Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 858

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 858

Chapter 823 Storm lion

[Monster Name] Ultimate Black Dragon

[Monster Grade] Mythical Grade /Mythical Grade

[Monster Level] Level 85

[Monster Attribute] Dark Department

[Monster Characteristics]

Dark Devil (The Ultimate Black Dragon is in the Unreal Black Mist state. In the Black Mist state, the ultimate Black Dragon has an immunity effect on all physical attacks. After using the Dark Devil, the ultimate Black Dragon will be converted from Black Mist to Black. Magic state. In this state, the ultimate Black Dragon will lose the passiveness of the physical attack immunity.

Effect 1Passive Effect: After the Dark Enchanted is activated, the ultimate Black Dragon loses the effect of the immune physical attack, but at the same time the ultimate Black Dragon will gain the passiveness of most elements of the immunity, and in this state the ultimate Black Dragon will gain a certain amount of power. increase. )

Death Breath (The ultimate Black Dragon Breath will gain two extreme effects – ultra-low temperature, ultra-high temperature.

Stage 1: The target will suffer from ultra-high temperature erosion in the short time after death.

Stage 2: Ultra-high temperature will be converted to ultra-low temperature in a very short time.

Stage 3: The above two conversion effects will last for thirteen times. )

The ultimate darkness (the ultimate Black Dragon embarked on the road of darkness, the ultimate Black Dragon can devour the power of various dark Dark Attributes to strengthen itself.)

[Introduction to Monster] Originally a White Dragon, the Mutation Evolution was the ultimate Black Dragon after swallowing the eggs of the Black God of Mist, and embarked on the road of darkness.

In the middle of the night, the butcher’s face turned pale and pale.

The death of the beast has caused her to suffer a serious counterattack.

The first opening victory allowed the people of Hope City to sweep away the haze before, without the pride of complacency at the beginning.

Immediately after the next two Saint Level battles, one win and one loss, the victory in the Saint Level stage was two to one.

At present, the three levels of Sovereign Level, Emperor Level and Saint Level have won two victories.

Then in the Quasi-God Level battle, the Terran 0:3 was defeated.

Unlike the previous three levels, the three battles were simply defeated by the opponent.

The time when there is no solution is the Ming Yu Tian Zun beast, the invincible and invulnerable tyrannical tyrannosaur, and the traces of the secrets of the dreams.

“This is our true strength.” Rong Shengyi said slowly: “In the next Battle Level battle, I will let you know more clearly the gap between us. When your ancestors were taken by us from Nine Heavens and Ten The Earths expulsion is still the same result.”

Gao Peng rubbed his ears, and his right hand was looking at the sky in front of his eyebrows. “Good glare.”

“What.” Rong Sheng frowned.

“I said… who is pretending to be glaring.” Gao Peng’s mouth curled up.

“…” Rong Sheng looked black.

“I haven’t played yet, how come you have so many words.” Gao Peng said faintly, “Come on, who are you first?”

“At the same time, there are so many God Level beasts, you really feel like Innate Talent, and you are lucky. If you are a spiritual person, you must be sure to shine, and make a name for yourself, but unfortunately…” The Lord of the Storm said with regret.

It is a pity that a genius will fall today.

“You send the beast first,” said the Lord of the Storm.

Gao Peng saw the blue-eyed giant lion next to the main body of the storm country, and thought about it.

“Then Fatty Da Hai is on you.” Gao Peng sent Fatty Da Hai.

Fatty Da Hai has a lot of gods, so the ability is more comprehensive, so Gao Peng does not have to worry about Fatty Da Hai being restrained.

“Wait a minute, I think it seems a bit unfair.” Gao Peng stared at his chin and stared at the three men. “I have so many beasts, why do I have a one-on-one fair fight with you.”

“Hey, do you have other God Level Trainers?” Rong Sheng smiled kindly.

At the same time, I thought that there are three God Level beasts in this kid. I only have one. If I pick one, I might not be able to beat it.

Gao Peng indulged for a moment, raised his head and revealed a harmless smile of humans and animals. “That’s just like this. Just a game of victory, you three together.”

“The kid is crazy!” “You look down on us.” “I advise you to take back this sentence.”

The three heads of state sank.

The three of them are also good-looking people, and they are famous for being placed in the whole spiritual family. When was it so scorned!

Even people with the best temper will be angry when they hear this.

“I am serious about it.” Gao Peng said: “I am afraid that I am not careful… Kill your beast.”


The cyan giant lion, who was beside the Lord of the Storm State, opened his eyes and raised a hurricane from the air. The violent hurricane blew his hair, and the blue pupil shone with a demon look.

“Ji Shi, do you feel it?”

“I feel the same look as the marine lion.” Ji Shi stood up, his cold eyes staring innocently with the storm lion. “Master, although I don’t know why they always like to see me like this, but I want to kill them now!”

Ji Shi’s mouth is cracked, and Sen Han’s teeth are breathtaking.

“You step back.” Gao Peng said to others.

Ji Hanwu looked at his grandson with concern and then took the lead and took the crowd back.

Even if you can’t play a role on the battlefield, at least don’t become a leader of Gao Peng.

The Lord of the Storm State did not hesitate to choose to scream with the Storm Lions Integration, the storm lion. “Ocean lion, do you know its whereabouts?” The storm lion approached with a sturdy pace.

“Come on, be part of my body!”

“Ant Dragon, you and Ji Shi Integration.” Gao Peng said to Ant Dragon.

Ant Dragon nodded and immediately merged with Ji Shi, and the atmosphere of Ji Shi after Integration became even stronger.

“Hey!” “Hey!”

One green and one white two lions killed together. The storm and the ice are scattered everywhere, the mountain is blown by the hurricane, and the ice freezes the earth.

On the other side, everyone in Hope City saw only the scene before the battle broke out. After the battle was about to erupt, the multi-eyed beast had already turned and fled.

Looking at the vortex that disappeared in the sky, many people in Hope City were worried about the battle and the outcome of the battle. They couldn’t help much, and they could only pray for victory.

Otherwise, after the defeat, I don’t know what the ending is waiting for them.

At the same time, the Hope City federal government sent troops to guard the city to prevent people from taking the opportunity to make trouble.

Yu Han Ming eyes sent Ji Hanwu They left, because not only Ji Hanwu they need time to leave, these Quasi-God Trainers in their country also need to leave time for them.

“So the final result still depends on us.”

“This world is such a weak meat, who makes you a Foreign Tribe.”

Yu Yuming and Rong Shengyi said.

In their view, relying on the two animal beasts integration to compete with the storm country, Gao Peng, what to fight with them! ? Take the head to fight?

In their confident eyes, Gao Peng opened his arms and the space was distorted.

One, two, three, four, and five horrible breaths descend from the sky!

Ji Shi, Xiao Huang, Ah’Chun, Ant Dragon, Liu Guang, Da Zi, Fatty Da Hai, Yang Longshu

(End of this chapter)

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