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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 875

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 875

Chapter 839 Wasteland World

In fact, the impact of the source of the end has finally spread.

It is like a source of disaster, and all Monster eroded by the source of the disaster will become its accomplice. In the short time, there are multiple Plane attacks, and there is a shocking event among the People Tribe. The Holy Promise was attacked by a mysterious and powerful presence. The kingdom of the kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire was paralyzed, and the Santuo Empire was seriously damaged. More than 80% of the cities were completely destroyed.

The dynasties, including the border with the Holy Totem, have suffered various degrees of loss, and one of the worst kingdoms has turned into a scorched earth.

“Nine Heavens has had a big incident, and several countries have been ravaged. You have to defend yourself in the past few days, especially the Tribe on the border.”


After the meeting, Ji Hanwu retired others and went to the office on the top floor alone. There was a letter on the desk of the office, the stationery was tiled, and a piece of paperweight was pressed in the upper right corner.

“The grandfather, the grandson is not able to come back temporarily, and suffered some changes in the trip.

However, I also ask the grandfather not to worry about me. The grandson is temporarily unaffected, and the grandfather should also remember that the recent changes have been made. If you are in an emergency, you can contact Ah’Dai. ”

Ji Hanwu has a lot of worry in his eyes, and he doesn’t know what happened. Xiao Peng doesn’t make it clear.


“The fifth Plane.” The space channel was a bit sloppy, and Gao Peng took the sacred beast out of the Space Crack.

All the main beasts behind him have all promoted the median gods. If it is not a breakthrough high-definition god needs at least 30% of the Law’s comprehension requirements are too high, it is possible that Gao Peng has a beast breaking high level.

“The promotion is still too slow. If the power of the end is now only able to deal with the high gods, then the main God Level is not an opponent at all.”

Gao Peng is still not satisfied with the speed of the current strength, if it can be faster, it will be fine.

“Hmm? This Plane.” Gao Peng’s face changed slightly. This Plane is different from the past dusk Plane. Although the Plane has entered the doomsday era, it has not declined. Instead, there has been some kind of Mutation that is unclear.

The lead clouds hang down, the sun sets in the mountains, the dusk of the sunset, the head of the Mutation, the stunned Monster, and the hustle and bustle of the earth.


A blood shadow rushed over.

Xiao Huang raised her right hand with no expression, but she didn’t use it hard. This blood shadow was made into a pile of meat sauce.

Seeing the power of Xiao Huang, the remaining blood shadows are hard to brake.

These are three Monsters similar to dogs, but the hair on the surface is dark, like the armor twisted with blood cement, the red blood of the pupil is turbid, and some spurs grow out in the fur of the body, which looks extraordinarily flawless. people.

It’s a bit like a zombie in a biohazard, but it’s bigger than a zombie, and it doesn’t have the virus-infecting properties of a zombie.

“There is a city there.” Gao Peng squinted and looked into the distance.

At the end of the horizon at the far end, several city towers stand tall.

Gao Peng They rushed to the city. It was only after the discovery that it was just a ruin. The ruins of the city became the nests of various Mutation Monsters.

On the minaret, one nest after another was built, and a creature similar to a pterosaur squatted in the nest, making a sharp scream from time to time.

From the stretch of the body, Xiao Cao must quickly take root and sprout from the cracks in the corners of the ruins. The effort in the blink of an eye is like a network of the whole city. “Master, there is no living person in the city, I only found it. This one.”

Some of the tentacles that extend out are hooked with a white bone, and the leather jacket with white bones is already shabby, and there are many small holes that the ants bite.

“What do you drag others out?” Gao Peng cheeks.

“It was crushed by a few stones.” The dandelion on the top of Xiao Cao swayed and protested.

“That will bury him again,” Gao Peng said.

The white bone was buried in the soil, but during the shaking process, a small notebook in the pocket came out and fell to the ground.

Picking up the notebook and taking a picture of the dust on it, I don’t know what it is made of leather. It has not been damaged after so long.

Open the notebook and write the words that Gao Peng doesn’t know…

The more the fonts in the back are scribbled, the arrogant arrogance, and even the pages of the book are pierced by pens. Imagine how mad at the last moment of the person who recorded the text.

After spending a few days at this Plane, I did not find that humans continue to live in this world. Instead, a trace of migration was found in another space channel. It seems that a small number of people have left the world that is not suitable for them to survive through the space channel.

Gao Peng didn’t go in and bother them.

“The Plane that Ah’Dai gave me in the information should be about to go into ruin, but the facts I see now are not the case.” Gao Peng muttered to himself.

Fatty Da Hai squatted on the floor with his mouth open and stared at the sky.

“What are you doing?” Gao Peng frowned.

“I am waiting for the food to be delivered to the door.” Fatty Da Hai stared at the sky with enthusiasm.

A large bird of Mutation flew over the head. Suddenly the big bird seemed to cramp, and the wings stiffened and fell from the sky. Accurate and fall into the mouth of Fatty Da Hai.

Hey, hehe…

Fatty Da Hai 砸 砸 。 。.

After eating something, Fatty Da Hai suddenly noticed that Gao Peng stared at it motionlessly, and suddenly felt hairy. “Why are you looking at me so strangely?”

Fatty Da Hai’s body is shrunk and the forearm is used to cover the lower body. It doesn’t know why, anyway, it suddenly wants to cover it.

“You said… Are these Monsters of Mutation made out of Plane’s source?” Gao Peng said faintly.

“What does this have to do with me? I only think that just now this bird is not good.” Fatty Da Hai spit out the body of the bird, “a cinder smell.”

“Gao Peng, are we still continuing this Plane? If it’s the whole thing, then go to the next one.”

“Not all, this Plane source is more complete than the first four.” Gao Peng shook his head.

“But this Plane seems to have no gods.” Fatty Da Hai licked his tongue.

When the words fell, Gao Peng thought.

Then look at Fatty Da Hai.


“This Plane is more complete than the first four Plane. I don’t know how much it is, but the harvest should be more abundant.” Gao Peng said solemnly.

“Understand!” Xiao Huang is gearing up and it is already eager to try.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

A group of Black Mist floated from Xiao Huang and Gao Peng on their chests and then condensed into a black heart on the top of the head.

When the black heart is agglomerated, the sky is covered with dense clouds, and lightning flashes through it.


On the far horizon, the endless Beast Tide is approaching, and Giant Beast squats, and the violent murderous condenses into clouds.

The dark clouds in the sky are floating, and as the dark clouds approach, the sound of the wings is heard from the dark clouds.

The ground under the feet is constantly cracked, and a strange Monster shuttles to the ground.

The endless Beast Tide is centered around the location of Gao Peng.

“Is this the feeling of being enemies with the world?” On the mountain, Gao Peng looked at the scene.

Shaking his head, faintly said: “Unfortunately it is still too weak, not even Mond of God Level.”

When the voice fell, the earth broke open, and nine black shadows broke out like mountains. The shadows of the sky covered the sky and the shadows shrouded the heavens and the earth. The roar of a dragon like a snake came from the top of the head.

Gao Peng, “…”

(End of this chapter)

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