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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 851

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 851

Chapter 816, then play a game.

Back to Black-Mist World, this time Gao Peng felt different from the past. At Black-Mist World, he saw many people hunting and arresting Monster in every corner of Black-Mist World.

Although the number is small, it is already a good beginning.

After all, time is limited and Earth Star human development takes time.

Gao Peng did not make a big noise and flew directly through the sky. The following people couldn’t even see the afterimage because the speed of the God Level exceeded the resolution of their eyes.

Gao Peng first returned to the city of the sky, the Hell three-headed dog Sahara smelled the atmosphere of the Master, and ran with nine tails rushing.

Xiao Huang Lifting his right foot is a big-footed scorpion.

Sahara rolled on the ground and his belly turned up and twisted on the ground.


“Wang Wang!”

The spikes behind it are like the backstab of the hedgehog. The Sahara doesn’t know when it has awakened the second paragraph. Level also breaks through to Level 91, which is a breakthrough Quasi-God.

Xiao Huang kneels down and touches Sahara’s belly. Sahara’s three heads are all around and facing Xiao Huang.

Ou Lu jumped from Xiao Huang’s back and looked at Xiao Huang’s arm and leg saliva. He picked up his toes and followed Gao Peng’s footsteps. “Oulu thinks you are dirty.”

“Da Zi, is there a Monster hiding in the dark?” Gao Peng asked Da Zi.

Da Zi has a layer of extremely faint lavender fluctuations. All living body surfaces are covered with a thin layer of static electricity. Through this layer of static electricity, Zi Zi can be observed whether there is no Monster hidden nearby.

“No.” Da Zi’s gimmick.

Cross a road and the factory is in front.

The factory is in the process of processing at the moment, and the chimney is black smoke.

Although this is easy to cause pollution, Black-Mist World is in a stage of vigorous development and cannot be considered so much.

Hey, hey.

Strong footsteps came from the front of the road.

The huge Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture arched its back and its neck was drooping down. Some bloated body walked left and right, not fat, but because it was too strong, it looked bloated.

“Long time no see.” Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture waved a greeting to Gao Peng.

Gao Peng looks at the distribution of Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture, or Epic Grade, but Level has reached Saint Level, and Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture can be plugged in without Hei Wa. Every level of it is step by step.

“Xiao Huang is over there, it’s at the door.” Gao Peng smiled and said to Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture.

Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture heard Xiao Huang’s two steps, and his chest habitually got up. “Ok.”

Gao Peng nodded to the Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture with a smile, and took them away with Da Zi.

Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture stood in the same place and looked at Gao Peng, which turned his head to the direction of the gate.

“Xiao Huang ……” Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture’s voice contains complex emotions.

At that time, its strength was stronger than that of Xiao Huang. Training with Xiao Huang and working together, it was the bloody youth of their sweat.

But as time goes by, every time Xiao Huang comes back with Gao Peng, the strength will have a qualitative leap.

Is a real qualitative leap…

Just like a rocket, every time you return to the lowest strength, you will upgrade to a big grade.

At first it could barely see Xiao Huang’s back, and later, even the back was so far away.

It was already Quasi-God… This time it may have been broken into a god?

If you switch to someone else and you will be treated as a joke, the gap between the initial entry of Quasi-God and God is even larger than the gap between the common Monster and the Quasi-God Level Monster, which means that the breakthrough is broken. . Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture has this inexplicable confidence in Xiao Huang and Gao Peng.

“Look and see.” Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture unloaded some kind of burden and turned to the door.

Outside the Southern Sky, Xiao Huang is kneeling on the ground with three dogs. Looks serious, as if this is a serious matter.

The red cloth of Sahara’s tongue was pulled out from the corner of his mouth, and a snoring sounded in his throat.

Notice the proximity of the Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture, the Sahara eyelids lifted, and then closed.

“Xiao Huang, are you going to have another discussion,” says Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture.

“Okay.” Xiao Huang looked up, his eyes full of excitement, his fists clenched, but then released, Xiao Huang hesitated, “But…”

Xiao Huang did not say anything later. It is afraid of accidentally injuring Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture.

“Are you a god?” Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture, though asked, is very positive.


Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture stunned, “Sure enough.”

“Then let’s exercise together.” Blood-Eye Whiskers Vulture is a challenger, but doesn’t like meaningless abuse.

“Good!” Xiao Huang jumped up from the ground and smirked.


“The grandfather, what happened.” Gao Peng sat on the sofa, and he knew that his grandfather would never be targeted.

“Previously, the Foreign Tribe people accidentally accidentally came in. Although Qingtian Canglong took all the Live Tribe people to catch them, there was still a risk of exposure.” Ji Hanwu sipped his mouth tea, “I just had Foreign Tribe People seem to be looking for something near the outside exit of the space channel. Although the Illusion Attribute Quasi-God has an environment, there is still a lot of exposure risk.”

“This way…” Gao Peng nodded, it was a big deal.

Although it has not been exposed yet, it is always possible to expose it. It is always good to plan ahead.

“No problem, even if it is really exposed, it would be great to play a game.” Gao Peng said slowly.


Ji Hanwu looks at Gao Peng.

Gao Peng sat up straight and his back straight. “Now the Foreign Tribe is in a mess, even if we are exposed, it will not lead to the full force of the entire Foreign Tribe. At most, we only need to face several countries in the vicinity of the space channel. Even if there are really strong enemies beyond our response, I There are also cards.”

Ji Hanwu frowned and then stretched out.

Since Gao Peng said so, he still chose to believe in his grandson.

“My beast is a God Level,” Gao Peng said.

“I know.” Ji Hanwu knows that Ah’Dai is a God Level.

“More than Ah’Dai, there are still many.”

There are a lot more!


Ji Hanwu took a deep breath.

I stared at my grandson for a long time, and my face was relieved and happy.

“If your mother can see… she should be proud of you too.”

Earth Star, a big Buddha walking on the Qingtian Plateau.

The pace of the Big Buddha is not big, just like a little girl, the front heel just exceeds the toes.

The head has been buried, and from time to time, I look around and look at my eyes.

“What are you doing?”

The Buddha’s footsteps stopped.

Lang said: “Qinglong, you are also reasonable. I only promised to guard them to the day when they were not discovered. Now it is also exposed here. I promised that I did it, so I have to go!”

The Buddha is just right.

“Well, let’s go.” The scorpion dragon, who was entrenched above the scorpio, moved away, leaving a passageway for entry and exit.

The big Buddha was stunned, and it seemed that he did not expect the Qingtian Canglong to let it go.

“You go, I won’t stop you this time.” Qing Tian Canglong said calmly.

The Buddha Buddha took a moment, then picked up his toes, bent down and drilled out of the space channel.

(End of this chapter)

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