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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 842

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 842

Chapter 807 succeeded

Gao Peng tells the beasts in the Monster-Familiar Space what is happening outside.

Since the Ah’Dai breakthrough God Level, the Monster-Familiar Space has become a small space with a complete ecological chain.

Suitable for all beasts to survive, can automatically evolve into different environments.

Gao Peng told Ji Shi that the conditions proposed by the Ocean Lions, Ji Shi’s face changed slightly.

“It should be to pull you to breed.” Xiao Huang said in a serious way.

“Brother, my lion!” Fatty Da Hai threw down Ji Shi, his head squatting on Ji Shi’s chest.

“I swear I will not see you as a combat unit anymore.” Fatty Da Hai swears. “You will help my brother, I beg you to help me.”

Ji Shi has a cold light on the fundus. “This lioness is treating me as a lion.”

“What is wrong with a lion? You think, this is a sea lion of the median god. If you are good with her, will you still lack materials? Are you still missing the treasures of Divine Artifact? Are you still afraid that others will look down on you? You will go directly to the Lions Peak! After you have succeeded, you still have more accounting.” Fatty Da Hai follows the guidance.

Listening to Fatty Da Hai, Ji Shi…has a move.

“Lion’s Peak…” Ji Shi’s face is weird.

“Yes, and who will dare to take you as a combat unit in the future, you have a target person, or a median god, a rich woman.” Fatty Da Hai is full of emotions, “I want to take me hundreds.” Jin sold.”

“But I heard that there is a happy woman with a rich woman, and a rich woman is happy, and that god does not have this kind of hobby.” Ji Shi is worried.

Fatty Da Hai has a dark heart, and this Ji Shi has seen some strange things.

“That will let me think about it again.” Ji Shi is a bit of a sneak peek. In its memory, it is still the master of Black-Mist World Desolate Maze. The king who once ran on the prairie was rushed in the Black Mist mountain range. Come out… cough.

By observing the state of Ji Shi, Gao Peng found that the status of Ji Shi quietly became [sneak hi].

This is a fellow that is justified.

“Good.” Gao Peng said through the body of Ah’Dai.

After speaking with his right hand open, the palm of his hand glowed, and Ji Shi was summoned.

Ji Shi, who was summoned, secretly observed the marine lion. He was very satisfied with his appearance, his body was smooth and his strength was strong.

“I am very satisfied.” Ji Shi secretly said to Gao Peng through Blood Contract.

“It’s quite good, it’s pretty good.” Ocean lion nodded. Satisfied with the tone.

Ji Shi couldn’t help but look up.

I still use this look! ?

I used this fur on the grassland to know how many little lionesses dreamed of.

Unfortunately, since the single dog Gao Peng, I don’t know how long it hasn’t been… Hey.

“Give it to me, I will give you this heart of reviving the ocean.” Ocean lion said.

“Give it to you? You said it was wrong, shouldn’t it be loaned to you?” Gao Peng asked with doubt.

It’s okay to let Ji Shi go to a friend, but if you want to send Ji Shi out, that’s fine.

The sea lion’s eyes flashed. “That’s what I said wrong. You lend me, I will return it to you in a few hours.”

[Monster Name] Marine lion

[Monster Condition] Healthy (tension / excitement / evil thoughts)

Gao Peng has a dark heart. This lioness is not honest. I want to give me a moth.

But on the face, he smiled: “Okay, no problem, you must have a common topic.”

Saying that Gao Peng was manipulating Ah’Dai’s body and carrying Ji Shi to the front.

“Let’s pay the money in one hand.” Ah’Dai also extended his right hand.

Although Ji Shi is a little unhappy about being treated as a cargo, but thinking of his upcoming happiness, this title is harmless.

The Ocean Lions saw that Ah’Dai was close to being vigilant.

“What are you doing so nervously… You are the middle god, I am just the first god.” Ah’Dai smiled hoarsely.

“It may be a little nervous to do this kind of transaction for the first time.” Ocean lion’s face is unchanged. She is not afraid of Ah’Dai, so she is also a median god, just afraid that Ah’Dai will directly rip the ticket.

After all, it seems to her that a Quasi-God is definitely not of such important value. If it is forcibly captured, it will be troublesome if the Quasi-God Ice lion is accidentally killed.

More importantly, for her, the ice lion with the same seven lions has a different meaning.

And only the living ice lion can make a big difference to her.

Ah’Dai took over the heart of the resurrection of the ocean, and the ice lion was immediately turned into a white light into Ah’Dai.

“Soul Law: Tearing!”

“Death Law: The ultimate finger.”

The two Law-Force did not enter the marine lion at the same time.

Under the circumstance, the spirit of the marine lion was severely damaged, and the body fell backwards.

Although the Ocean Lions responded at the moment of Ah’Dai’s move, they shunned backwards but were still poked in the chest.

The hair on the chest became ash gray, and the body’s Law-Force was blocked by the area, and a force of death blocked the area.

“You don’t talk about credit.” The ocean lion was furious.

Gao Peng, who is in the body of Ah’Dai, said with Ah’Dai body: “What credit is with your demon outsider?”

Just now The words of the sea lion to the four-winged gods are returned to Gao Peng by the original.

“I didn’t expect you to have death Law, I really looked down on you.” Ocean lion looked at Ah’Dai.

The power of Death Law, such as the sacral bones, constantly consumes the power of its body.

Although Ming Wang did not know why Gao Peng was going to take the Marine Lion, he immediately stood behind Gao Peng.

“Igloom bones grave.” Ah’Dai hands open, the center of the palm broke out the heat of Sen Han.

The fog of ash gray is mixed with the fog of ice blue, the space trembles, the sky suddenly slams, and a thick blue-gray chain breaks through the earth from the sky.

Around the ocean lion, a white bone grave covered with ice slag was covering her.

The marine lion was alert and the ocean Law became a giant Water Ball to protect it.

The Water Ball oscillates, the surface is constantly eroded by the frost Law, and even the Water Ball has a tendency to become a hockey puck.


The ocean lion shouted, and the endless blue light enveloped the whole world, as if it were in the abyss of the sea.

Ah’Dai is wary, the white bone Law extends in vitro as a barrier to protect himself and the mechanical king.

The mechanical Ming Wang arms are pressed against the white bone barrier, and the surface of the white bone barrier is quickly covered with a layer of metallic luster.

But the storm-like attack is not expected.

“Not good.” Ah’Dai removed the barrier and opened a gap in the tomb of the Heilongjiang bone. It was empty.

“Escaped.” Gao Peng did not expect the Ocean Lions to escape directly.

Gao Peng then left the world with the King of Machinery until it was confirmed that the Marine Lion did not follow up before releasing the integration.

The three rays disappeared, and Gao Peng, Ah’Dai, and Ji Shi appeared in the same place.

(End of this chapter)

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