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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 829

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 829

Chapter 794: The Stars River

When the clay man moves, the cracked body cracks a crack.

Then he slammed on the ground and smashed pieces of land.

The earth was shocked and a large piece of land was pulled out.

A luxuriant tree of God rose to the sky.

The eight leaves on the top of the branch swayed, the golden light flashed, and the branches were covered with gold leaves.

The wind blew and the leaves creaked.

The roots under the tree of God are turned into a hollow sphere.

The center of the tree is wrapped in a huge solid earth ball.

The earth ball is very large, several times larger than the size of the tree.

The center of the trunk suddenly split, and the sacred green light appeared in the cracked crack.

It seems as if I have an eye on the tree.

It’s weird.

In the crack in the tree, a green light rushing into the sky was shot, and the air passing through the road was infected with wood.

The green light of the flying entangled the tree vines.

The Platinum knife was hit by a green light, and the place where it was hit bulged outward, parasitic a green tree tumor.

At the center of the tree tumor, thousands of trees and vines that are several hundred meters long are wound around the knife foot.

Wood Law – re-leafing!

As long as it is parasitized, it will grow indefinitely from the parasitic place, and then will be strangled by parasites like the python strangles prey. The energy of growing tree vines also comes from the parasite itself.

The longer the time drags, the more unfavorable it is for the parasite.

Platinum is full of shaking, suffocating, silver-white sword flying.

The vines are broken.

The space suddenly trembled, and the space in another area was significantly distorted.

Then broken.

Another one with a white gold glow breaks open the space.

Such as the sword on top of Nine Heavens.

The tree people seem to have expected that a sky tree column in the oblique side flew in front of the sword.


Such as a hatchet in the wood.

One cut and two broken!

But the rest of the power is also greatly reduced, and the vines of the sky will intercept the white Golden Deity knife.

Two consecutive attacks were blocked.

Silence for a moment, the presence outside the world will draw back two good points, leaving two huge holes in the sky.

The hole is shrinking.

The power of the world automatically repairs the Space Crack created by the destruction of foreign forces.

The tree was on alert for a while, and there was no movement outside the world.

It seems that I really gave up.

The tree man was relieved and finally delayed a little time.

This is also the last point it can do for the world…


A white gold pointed blade pierces its eyebrows.

Time is still at this moment.

The tree man opened his mouth to say something, and then the body broke through many holes, and the golden light shone from the mouth and the holes.

The blade and the tree body rubbed a squeaking sound.

The tree man’s throat was mixed with low squats, trembling twice, and his body completely collapsed.

On the edge of the world, what a clay figurine and a fisherman perceive, looked back at the direction of the tree man.

Look at each other and look down.

There is a feeling of sadness in the rabbit.

It is also a good friend who has lived together for hundreds of thousands of years.

Say no, no.

Just stepping into the void channel, the eyes are bright.

The void passage was smashed by two horrible platinum knives.

The two gods are exposed to the emptiness of the void.

In front of the void, a huge Monster floats slowly.

The huge size is comparable to a continent, like a carapace that magnifies countless times.

But there are eight arms in front of each, and the front of each arm is a white gold arm.

There are countless black chimney holes in the back, white gold mist sprayed out, white gold mist on the head of Monster turned into a canopy.

“Platinum Blade, Edras.” The clay figurines are embarrassing. “We haven’t stopped you, and we haven’t done it to you. The things your star group has to do have nothing to do with us.”

“Submission, or death!!!”

The horror of the spirit of volatility sweeps across the entire piece of Primal Chaos.


On the other side, Gao Peng has been away for a while.

Feel the horror of the body behind you.

Old Bi Fang said solemnly: “There is a terrible big fellow behind.”

“How terrible?” Gao Peng asked.

Old Bi Fang thought about giving an easy-to-understand comparison, “just like the silver phoenix we saw that day.”

Gao Peng recalled the silver phoenix that day, which was a garbled level expert.

The existence of the highest level that Gao Peng can currently see is a higher god.

Monster, whose level exceeds the high god level, is garbled in Gao Peng’s eyes.

Perhaps it is because Gao Peng’s Soul Strength is too different from that of Monster.

It is worth mentioning that the strength of the old Bi Fang is a high god.

Another god of the Bi Fang family is a medium god.

“We have to work hard, or we will be caught.” Gao Peng resisted the desire to look back, the level of existence is likely to lead you to expose.

After waiting for a long distance, all the people are relaxed and vigilant. Since they have not noticed themselves, it is good.

“Older generation, have you heard of the constellation?” Gao Peng remembered the voice of the clay figurine in the void of Primal Chaos, calling the platinum blade from the constellation.

“Star group… I don’t know, but I have heard of Star Alliance.” Old Bi Fang shook his head.

A star constellation, listening to the name Gao Peng, suspects that the two organizations may have something to do with it.

“What is the organization of the Star Alliance?”

“Star Alliance is not an organization, it is an Alliance, located in the Stars River.” Old Bi Fang came.

“Star Alliance has a long history. This is a very old Alliance. It was founded for millions of years. The original members of the Star Alliance only had some stars in the Monster. Later, the Plane Sea had a big civil strife. Some Monster fled to the Starry River. Some of the Monster who had committed or been expelled were rushed to the Starry River.

At that time, no one initially cared about the Star Alliance. The Star Alliance is still not famous. It is a war that really makes Star Alliance famous.

The Star Alliance invaded 500,000 years ago and swept the entire universe from the Stars River. ”

Gao Peng listened to the same universe, swept the whole universe, so arrogant.

Old Bi Fang thought of something funny, couldn’t help but laugh: “Then the invasion of the tiger’s head, the impetuous invasion of the Star Alliance took less than five years to be jointly suppressed. At that time, the ally and the vice-president of the Star Alliance All were killed, corpses for three hundred years.

The Star Alliance directly retracted the turtle into the Star River, and there was no movement. I don’t know later. ”

I thought it was a king, but I didn’t expect it to be a platinum.

Bronze does not fall, at least they dare to harden the power of the universe so many forces have not been completely destroyed, it is a bit of a skill.

“Have you heard of the Platinum Blade?” Gao Peng asked.

“No.” Old Bi Fang confirmed that he had never heard of the name of the Platinum Blade.

Either the rookie that has recently emerged.

Either use the pseudonym.

On the way back, Gao Peng noticed that many nearby Planes were being invaded.

Those invaders do not have the level of Platinum Blade, but they should all belong to the same force.

Fortunately, Black-Mist World is at the junction of Plane Sea and Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, and Black-Mist World and several nearby small worlds are not invaded.

(End of this chapter)

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