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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 859

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 859

Chapter 824: The Jade Emperor of Heaven

Rong Shengyi, Yu Yuming’s confident smile stalemate on his face.

How come there are so many God Level beasts!

God Level is not a resource to cultivate. Of course, if there is a kind of top-level treasure, it is natural, but the treasure is even rarer than the cultivation of a God Level.

Cultivation The most important thing about a God Level is the Innate Talent. Innate Talent of the Beast is essential.

“You two will also go together.” Gao Peng leaned his head and said lightly.

“Come on!” Fatty Da Hai snarled, his arms slammed into the ground and then tore, bang, and the sound of tears from the earth. The earth in front of him was instantly torn in half, leaving a deep gully between Rong Shengyi and Yu Yuming.

Fatty Da Hai jumped forward, and his thick arms were like two plum blossoms.

The void is distorted, and the space is overwhelmed.

Jade Emperor Tianzun’s beast raised his head, “Time Hub.”

All the space within 100 meters of the Jade Emperor Tianzun beast was frozen, including Fatty Da Hai, and Fatty Da Hai paused to maintain a dive in midair, even for every Flood in the eye. Thread is exceptionally clear.

Jade Emperor Tianzun beast disappeared in place.

A strong fist squatted on Fatty Da Hai’s abdomen.

Although the sound did not come out, Gao Peng clearly saw Fatty Da Hai’s abdominal muscles sag inward and then backed up!


Fatty Da Hai broke a large forest.

Gao Peng frowns, the ability of this time system is really abnormal. He has seen the ability of the Ming Yu Tian Zun to display his ability to freeze all things in a wide range, but the more frozen the existence of the frozen, the more energy it consumes.

If there is strength beyond its existence, it is impossible to freeze the time.

The Jade Emperor Tianzun Beast is the form after the Evolution of the Ming Yu Tian Zun Beast. Perfect inherits the time freezing ability of Ming Yu Tian Zun, but further strengthens it on this basis.

The most important change is that Jade Emperor Tianzun is free to control the scope of the time hub. This is the most important point.

Controlling the scope of the time hub means that it has near-infinite possibilities, making it more flexible and convenient.

Gao Peng thought for a moment and sent Xiao Huang to Fatty Da Hai.

To deal with this time-saving Assassin, if there is no way to break the time, the best way is to send a warrior with a rough skin.

It doesn’t matter if you hit me a hundred, but as long as you get a punch, I am embarrassed, you may know what is hurt.

“Get out of the way!” Jade Emperor Tianzun’s beast sighed and looked at Xiao Huang, who was carrying a huge axe. He felt the strong Metal Attribute Law and could not resist this trick.

The figure flashed, and the next moment appeared behind Xiao Huang, the huge double fist in the head of Xiao Huang.

The hard brain shook his palms.

The head is hard!

The Jade Emperor Tian Zun secretly complained and then pulled out its Divine Artifact spear.

Your head is very hard, but I don’t believe you can be harder than the Divine Artifact spear.

However, at this time, a sea vortex condensed in the void, and the strong attraction sucked the Jade Emperor Tianzun back, and the body shape almost failed to stand.

“I think I found your weakness.” Fatty Da Hai sneered, the time armor can only freeze everything, but can’t freeze Law.

This means that it is effective to attack it outside the area of ​​Law.

The Jade Emperor Tianzun Beyond turned over and the expansion of the time hub was also covered by Fatty Da Hai.

The next moment, the Jade Emperor Tianzun beast disappeared in place.


The top of the platinum spear flashes cold.


The spear penetrated from the top of Fatty Da Hai.

In a critical moment, Fatty Da Hai’s engulfing in the mind is blooming! Fatty Da Hai is covered by a black hole.

The Jade Emperor Tianzun was shocked and how the weapon could not be pulled out.

Forced to pull the weapon, but the platinum spear was stuck by this black hole.

Jade Emperor Tianzun is so mad.

Want fist hit Fatty Da Hai, but at the front of this black hole, a dangerous feeling it will not dare to boxing.

The figure flashed and then appeared behind Xiao Huang.

Dōng dōng dōng 咚! ! ! !

Xiao Huang has become a meat target.

The speed of the Jade Emperor is not fast, in the same class.

But because of its strong volume, the strength of each punch is extremely solid.

Xiao Huang Every time he is beaten, he will flash a purple light.

Then the Jade Emperor Tianzun’s next punch felt that the felt seemed to be harder in front of him…

Looking at his slightly red fist, Jade Emperor Tianzun was immersed in contemplation.

Then poke the eyes, kick the butt, and attack any weaknesses that may exist on Xiao Huang.

The result is that the hand of Jade Emperor Tianzun is more painful.


Compared with the jade emperor’s beast, the sacred sword of Rongshengyi is even more embarrassing.

As a rare plant-based god, Bailian Sword Heart is the ace of Rongshengyi.

The whole body is surrounded by countless swords, and the attacking power is super destructive. It can be said to be both offensive and defensive.

But at the moment, under the siege of Da Zi, Liu Guang, and Ah’Chun, they can only passively defend.

Xiao Yan is still in the Bince family’s Ancestral Land, Ah’Dai so short time to come back, and also practice under the death of the Undead God Department.

Ah’Chun is the God Level that broke through two days ago.

This lazy fellow in fact has long been able to breakthrough with Xiao Huang at the same time, but has been lazy, this time only under the urging of Gao Peng to make a difficult breakthrough God Level.

Ah’Chun uses the space Law to transfer all the attacks of the sword, and then uses space to surround it into a trapped beast. On the other side, Da Zi drives Ray’s Law to target, as for Liu Guang…waiting for a chance .

The sacred swords and grasses are surrounded by nine hundred and ninety-nine swords, which can be attacked and defended.

But it didn’t have much effect under the blade attack of Ray’s Law.

The passage of time and minute, the sorcerer’s heart and grass gradually withered, and the surface of the leaves showed signs of burning black.


Another mad thunder fell.

Bailian Jianxincao was picked up and lost.

The grass stem was almost cut off!

Seeing that it was not ready to escape, but just showed signs of being transferred back by Ah’Chun with space Law. After running for half a day, I was in the same place.

The Jade Emperor Tianzun has stopped his fist because it finds himself as if he has been unable to touch the felt.

Too hard.

This feeling does not know that many youngsters have not appeared.

I remember the last time it was a strong enemy that it faced when it was not a god.

Silently retracting his right hand, Jade Emperor Tianzun looked down at his cracked fist and looked at the frozen duck in front of him. He looked at it deeply and seemed to keep his face in mind!

Finally tried to pull out its Divine Artifact rifle, or can’t pull it out…

Jade Emperor Tianzun took a deep breath and simply turned away.

I do not want it!

(End of this chapter)

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