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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 867

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 867

Chapter 832

The star group youngster was abducted for a few months, and the adults of his family finally came to the door.

Returning to the Qingtian Plateau, I just stepped out of the Space Crack, a faint oppression.

Looking down, Gao Peng noticed that all the grass on the entire grassland bent down to the ground.

Gao Peng bends down and straightens a grass, clearly without the wind, and the grass being righted up quickly regains his head under the effect of losing external force.

Stop the back and Gao Peng looks up to the east.

It is still daytime, but there are stars in the sky, stars in the sky, and shining stars on the sky.

A starlight falls down in the sky.

On the mountain outside the Tibetan city, Gao Peng saw the parents of Oulu.

A black hole above the foothills stands on the top of the mountain, and Gao Peng perceives the atmosphere of Oul from the black hole.

“Human.” A vicissitude of the voice is directly transmitted to the heart of Gao Peng.

Gao Peng The surrounding scenery suddenly changed from grassland to mountain, surrounded by screams of wind but blocked by a black barrier.

Everything from the inside to the outside is covered with a faint black gauze.

“My family Olu says it likes you very much.” Gao Peng finally saw Oul’s family. Oulu, who was not afraid of the day before, stood next to his parents like a child.

On the left hand side of Oulu stood a Monster with a height twice that of Oulu. It looks like a six-seven point in Oulu, with a pair of horns bent backwards.

[Monster Name] Starbreaker – Star of the Stars

[Monster Level]? ? ?

[Monster Grade] Eternal Grade

[Monster Characteristics]? ? ?

“Yes, I have always regarded Oul as my friend.” Gao Peng replied in a humble way.

The star owner chuckles.

“It’s good for Oul to make some new friends. After all, we will settle in the Plane Sea in the future. It is also possible to have a friendly neighbor.”

From the words of the star master, Gao Peng heard a different taste.

Did the constellation step into the upper hand in the war?

“I used to communicate with the death master before coming. This war is the end of time.” The star turned his head and looked to the west, his eyes as if he could penetrate the endless Plane.

Raise the right finger tip and a blue energy ball gradually spreads.

The inside of the energy ball is blue and the outer ring has a black outer casing.

The index finger is light.

The void in front of the eye collapses down layer by layer, and the energy ball is thrown into the void.

Rumble ~~~

On the other side of the space there was a violent explosion and a scream of screams.

“There is time to come to Plane Sea to find Oul.” The star master stood up and grabbed Oul’s back neck with one hand and gestured to Gao Peng.

Oulu, who was caught in the neck, turned his face in the air with a blank expression, and the small paws stood up and greeted Gao Peng.

The star master stepped out and disappeared in the same place.

After the star owner left for a while, the grassland at the foot of the mountain rose to the green mans, and the green mantle condensed the body of the green dragon in the void.

“just now that the existence is very strong.” Qing Tian Canglong said solemnly.

At the same time, there were some changes in the eyes of Gao Peng. It did not expect Gao Peng to know this level of existence.

Even at Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, this level of big shot is at the top of the food chain.

“I also met Oul’s family for the first time today.” Gao Peng shook his head and said he didn’t know the big shot before.

Say goodbye to the Qingtian Canglong, just came to the foot of the mountain and flew from a distance.

“Gao Peng, I have an ominous premonition.” Ji Shi panted and looked flustered.

This is the first time that Gao Peng saw this expression in Ji Shi after he became a median god.

“Don’t be nervous, let’s talk slowly, what’s wrong with you.” Gao Peng appeased Ji Shi.

Ji Shi sat in the same place, bowed his head and waited for a while before he raised his head again. The expression of fear was disappeared from his face and his brow was locked. “I don’t know what’s going on, just now suddenly my heart is very flustered, like being stared at by something terrible.”

“Have you ever provoked anything?”

“How is it possible, my character is not unknown, I went to the East African prairie two days ago to find two lioness, but it is definitely a pure-breed Earth Star native lion.” Ji Shi shook his head again and again.

This is also true, Gao Peng knows Ji Shi’s character best, not Xiao Huang’s temperament. Like a mixed-race Demon King, the biggest look of the big man in the day to night.

“That should be the other seven lions.” Gao Peng looked positive. “You are not worth the money, no one will spend no effort on you for no reason, unless your value is high.”

Ji Shi bitterly, “I don’t want to be the seven lions.”

“Oh, you didn’t say that when you broke through the median god.” Gao Peng gave it a slant.

Ji Shi smirked: “I am not young and frivolous.”

“It’s late now,” Gao Peng said.

“Ah, what should I do?” Ji Shi was a little scared.

“It’s very simple. Practice and improve your strength. Wait for the lion that wants to harm you to run it and kill it!”

Ji Shi thinks about it, suddenly I think what Gao Peng said is a bit reasonable.

“Then I went to practice.” Ji Shi said quickly.

After talking about Ji Shi, he ran away in a hurry.

A few months later, Gao Peng received a letter from Ah’Dai to find out what happened during this time. The battle between the constellation and the natural God Department and Ocean God-Department was finally over.

Ocean God-Department’s leading fear dominator was seriously injured by the star master, and the rest of the Ocean God-Department was degraded.

In addition to this, the surviving gods of the natural God Department converted to the constellation, and finally the death masters reached a kind of tacit agreement after a friendly exchange with the star owner.

The constellation occupies the site of the original Natural God Department and the Ocean God-Department, and the death of the God Department does not break the river.

Since Ji Shi perceived the danger, Ji Shi did not feel the feeling of being embarrassed for a long time.

The time passed smoothly, and the Foreign Tribe in Nine Heavens and Ten Earths also accepted the existence of the Terran.

To say that the hatred of the two communities in fact is more to hit the super old generation at those old antique levels.

10,000 years is enough to change a lot of things, and many hatreds of that year were buried in the soil.

Unless someone can dig these hatred out of the soil.

But at least for the time being, the top leaders of the Terran and the Foreign Tribe are not thinking about it for the time being.

Coupled with the fact that some of the human race’s novelties flowed to Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, the popularity of the Foreign Tribe was greatly enhanced.

Some things called novels, movies, TV series, anime, and comics have been circulated to Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. These things have subtly refreshed the three views of the Foreign Tribe people, and they also influenced their impression of the human race. The human races in these things are positive, peace-loving, and great heroes.

There may not be too much effect in a short period of time, but in the long run, the effect will be greater.

At the same time, a letter from the Holy Promise came to Gao Peng through a special channel.

Unpack the envelope and a blue firefly flew out of the envelope.

The tail of the firefly lit up a light, and the image appeared in the light, which was the second emperor who had not seen it for a long time.

“Dear high, I think I need your help…”

(End of this chapter)

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