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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 864

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 864

Chapter 829 New Governor

“Who are you willing to go to the storm country to become the colonial governor?” Gao Peng is the first in the conference room, and the left and right sides are Tribe’s major elders Trainer.

“I want to ask… If our Tribe goes to the storm country to become the colonial governor, then if the Foreign Tribe has a God Level Trainer come to the trouble…” The Trainer of the White Dragon looks forward to looking at Gao Peng, but the latter words are not spoken but The meaning is obvious.

“I will shoot.” Gao Peng nodded. “I naturally don’t watch our Terran being bullied by the Foreign Tribe.”

The elders of the White Dragon sighed with a smile on their faces.

“But the losses suffered during this period have nothing to do with me.” Gao Peng said seriously: “The colonial country has great interests, but the interests of the 30% of the colonial period must be equally divided among the forces of its elders. The remaining seven layers are The personal gains of the colonial governor, and the consumption of all development during the colonial period were swayed by the forces of the colonial governor.”

“Are you not a colonial governor?” A Presbyterian Trainer asked to ask Gao Peng.

“I don’t want to.” Gao Peng shook his head. He couldn’t look at this position. The profits accumulated by the three dynasties for so many years were all cleaned up by him. If he came back, he would just repeat the steps before the three royal families.

Hearing Gao Peng said that he was not a colonial governor, and the mood of others was suddenly alive.

But the risks are also not small. First of all, the French Tribe people in the colony will certainly not be willing, there will be many rebellious organizations in secret, followed by ethnic differences, and there will be great resistance to the promulgation of the decree.

And I heard that the treasure house has been scraped by a certain search…

In the end, the White Dragon Department took the lead and became the first colonial governor of the Storm State.


“吼!!!” The lion’s voice rang through the sky.

Gao Peng had a smile on his face, and Ji Shi finally absorbed the marine lion.

Not close to Gao Peng, I felt a huge breath.

Liu Guang flashed, Ji Shi appeared in front of him, his face was full of pride.

White, blue and blue hairs are scattered all over the body, pure blue lion claws, white lion’s head, and a blue line mark on the back, extending all the way to the tail.

Gao Peng carefully looked at Ji Shi after Evolution.

“How do I feel that you are getting ugly?”

In a word, Ji Shi’s proud face suddenly fell and was hit hard.

“Gao Peng, I am breaking Eternal Grade, and I became a median god.” Ji Shi looked at Gao Peng with resentment.

“But what does this have to do with your ugliness?” Gao Peng said seriously to Ji Shi.

Ji Shi, “…” You say that I am ugly, I am angry.

“I am thinking about one thing.”


“If you are seven lions, you will not become a rainbow.”

Ji Shi is stunned.

“Are you the ultimate Samat colorful lion?”


Many people today heard two griffins, but the one behind them has a feeling of grief.

[Monster Name] Three lions

[Monster Level] Median god

[Control of attribute] Ocean Law 18.9% Storm Law 9.6% Ice Law 3.4%

[Monster Grade] Eternal Grade

[Monster Characteristics]

The Sansheng’s engulfment (the Law Resistance associated with Water Attribute, Wind Attribute, and Ice Attribute increases) and can devour the power of these three systems.

Effect 1 Passive Effect: Can devour the Water Attribute, Wind Attribute, and Ice Attribute related Law, and the specific Law Level of the phagocytosis is related to the host level.

Effect 2 Active Effect: The host can release the swallowed three-line Law to attack the enemy.

Effect 3 Active Effect: The host can consume a portion of the limit power to swallow the three-line Law beyond its ultimate capacity and counter the enemy. But this will cause some back to the host. )

The power of the Three Saints (the ability to grow, the integration of more lions can make this feature grow.

Effect 1 Active Effect: After activation, it can increase the power of the host by a factor of three in a short period of time (Law control increases in a short period of time) for half an hour and cool down for one day. )

The crown of the Three Holy Seals (the sacred crown of the power of the lions.

Effect 1Passive Effect: When the host defeats the enemy in a fair battle, they will gain a certain sense of Law.

Effect 2Passive Effect: When the host is defeated by the enemy for a long time in a fair battle, it may lead to the weakening of Law. )

[Introduction to Monster] The king of the lions exists. The legendary three lions gather the power of the three lions and have initially condensed the crown of the three saints representing the lion’s air.

Gao Peng then took the time to look at Ah’Ban, and Ah’Ban was still sleeping and building a breakthrough heart level.

A week later, Ah’Ban successfully broke through the God Level, condensing the earth godhead and the lava godhead.

Ah’Ban, which combines the earth’s godhead and lava shape, becomes golden red, and the golden red body is solid and powerful.

Exudes a strong feeling.

A lava creek spread over the surface of Ah’Ban’s body. Standing on the ground, only the belly of Ah’Ban can be seen. Its head and upper body are completely out of the dark clouds, and the hot magma dyes the black clouds into gold.

Aura, which is heavy and golden, blooms out of Ah’Ban.

There was a dark, burning mark on the place.

The horrible high temperature steamed the soil, and the white smoke visible to the naked eye floated from the ground to the sky.

“It seems to be handsome.” Gao Peng walked a quarter turn around Ah’Ban, and the rest of the journey was too far to be too lazy to leave.

“Really?” Ah’Ban heard Gao Peng boast that he was suddenly overwhelmed because of his size and his sadness.

“Of course it is true.” Gao Peng said with a smile.

“There was an accident.” A message came over.

Gao Peng saw only one body when he received the news.

This person, Gao Peng, is an elder of the White Dragon Department and a Quasi-God Trainer. He also has an identity and was sent to the first colonial governor.

“What time?” Gao Peng frowned. Speaking of the Governor of the White Dragon Department, he is still familiar and has seen several times.

The most important thing is that the idea of ​​this colony is still proposed by him. It took less than a month before he took office to make such a moth, which is not to hit his face!

“This morning, the long Boss were attacked. It was the commander of the rebel Commander of the Storm State. They single-handedly broke into the capital and killed the long Boss.”

“What are the other people doing?” Gao Peng asked.

“The other experts in Tribe also shot, but not the opponents of the Rebel Commander, and three Saint Level seniors.”

“I didn’t ask this. I mean what other Foreign Tribe people in the city are doing. They just look at the rebel Commander and rush in?” Gao Peng said impatiently.

“Hey…” The well known Trainer in the White Dragon department couldn’t keep up with Gao Peng’s brain circuit. Those people are all Foreign Tribe people. They are not good if they don’t fall down. How can they help?

“Forget it, look at your expression and probably know what happened today.” Gao Peng said faintly. “It is a bit difficult for you to go to the colonial governor now, then I will go to work part time.”

“Grandfather, please help me find two professionals, I am not in the management of this thing, or to the professionals to do, I will be responsible for killing.” Gao Peng calm.

(End of this chapter)

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