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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 862

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 862

Chapter 827 Space Riot

Gao Peng, who is retreating on the Qingtian Plateau, suddenly perceives a familiar atmosphere approaching.

The figure behind him quickly approached, and a blink of an eye came to the front.

“Master.” Ah’Dai respectfully said to Gao Peng.

Behind Ah’Dai is a mysterious figure shrouded in a black robe. This figure carries a frozen blue giant lion.

“You are here.” Gao Peng got up. He thought that Ah’Dai would be later than Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. I didn’t expect Ah’Dai to be so efficient.

“The Master has a life, and naturally he has to do his best,” Ah’Dai said firmly.

Sasi looked at Gao Peng, and his successor to the death dominance was a bit unhappy about saying this to a human.

But this is, after all, Ah’Dai’s “family affairs”. If it is rashly open, it will only be counterproductive, so Sasi does not speak, but is the identity of his own observer.

Give the iced marine lion to Gao Peng, and Ah’Dai is also ready to say what Gao Peng interrupted.

“Is this?” Gao Peng asked Sasi.

“He is Sasi, a friend of mine.” Ah’Dai said to Gao Peng.

Sassi nodded to Gao Peng.

“Ji Shi, this is yours.” Gao Peng said to Ji Shi, pointing to the frozen ocean lion.

Ji Shi’s eyes lit up, and the two claws licked. “So I will go to dinner?”

“Go.” Gao Peng waved his hand.

“Ah’Dai, if there is a fight in a while, will Sassi be around you?” Gao Peng secretly asked Ah’Dai through Blood Contract.

“I don’t know, but if I ask for it, it shouldn’t mind helping.” Ah’Dai said after thinking about it.

Gao Peng has a stable heart, Oulu and Sasi, at least not worry about the Foreign Tribe.

According to Gao Peng’s previous interviews with Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, the most expensive of the Foreign Tribe’s current expert is just a high god, even if there is a big shot with a breakthrough limit and a level of Oulu.

“I hope Ah’Ban, they are all right.” Gao Peng raised a little worry in his heart. Later, Gao Peng sent a notice to Li Tribe in the Nine Heavens South Wilderness area to let them raise their families and continue to the south to go to the Fire God Valley to seek Bi. The blessing of the Fang family.

I hope that Xiao Yan can catch up.

The only good news now is that Gao Peng has not yet heard the news of the death of the beast from the Blood Contract.


“Come.” Gao Peng opened his eyes and he perceived several powerful breaths that were getting closer.


The sky was opened and a dark crack appeared on the top of the head.

Gao Peng is speechless, these people are so loved.

If there is a space passage, it is necessary to cut a hole in the top of the head.

It’s like having a door that doesn’t have to go through the window.

“Ah’Chun, send them a space storm.” Gao Peng said faintly.

Ah’Chun’s eyes are bright. Since I have this ability, I don’t want it to be used casually. It is my own ability. Why should I use it with high moons?

Ah’Chun vented all his dissatisfaction in this trick.

The top of the head was torn out of a huge Space Crack.

A pure white super giant snake looks out of the Space Crack, and the amber green pupil emits a powerful Spiritual Force.

The snake of space ring – Ye Meng Ted.

It is also the supreme master of the Peacock Dynasty, one of the three super dynasties of the Foreign Tribe.

When the Terran was defeated, Jerome Ted was the absolute main force in the war that was driven away from Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.

At that time, Ye Meng Ted was only the first god, and now it has become the top high god.

“It’s your humble people. When I was driven away, I didn’t find a place to be good, and I dared to regain my head. Then I will kill you all this time!” Ye Meng Taide’s mouth raised, revealing a trace A cruel smile.

A messy space slammed on the face of Jeremiah.


Yemen Teddy noticed that it was wrong.

As the master of space Law, it knows the most about space.

These spatial elements are very stable and have a strong self-healing properties.

When no one is tempted, the space element stays in the same place as a group of die-hard otaku. Even if it is destroyed by space, it will only cause riots in the small space, and the riot will be in other spaces around. The “pacification” of the elements quickly subsided.

This is a very magical element.

But I have never seen such a violent spatial element!

These spatial elements seem to be in some sort of madness, causing a chain reaction in a flash.

Ye Meng Ted’s face suddenly changed, no one knows more about what terrible things will happen after these space elements run away. How could it be so unlucky, how could the situation like Space Riot be hit by it?

The first thing that happens to happen is the Space Crack it is in.

Rubbing and rubbing –

The dense crack spreads out around the Space Crack.

The world seems to be a broken wall, and the colorful colors on the exterior disappear, leaving only the deep darkness.

Silent roar spread throughout the world.

The devastating power of terror is concentrated in that area.

Space Riot’s destructive power is directly proportional to the space power, and Yemen Tade just now makes every effort to open the barriers of the two worlds.

Yemen Teddy wants to use space Law to transfer himself to this violent area, but just using the space Law has caused a more terrifying space explosion.

Boom! ! !

The sound is swallowed up by the black hole.

An incomparably huge black hole hovers in the sky.

Yemen Teddy finally reacted, this is not the Common Space Riot, this is a man-made conspiracy!

The jewel in the black hole cracked and the body was cut with blood.

In the blink of an eye, countless wounds were cut by invisible daggers.


The blood is covered with sky.

“Good opportunity.” Gao Peng’s eyes lit up.

“Ah’Chun adds fire to it.”

Ah’Chun kept space in the distance, and Law “added wood” to the black hole. Even if Ah’Chun, as the initiator of Space Riot, dared not rely too close, he dared to hide in the dark to remotely display the space Law.

The black hole is gradually expanding, and the power is becoming more and more horrible.

With a hobby.

Yemen Teddy finally broke into the sky and the corpse was swallowed up by the black hole.

The other two high-ranking gods who came along with Jereng Ted saw silence behind this scene, and waited until Ye Meng Taide completely left behind without hesitation.

“I didn’t expect Ah’Chun’s ability to be so terrible at a particular time.” Gao Peng was very emotional. “It seems that as long as the ability to apply well is weak, it is not impossible.”

Ah’Chun proudly snorted, that’s not! Ah’Chun is super good.

“So from today, you have to practice with Xiao Huang every day, and you are not allowed to be lazy!” Gao Peng continued.

Ah’Chun eyes circle, a few small tentacles hold their heads, “Ah’Chun is empty, Ah’Chun is not working.” After a flash disappeared.

“This fellow…” Gao Peng had a very bad egg.

“It seems that I don’t need to shoot.” Sasi’s eyes were sinister, and the enemies were scared away. They would not appear again without certain certainty.

The next day, Sasi led Ah’Dai to Gao Peng and returned to Plane Sea.

(End of this chapter)

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