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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 850

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 850

Chapter 815 Oulu

“Master …”

“You are here to study.” Gao Peng said to Ah’Dai. “This is your chance. If this is needed, I will call you through the Phaseless-Hell Tree.”

Ah’Dai hung his arms on his sides and nodded silently.

“it is good.”

Gao Peng then said goodbye to death, and the death lord sent Gao Peng to Plane.

The delivered exit was just on the tip of the dragon’s nose, and the cold breath spit on Gao Peng. The bare arm was blown cold and covered with a layer of ice.

Xiaolong Tyrant opened his eyes in a confused way. “I am you. I will send you out.”

Gao Peng turned his head and said to Xiaolong Tyrant: “Do you have any idea to go outside?”

“Looking outside?” Xiaolong Tyrant’s eyes widened and he didn’t sleep at all.

Hesitating for a long time, Xiaolong Tyrant slowly shook his head. “I won’t go outside. It’s a good stay here.”

Then no matter how Gao Peng persuaded Xiaolong Tyrant would not leave with him.

It seems that Xiaolong Tyrant is making up his mind and Gao Peng will no longer persuade him.


The forest is burning. In the sky, a giant white-winged butterfly squats in the sky. The butterfly has two sides. At this moment, the butterfly is in an overhanging state.

The ventral face is facing up and the back is facing down. The cocoon, which was originally on the back of the muse, was facing the earth under the feet.

Endless aurora erupted from the silkworm cocoons, and the forest was ignited into a sea of ​​fire by the aurora.

At the same time, a silver-silver silk thread binds a super giant tree man in the middle of the forest.

The tree is full of kilometers, the branches are covered with tree-like muscles, and the violent force hits the air to make a substantial ripple.

But at this moment, this giant tree, who is obviously known for its strength, has been bound by countless silk threads.

“The sinner, remember, killing you is the double-faced star-spotted scorpion!”

The silk thread shrank instantly, and the silver light shone in the sky, as if it were a perfect dance music.

The giant tree is shredded into countless pieces flying in the sky.

Dark green blood flutters and sputters.

When the Super Tree fell, the natural God Department party fell into despair, and some Faith in the heart collapsed.

“Li Zun is down… it has fallen.”

At the moment of the fall of power, there was a horrible shadow behind Muse.

The huge shadow is like a nightmare that appears silently behind it.

Twisted giant limbs are like painful fears.

Fear dominator – coming!

When the fear dominator came, the double-sided star-spotted butterfly perceives the ominous atmosphere, and when it wants to escape, it does not know when it has entangled a huge tentacle.


Extremely sharp painful tweets cut through the sky.


A white gold figure was struck in the oblique side.

The space was shrouded in an invisible force, and everything was slowed down.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

The fear dominator loosened the double-sided star-spotted butterfly, and the octopus-like body suddenly changed direction! Instantly change from front to back to back towards the inside.

Oulu swallowed his stomach in a flash.

not good!

The double-sided star-spotted butterfly is full of anger, and Oulu is a child of an adult, and there is absolutely no loss.

“The swallowing star bursts!” The cocoon of the double-sided star-shaped butterfly’s abdomen bursts.

The fear of the dominator made a muffled sound, flashing a space fluctuation.


There was a strong and short-lived spatial fluctuation in front.

When the space fluctuations disappear, the front is calm.

When Gao Peng led the imperial beast, he saw only a small Monster lying in a pool of blood.

It is actually shorter than Liu Guang! ! !

And it seems to have seen it before.

“It was seriously injured,” Gao Peng said. “And it’s still a god.”

Originally, other sacred beasts didn’t care much, but when they heard that this was a god, they suddenly turned their eyes and watched the little man in the pool of blood, Monster, showing a meaningful look.

“Gao Peng, it was so hurt, it will not live soon, or we will break it down.” Xiao Huang said with enthusiasm.

Gao Peng is watching the garbled data frame of this little Monster tangled.

The little man who looks so small is actually a garbled level expert.

This level of expert Gao Peng does not have much contact, but in just a few times, this level of expert kills one line and it is a few slaps, and it doesn’t take much effort. It is only shown in the data frame. Seriously injured, it did not show that it completely lost its ability to act.

If you can break down Gao Peng, it is directly decomposed, but the problem is that this fellow seems to have the ability to move…

If you wake up when you break it down in half, you can only pray that the goddess of fortune is wearing a miniskirt today.

But it is necessary for Gao Peng to pretend that he did not see the direct departure and not the character of Gao Peng. It is obvious that such a good opportunity can be wasted. Always scrape a layer on the bottom of this pot?

“From the contact of that day, it should not be Monster like a murderous madman, and it seems that nature is lively and active. If you can take it away… I can be considered a savior.” Gao Peng touched it. Your own chin.

“Xiao Huang, you carry it.” Gao Peng ordered Xiao Huang.

Xiao Huang bent down like a chicken, and the little Monster’s ankle fell on his shoulder.

The ankle was caught in the hands of Xiao Huang, his head facing down, and he was shackled on his shoulder like a sack.

“You are gentle…” Gao Peng had a black line in his eyes. You are so stunned by others that when others wake up, they will think they are looting.

“Hey.” Xiao Huang just changed into a comfortable position.

“Master, or do I have to come back?” Liu Guang looked at his eyes and couldn’t help but say it.

“You?” Gao Peng refused after looking at it.

It’s still not enough, otherwise let Liu Guang’s back take the fellow’s head to the ground and go…

Olu, with a coma, walked in the direction of Black-Mist World.

As the distance from Black-Mist World got closer, Oulu finally woke up in the middle.

It seems that the existence of Oul has made the void become confusing.

Oul’s legs were sitting on the neck of Xiao Huang, looking around in confusion.

“Hello.” Gao Peng nodded to Oulu.

“Ah, hey.” Oul nodded suddenly, and was shocked at the back of Gao Peng. “Is you saving me?” Oro said with a sigh.

“Hello, my name is Oulu, I am very glad to meet you.” Oul’s voice rang in the hearts of everyone present.

“Hello, my name is Gao Peng. They are my beast and my partner.” Gao Peng introduced Xiao Huang to Oulu.

“The beast?” Oul asked curiously.

What is the partner it knows, but what is the royal beast?

After a good explanation by Gao Peng, it finally knew the relationship between the beast and the beast.

Oul’s eyes turned and I didn’t know what to do.

Finally, the opening said: “My injury has not recovered, I will be with you.” Olu said.

“You don’t go back?” Gao Peng guessed that Aolu should be the top of the constellation.

“Don’t go back. Oul is injured, Oul does not need to fight!” Oul sat on Xiao Huang’s neck and said confidently.

(End of this chapter)

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