silently, which means it can also kill us quietly.” Suzaku frowned.

The strength of the four is even better than the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.

Even if the hidden old Monster of Nine Heavens and Ten Earths is counted…hey, or the four of them are the legendary old Monster in the eyes of others.

“Where are you going?” Suzaku asked.

The white tiger jumped from the back of the Xuanwu turtle shell and a few flashes disappeared at the end of the horizon.

“Hey, it seems to smell other breaths.” Bai Hu’s eyes showed a bit of curiosity.

It just now smelled a few weaker smells in addition to the final taste, and the breath disappeared away from the mountains, and survived the battle of Xuanwu and the end source. Let the white tiger be very curious.


“Oh, I finally expelled this nasty breath.” Fatty Da Hai sighed and sighed.

Now Fatty Da Hai’s face is frozen and purple, the second half of the body that has not been frozen by Yin Qi is normal blue-black, and the frozen half of the body becomes darker purple. This is the blood is frozen. The consequences of normal circulation.

“It’s terrible.” Da Zi is amazed.

“Maybe this is the legendary fat fish.” Xiao Yan spit.

Fatty Da Hai doesn’t think it’s humiliating: “You know a fart. This is what it looks like. I have swallowed a high god and a sacred Yin Qi. Now I feel that my strength has grown by more than three layers.”

“But your face is getting swollen and swollen.” Xiao Yan continued to vomit.

“Where are you swollen?”

A knife is inserted in the heart.

Xiao Yan was hard to live, and almost didn’t faint.

Xiao Huang saw her daughter-in-law being bullied and jumped out. “Xiao Yan is swollen. The fat head of your fish of this kind can’t be sold in my fishery company for three hundred.”

In Xiao Huang’s secular money concept, which was erected by Gao Peng, all fish in the world can use money to measure value, and the value between them can be labeled according to price.

Good fish are expensive, and cheap fish are bad.

“1% and only enjoy dividends, do you mean to be your fishery company?” Fatty Da Hai is speechless to this fool duck.

“Hmm?” Gao Peng passed by with a subtle expression and patted Fatty Da Hai’s fish head twice.

“喵~” Just at this moment a soft bark sounded behind Gao Peng.

A black-striped, white-striped cat squats on a branch with watery red eyes, and a soft, soft scream in the mouth.

There are black spots on the little feet, and the claw pads are inadvertently raised.



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