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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 881

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 881

Chapter 845 Xuanwu (first more)

The name of the cardinal shrouded by the lightning screams, and Ray’s Law, which has reached the high god’s Da Zi, is extremely destructive.

Even among all the Laws, the Law of Lei is one of the top-level Laws in destructive power.

The one-eyed demon bear was originally beaten with Xiao Huang. Suddenly he saw the name of the cardinal being beaten by two dozens. He suddenly raised his head nervously and issued a warning voice in his throat.

Slowly retreat at the same time…

“If you are here, leave it.” Gao Peng, with Fatty Da Hai Integration, glanced at the one-eyed demon bear.

There was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. Then he opened his fingers and a white light shrouded the distant void. The void behind the one-eyed demon bear twisted, and a huge Giant Beast crashed!

Rumble! ! !

The earth is torn and the magma rolls.

The hot hot wave came from behind the one-eyed demon bear. This breath is similar to the breath of the one-eyed demon bear. The one-eyed demon bear recognizes this breath – Magma Law!

This is also the main Law that it relies on to become God.

“Hey!” A roar, the one-eyed demon bear waved his big arms and turned back and slammed.


Gravel splash.

But the felt behind him was still silky and stood firmly in place.

The one-eyed demon bear turned around finally saw the true appearance of the fellow.

Struggling to raise his head and raise his neck, so high.

From this point of view, it is completely incomplete. Just with strong perception, the one-eyed demon bear vaguely realizes how terrible the volume of the body of this fellow is.

This volume…

The one-eyed demon bear couldn’t help but secretly swallowed.

In fact, it is not as strong as a large one, but in a large sense, the volume can also reflect a physical phenomenon from the side. Especially when a large opponent is at the same level as you.

This time there will be a very embarrassing situation.

Just like now.

The 100-meter-high body of the one-eyed demon bear suddenly broke out with a sensitivity that was completely inconsistent with the volume.

It’s like a flexible fatty rolling on the ground.

The thick and powerful arms of the mountain are inserted into the earth, and by this reaction, the one-eyed demon bear flees in a different direction.

The earth in front suddenly burst open, and a large piece of hot magma was sprayed from the inside.

The color of these magma is similar to that of gold. It is not a common magma. When it first appears in the air, it emits a terrible high temperature. Then the magma turns into a golden horror giant and slams into the one-eyed demon bear.

The one-eyed demon bear does not evade one’s head, and these golden magma sticks to its body like a thick armor.

There is a hint of sly, stupid fellow at the bottom of the eye of the one-eyed demon bear. It may not be known that there is magma Law in the Law I control. This magma may hurt other gods, but it is the same as taking a bath for me.

The earth under the feet does not break, and a magma is sprayed from the ground, and all the erupted magma is attached to the body of the one-eyed bear.

After the magma dried up, it became an ash gray magma.

There are more and more magma rocks, and they are getting heavier and heavier.

The one-eyed demon bear finally noticed that it was not right. It was slower and slower, as if carrying a huge turtle shell. And the tortoise shell is still getting heavier and heavier at a horrible speed, and at the same time there is an inexplicable suction coming from the soles of the feet to suppress its speed.

A large shadow casts the sky, and the one-eyed demon bear raises his head, his head is black, and his eyes are full of endless darkness.

A huge mountain range descends from the sky.

Rumble ~~~

“Ah!” The name of the cardinal screams, all its power is used to resist the power of swallowing, and the power of the thunder in the face of erosion can not resist.

I can only watch this thunder like a viper.

The body is trembling, and there is a thunder in the body that is plundering, and there is a power to swallow it.

The cardinal eyes showed a strong unwillingness, who is it, who is going to kill me.

Inexplicable, the name cardinal suddenly recalled the words that Ning Dao Chen said to him.

“The two people are dead.”

I shouldn’t be able to go today.

The cardinal is very reluctant, if I die too… Ning Dao Chen that fellow will not ridiculously say that the three people are dead.

Eventually accompanied by a scream, the name cardinal lost its resistance, and the power of engulfing eroded into his body like a snake.

The endless glory enveloped the name of the cardinal.

After the fading of the glory, the name of the cardinal has disappeared.

Fatty Da Hai didn’t know when it was in the distance, what was chewing in his mouth, his eyes were cold.

The sky doesn’t know when it will darken, and there is a strong and deadly atmosphere in the void.

The void is shattered by a tentacles, and through the broken void, one side of the space can be seen with a super-cognitive horror figure hidden in the thick clouds.

The source of the end!

For the source of the end, the high-level god is already a must-have, because the high God is above the main God Level, and any one of the main God Level’s gods can easily create a God Department.

If the god level is the topmost expert for each Plane, then the main God Level is the top of the food chain that rules many Planes.

Even if Gao Peng deducted more than a dozen old Plane’s origins from the source of the end, it is still only a high-profile god, and there is still a long way to go from the main God Level.

Gao Peng can feel the end of the source “observing” them in a special way.

At the same time, Gao Peng and Fatty Da Hai flashed their final lotus prints on their chests.

The deadly threat that shrouded the top of the head slowly dissipated, and a sentiment called a warning passed through the final lotus to Gao Peng, their spiritual sea.

Probably meaning Gao Peng is understand.

The next is not an example.

“Hmm? The running dog of the end.” A faint voice came from afar.

Every time a word is spoken, it is a big point. When it comes to the last word, it already appears on the top of the head.

A red-golden giant Wu has a black dragon head on his back, and the thick and hard turtle shell is covered with dragons.

“You have become a high god at a young age, and the future god can also be a long-term, why should you go to the end of the running dog.” Xuanwu is very disappointed.

“Since I have gone astray, then I will -”

The voice did not fall, Xuanwu disappeared in place, and the Black Dragon squatting on the turtle’s back opened to the Fatty Da Hai.

The cold and wet Black Dragon is less than ten centimeters away from Fatty Da Hai. The sharp fangs are dripping with pure black liquid. The extreme chilly erodes Fatty Da Hai, and the entire head of Fatty Da Hai is frozen in black. In the mysterious ice.

However, Xuanwu can no longer enter the minute. Hundreds of tentacles like roots pierce the void and penetrate from the other side of the space to firmly bind the Xuanwu up and down.

Satisfied emotions came from the source of the end, and it seemed to be very gratified and satisfied with Gao Peng’s temptation to bring such a large piece of fat!

Gao Peng suddenly became fascinated. I just wanted to take a wave and leave, but this is what I want to go further and further on the road to the 25th.

(End of this chapter)

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