Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 860

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 860

Chapter 825 Seven Holy One

The Jade Emperor Tianzun beast has the ability to escape, but there is no such thing as the sacred sword and the storm lion.

Sitting on the left hand side of Gao Peng, Oul put down the game console in his hand and looked up to the direction of the Jade Emperor. “Oulu wants to take a look at its godhead.”

“Well, can you catch up with it?” Gao Peng said.

“Oulu is the fastest!” Oul disappeared instantly. After a minute, Oul appeared in Gao Peng, holding a transparent godhead in his hand.

There is no color in the gods, it is pure transparency, and there seems to be some heavy liquid flowing inside.

From the appearance, the time and the gods have certain similarities with the God Department.

[Item Name] Time God

[Law degree] 8.64%

Ou Lu carefully touched this time and carefully played with her eyes, and her eyes sparkled with blue eyes, constantly absorbing the essence of this time.

The time of God finally solidified completely and turned into a gray bead. A gust of wind blew into a gray fly and disappeared into the palm.

Gao Peng did not ask the end of the Jade Emperor Tianzun, but wanted to be dug up the godhead, even if it is not dead, it is not much better.



The violent Thunder Dragon shredded the Sword of the Sword.

Bailian Jianxin grass made a scream. The whole flag leaves are divided, “You will step into our dust sooner or later!”

Seeing the Jade Emperor Tianzun beast escaped from the hundred refining swords and grasses, the storm sacs on the side suddenly became a little panicked.

“We will fight again next time.” The storm lion said guilty.

Summon a hurricane to cover the eyes of the crowd, the storm lion rushed into the wind and fled.

“Where are you going to escape?” Ji Shi was furious, and after playing for so long, you said that running and running, I am not very faceless.

“Ah!” The lion that escaped to half of the storm suddenly screamed and fell out of the wind.

The blood was drenched in the abdomen, and the body was almost cut off.

In the distance is the back of Liu Guang’s desperate escape.

Liu Guang’s face was low, and the two arms were dragged behind him. I finally pulled out the knife.

At this moment, Liu Guang is completely immersed in his own delusions.

This is what Gao Peng told me. The real Assassin is a qualified killer if you don’t hit the enemy and you have to hit a thousand miles.

I must pull the wind now! Gao Peng Are they looking at the back of my moment with the eyes of worship? Liu Guang lowered his head, don’t be proud, or the crown will fall.

Gao Peng stared at Liu Guang’s wretched little back, and escaped from a dwarf who had committed a flight. Why is it so strong?

“Frost Law – ice zero!”

Ji Shi jumped into the storm Ji Shi and braved the coldness of the cold, and the storm Ji Shi was frozen.

“Okay.” Gao Peng clap his hands.

This is just an appetizer. The real main course is the upcoming storm. As long as the storm has survived, the race is over.

“Hey, they haven’t reacted yet, let’s go get our loot,” Gao Peng said to Da Zi.

“Is there a spoil?” Da Zi is very upset.

“The treasury of these three countries.” Gao Peng whispered.

Da Zi suddenly realized, “Yes, right, this is ours, Gao Peng is going!”

“Hey.” Xiao Huang looked at his shoulders, waist, buttocks and face. “How is it so painful, Gao Peng, is this handsome face disfigured?” Xiao Huang hurried to Gao Peng.

“Are you okay?” Gao Peng observed carefully and squeezed his face, which was harder than Xiao Huang, and wondered.

“No! My face is definitely disfigured.” Xiao Huang said violently, the two gangsters were bigger than the hoe.

“Well, if you say disfigured, you will be disfigured.” Gao Peng said helplessly, who made this fellow face harder than stone.

“Is this a work injury?” Xiao Huang said with a smile.

“…” Gao Peng finally knows what the fellow is playing.

“Do it.”

“I want 2 percent of the treasures in the treasure house!” Xiao Huang Lions open the mouth.

“You really want so much!? Why are you so greedy. Then I will give you 200,000, your treasure exists in me.” Gao Peng brows.

Xiao Huang said aggrieved: “Do you have more than one percent? You don’t like me in high moons.”

“I haven’t corrupted you. You think about what you usually eat and drink. I wear your money. Your money is just for me to keep it for you. I will give it to you when you use it. When will I be? I lied to you.” Gao Peng sighed and said disheartenedly: “Since you don’t believe me, I will give it to you. Xiao Huang grows up and doesn’t believe me.”

Gao Peng shook his head behind his back and slowly walked away.

Xiao Huang looked at the back of Gao Peng, as if I didn’t know when… Gao Peng’s back was not as straight as before.

“Gao Peng, I… my share is still there for you.” Xiao Huang shouted with courage.

Gao Peng stopped and turned his head and smiled.

Xiao Huang, “???”

How do you feel that you have been riddled by Gao Yueyue.


“You won.” The bristles on the top of the storm lion were covered with ice. The huge lion’s eye turned to stare at Ji Shi.

“But I didn’t lose to you, I am not willing.” Storm lion gnashed his teeth.

“You are definitely not my opponent in a single fight. Just because your Trainer is stronger than my Trainer.” Storm Ji Shi was not willing to look at Ant Dragon. Although I don’t know what it’s different, but as long as the ice lion’s power has skyrocketed after Integration, and now just if it’s not sneak attack by the insidious thief, how can it…

“The king is defeated, and there is more nonsense.” Ji Shi said proudly: “My Trainer is stronger than your Trainer. This is also my skill! It shows that I have a vision of people, and I have the ability to find a stronger one than Gao Peng. Trainer!”

Storm lion closed his eyes and said nothing more.

“Why are you and the marine lion devour me?” Ji Shi asked, staring at the storm lion.

Storm lion opened his eyes and his eyes were full of surprises. I was surprised that this ice lion did not know?

“Ha ha ha ha.” The storm lion laughed and laughed and tears fell out. “I actually lost to a fool.”

Ji Shi :……

Who are you?

“You are the evolution of the sacred lion.” The storm lion whispered: “It is not impossible to tell you, but you have to promise me a condition and let go of my family.”

The latter sentence was spoken by the Lord of the Storm.

“Good.” Ji Shi nodded.

The storm lion did not speak, turned to look at Gao Peng, it asked Gao Peng’s answer.

Obviously in his mind, Gao Peng is the real thing.

“I can promise you,” Gao Peng said. “But the premise is that you don’t lie to me. If I find that you lied to me, I can’t do this in the massacre.”

The storm lion nodded.

It seems that I expected my next fate, and the interest of the Storm Lions is not high.

“All the lions have a rumor in their bodies. The seven lions are one in one, can break through eternity and see the highest.” Storm lion muttered to himself. “Unfortunately, I have never seen anything other than me for so many years.” Saint lion, I even thought this rumor was just a joke.”

“How do you get together?” Gao Peng asked.

The storm lion looked up and showed a sarcasm in his mouth. “What do you say? Is there a simpler way to swallow your stomach?”

Gao Peng nodded silently. “I will do what you promised.”

Finished and turned away.

(End of this chapter)

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