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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 832

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 832

Chapter 797: The Spear of the Galaxy

Seventeen different breeds of dragon meat were collected, and Gao Peng summoned Ant Dragon.

First, take the dragon meat from the clay dragon and hand it to Ant Dragon. The dragon meat of the mud dragon is yellowish in color and soft like a mud.

There is also some red Blood-Thread in the mud, like a red dragonfly rolling in the dirt.

Selling the meat to see the mud dragon is quite strange.

But Ant Dragon was very happy to eat, buried his head and swallowed his belly.

Ten minutes passed, and half an hour passed, Ant Dragon did not change.

Touching his stomach, Ant Dragon glanced at Gao Peng, bowed his head and had a dim sum.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s eat another meat.” Gao Peng comforted Ant Dragon.

Ant Dragon Devouring Dragon-Meat’s ability to inherit features is not 100%.

Failure is normal.

The second type of dragon meat, the third type of dragon meat…

One type of dragon meat is swallowed by Ant Dragon.

The passiveness of Ant Dragon has not been triggered, which means that Ant Dragon has not been able to get new attributes. This has something to do with the weight. The weight of these dragon meats is not a lot.

When swallowing the seventh kind of dragon meat, Ant Dragon’s body suddenly twitched and slammed into the ground.

Ant Dragon’s wings turned outwards, and his eyes were faintly red.

It works! ?

Gao Peng is surprised, it seems that just now the dragon meat that is eaten by Ant Dragon is the pygmy horned dragon, an Epic Grade dragon.

Ant Dragon’s head slowly splits, and two dark corners grow from the top of the head.

A row of data flashed in the eyes of Gao Peng.

Ant Dragon gets the new Monster Characteristics. ——【暗暗角】 When Ant Dragon is in the dark Flood Dragon state, it will grow a dark corner from the forehead. The dark corner will give Ant Dragon an extra Dark Element Resistance and increase Ant Dragon in the dark environment. The speed below.

After all seventeen kinds of dragon meat were swallowed up, Ant Dragon acquired three dragon states.

The other two are the bloody Minglong and the Fuzhou Emperor Dragon.

Bloody Minglong has a Monster Characteristics, and the Fushou Huanglong has two Monster Characteristics.

The Monster Characteristics of the blood-blowing dragon is blood-sucking, allowing it to take blood to treat its own injuries.

The Monster Characteristics of the Floating Dragon are for the sake of hell and iron.

[Prison] The Emperor of the Float will deal additional damage to the Dark Monster, and the damage will affect the action of the Dark Monster.

[Iron] After the damage, the Emperor Dragon will increase its defense power. The defense power is limited to physical and elemental defenses, not including Soul defense. This ability is superimposed up to nine times.

The ability of these three dragons is not strong and cannot be used as a trump card. It can only be said that it can be used as an additional option in certain specific situations.

Of course, finding the local indigenous natives to ask for compensation is only part of the goal of Gao Peng.

Also to get a “legitimate” identity.

At least with this identity, Gao Peng appears on the battlefield and will not be attacked by both parties at the same time.

As for the lurking in the dark waiting for the war between them, then it is theoretically feasible to fish in troubled waters.

But this method is very demanding on strength, because only the strength can be at the top of the battlefield on both sides to break into the battlefield and escape.

Other Monsters are not fools. In the face of third-party enemies on the battlefield, the first reaction is that the two sides on the battlefield simultaneously attack the third party who does not know the enemy.

After joining the battlefield as a mercenary, Gao Peng was more intuitive to observe the mysterious constellation.

Gao Peng found that the Monster attribute of the constellation is either the star system or the Yin Attribute. Although there are cases, those cases are rare.

“When did you shoot? You have been observing for a day!” Shrinking countless times, the Doomsday volcano was standing on the side of Gao Peng and said with anger.

“Don’t worry, I can only catch some small fish now. Do you want to catch a big fish?” Gao Peng said with a smile.

“Hey.” Doomsday volcano dragon coldly snorted. “It is best.”

“The opposite god has not appeared yet?” Gao Peng muttered to himself. “No, ah, what are you planning?”

On the battlefield ahead, countless Monsters flew out of the cracks in the sky.

At the forefront is a kind of Monster with a silver-white back and wings similar to a water snake.

This Monster is the largest, accounting for almost 50% of the total Monster population. The Level distribution ranges from Commander Level to Emperor Level.

[Monster Name] 星玄蛇

[Monster Level] 21—Level 80

[Monster Grade] Common Grade (Elite Grade ) (Perfect Grade ) (Epic Grade )

[Monster Attribute] Star System

[Monster Ability] Star Power Storage Star Force Control

[Monster Characteristics]

The Milky Way tides (when a sufficient number of Xingxuan snakes are in the same area will trigger a tidal resonance.

Effect 1 Passive Effect: The Milky Way tide will spread out around the star mysterious snake group and change the surrounding environment.

Effect 2Passive Effect: The star system Monster will gain strength in the tide of the Milky Way, and the non-star system Monster will be suppressed by the tide of the Milky Way. )

[Monster Weakness] The star of the Xingxuan snake has three scales with white scales. Attacking the scales can cause the Xingxuan snake to lose its ability to move.

[Introduction to Monster] A Monster in the Starry River, with low intelligence, likes to act by instinct. I like to stay in the strong place of the stars, and hate the heat.

After seeing the introduction of Monster Characteristics, Gao Peng carefully observed that there was a very inconspicuous silvery white sputum spreading out in the air, which should be the tide of the star river.

Just as Gao Peng thought about it, a strong momentum behind the crack suddenly rose.

Then Gao Peng saw a sharp spear piercing through the void.


Like a galaxy rewinding, a bunch of extremely dazzling silver-white stars enter the battlefield.

The aftermath of horror shredded countless Monsters in the area, clearing out a large open area.


Gao Peng narrowed his eyes.

“The spear of the Milky Way is coming!” The loud voice came from the dissipated smoke.



The Monsters on the star group are screaming.

When the smoke dissipated, a pair of legs on the open ground squatted, and the 1.5 m human figure Monster, which was leaning forward on the ground, looked coldly in front.

Sharp eyes are like a blade.

Wearing a helmet covering the majority of the face, the silver-white pupil shimmered under the mask.

There are two spears in the back that resemble the aurora.

There is a silver-white big-mouthed parrot on the shoulder of this Monster.

The parrot took a deep breath and opened his mouth and shouted: “The spear of the Galaxy is coming!”

The human figure Monster stood with his arms around his arms, squatting down and squinting in front.

“Liu Guang, is this your brother?” Xiao Huang exclaimed.

Liu Guang has a black face.

“This height, this volume, this look… absolutely.” Xiao Huang was very impressed.

“It is that it was seriously injured on the battlefield seven days ago.” Doomsday volcano dragons were sole solemnly.

At that time, if it wasn’t for the other two gods to kill and save the ghosts, the fellow opposite had already completed the killing of God Commander.

Recalling the battle scene of the day, the Doomsday volcano Dragon Eye flashed a hint of jealousy.

“You must go first, don’t be excited, do you want to knock it back or want to leave it completely, if you want to leave it, listen to me,” Gao Peng said. “It knows about your abilities, but if you suddenly have a raw face, it will only make it more vigilant. So you must kill it!”

Ah’Dai hand was shot on the shoulder of the Doomsday volcano dragon.

The Doomsday volcano thought for a moment and nodded dullly.

“I hope you don’t lie to me, otherwise I will let you know how much a dragon is vengeful.”

(End of this chapter)

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