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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 833

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 833

Chapter 798 God

Monster on both sides of the battlefield has stepped back, leaving room for big shots to fight.

With a dragon scorpion, the shadows cover the sky and project.

The reddish Giant Dragon opened its wings and covered the entire sky under the wings.

Hot and hot breath spit, and the wings flapped between the wings.

Almost at the same time, the earth was raised upwards at the foot of the spear of the Milky Way, the soil was broken, and the sharp spikes pierced the soil.

The tumbling room shredded the ground and the mountain shook.

“Magma Law: Doomsday Scourge.”

“Land of the Earth: The dragon has turned over.”

Two Law-Force broke out at the same time.

Booming –

The blush was red for a long time, and the volcano on the back of the volcano had a red light.

A ray of red light shook the long tail and fell to the spear of the Milky Way.

At the same time, the earth trembled, and a huge dragon in the cracked gap tumbling out. On the tail of the dragon, there is a shadow of the continent, and the tail is a glimpse.

The horrible gravity collapses the void, and a trace of the crack spreads outward.

The spear of the Galaxy is on the right half of the foot, and the spear on the right hand rotates with the rotation of the wrist, and the silver phantom dances.

The left-handed spear is pressed downwards, the spear tip pierces the ground, the invisible corrugation spreads outward, and the ground within ten meters of the spear tip is sunken downward.

“Ah’Dai, wait for you to fight for a hit and kill, don’t give it a chance to fight back.” Gao Peng’s eyes loaded with the spore of the Star River spear, after reading the Star of the Spear’s attribute Gao Peng is extremely cautious.

It’s no wonder that three dozens of games were lost a week ago. The Star of the Spear has a very high Grade and the Monster Characteristics is not easy.

The spear of the Galaxy trembled with the left hand, the spear tip smashed the ground, and the next moment pulled a semicircle in the void, and the spear in the hand changed into a semi-curved silver-white round shield in front of the body.

The shadow of the dragon was wrapped in the shadow of the mainland and hit the round shield. There was no explosion of the earth and the ground, and the shadow of the dragon smashed into the round shield and Perfect blended into one.

A vivid earth dragon tattoo appears on the silver-white round shield.

[Monster Name] Spear of the Star River – Confusing the Destroyer

[Monster Level]

[Monster Attribute] Star System

[Law Control] Starlight Law 6.6% Fighting Law 8.2%

[Monster Grade] Eternal Grade

[Monster Weakness] A single defense.

[Monster Characteristics]

Spear-Shield (The spear of the Star River is born with a double spear of stars. The double spear has two forms, which can be switched to the form of spear and shield.

The spear form has an extra armor effect that can destroy the enemy’s body.

Effect 1 Active Effect: Under the spear form, the spear of the Galaxy can accumulate power to make its next attack more powerful, and can save up to five times.

Effect 2 Active Effect: Activate this ability actively in the shield form, which will make the Star River Shield have a swallowing effect, can swallow the enemy’s next attack and store it in the Shield of the Milky Way, ready to release the attack, but release the attack. Only 80% of the original version of the lethality. Using this ability consumes the power of the Star River Shield and cannot be reused in a short time. )

The Star River Chain (the chain of elements born with the spear of the Galaxy can track the enemy.

Effect 1Passive Effect: The spear of the Galaxy will automatically condense the chain of the Galaxy in the body, and it can also consume power to quickly condense the chain of the Galaxy. The hardness of the Galaxy chain is related to the mastery of the Starlight Spear’s Starlight Law.

Effect 2 Active Effect: The Star River chain can be thrown out. The Galaxy Chain can automatically track the nearest unit. The unit tied by the Star River Chain will be burned by the power of the Stars, and has a certain suppression effect on Law. The specific effect is based on Law. The degree of mastery is indicated. )

War Potential (The Spear of the Star River is Monster, which was born for the war on the Stars River. The special Innate Talent allows it to grow stronger in battle.

Effect 1Passive Effect: After each battle wins, the spear of the Galaxy can get a certain strength of the feedback.

Effect 2Passive Effect: Because the spear of the Galaxy has already broken the gods, so after each battle wins, according to the strength of defeating the opponent, the spear of the Galaxy can get a certain battle to understand. )

[Introduction to Monster] Monster, born of battle, can grow stronger in battle. I like to fight against powerful enemies and hate the taste of black pomegranate.

Very powerful ability to serve as an absolute front fighter position in any Beast Team.

Unfortunately, Xiao Huang Level is a lot worse. If Xiao Huang Level is the same, Gao Peng would like to see the result of Xiao Huang fighting with it.

The spear of the Splash of the Star River can destroy the enemy’s flesh and has an additional armor effect, which means that the defense power boosted by Xiao Huang passively has no effect on it.

But Xiao Huang passively can improve the speed and power of Xiao Huang, so it is really hard to say the result without actually playing one game.

Just as Gao Peng was thinking, the battle in the field had already heated up.

The spear of the Galaxy is armed with a spear on the left and a spear. The spear crushes the Fire Meteor in front of it.

But these Fire Meteors are not pure entities, but a set integration similar to elements. The shock wave formed by the crushing of Fire Meteor continually repels the spear of the Galaxy.

Behind the earth broke open, a huge group of purple-red figures came out from under the feet.

“The earth frenzy, the owner of the earth dragon.”

The huge body of the Dragon King is faster than a high-speed train.

In an instant, it appeared in front of the spear of the Milky Way.

The spear of the Galaxy sighs low, the golden light flashes from head to toe, the battle Law is blessed, and the physical strength is skyrocketing.

Starlight Law blooms from the whole body, such as the sky and the arrow burst into the sky to intercept the Fire Meteor. Starlight Law collides with the magma Law to form a stalemate.

At the same time, the sideways sideways ninety degrees, the left hand of the Star River Shield suddenly shot, a Tulong virtual shadow flew out of the shield and hit the dragon’s owner a careless defense.

The long-handed, long-handed spear smashed out!


Blood splashes.

The spear is inserted straight into the right eye of the Lord of the Earth.

“Ming Wang, Ah’Dai.” Gao Peng clenched his fist, now!

At this moment, the shield of the left hand of the Galaxy Spear has just activated the reflection, which can not be used in a short time, and the right hand spear is inserted into the eyes of the Lord of the Earth. Starlight Law is fully committed to the magma Law of the Doomsday volcano.

A flash of figure, a tall figure appeared in front of the spear of the Galaxy.

The five-meter-high body of the Ming Wang is already a giant in front of the spear of the Milky Way.

Arms are lifted up, and the mechanical god fist shadow appears in the sky above the arm, then kneel down!

“I have been waiting for you for a long time.” The spear of the Milky Way sneer, fighting Law gives it a dangerous sense of smell that it has long felt that there are enemies hidden in the dark.

So it has been against one hand.

The left hand loosened the shield of the Milky Way, the six fingers clenched, and the silvery light appeared in the palm of your hand.

“go with!”

The wrist shook, and the silver light turned into a long rope wrapped around the mechanical king.

The mechanical Ming Wang only felt a violent force to prevent it from falling.

A chain of silver-plated white dots binds the mechanical king and suppresses its power.

“Who can save you now!” The spear of the Galaxy does not hesitate, the right hand is forced, the length of the spear is skyrocketing, and at the same time it is necessary to press inward.

It is better to break the three fingers!

“嗷~” The terrified shouting from the main mouth of the dragon, it really feels the threat of death!

Between the life and death, the Lord of the Earth Dragon did not fear, but instead stimulated its fierceness. The muscles around the eyelids stirred inward. For example, numerous fine wires wrapped around the spears. For a time, the spears were stuck in the eyes and could not be pulled out.

The spear of the Milky Way snorted, and the extreme sense of crisis swept through it.

not good–

it is too late.

Boom! ! !

The spear of the star of the river was shocked, and the savage Soul shock wave tore its brain, even if it was in its will, it fell into a short time.

“Death Law: The ultimate finger.”

The whole body smashed the fingers of the endless Death Qi to his eyebrows.

The eyebrows with thick eyebrows have no resistance at all.

The fingers easily tear the muscles and go straight into the mind.

The time of the Soul shock wave has passed, but the battle has been doomed.

The violent Death Qi sprang from the spear of the Milky Way, and the spear of the Galaxy opened its mouth, spewing out a group of Death Qi’s heavy Black Mist.

Two steps, the spear of the Galaxy slammed into the ground.

The vitality quickly drained from it.

(End of this chapter)

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