Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 826

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 826

Chapter 792 Black Monkey

Just like two people fighting, another person is persuading.

While persuading, while holding one of them and not letting it move, there was some comforting words in his mouth.

“The anger, the anger, the anger, the impulse is the devil, the devil, the monster.”

You have a special kind of thing to go to the opposite person, you hold me, what is the reason!

After solving the flame Tyrant, Gao Peng and his team moved to find the last competitor of Xiao Yan, and Gao Peng also collected the body of the flame Tyrant on the ground.

Half a day later, this small world illuminates a silver light in the void, and the silvery sharp knife cuts the void, splitting the void into a crack, and the silver Divine Light sweeps away, the void oscillates, and a space passage is opened up.

Two silver lights flew out of the space channel and landed on the ground. One large and one small silver Phoenix appeared.

“My friend told me last time that it lives here.” Xiao Yin Phoenix is ​​a lot all around.

The hot environment here made her a bit unaccustomed, and a silver barrier illuminates the heat wave.

“Is he not there,” Silver Phoenix said in confusion.

They also have no cover, and it is reasonable to say that they should have come long ago.

This time, she took a lot of effort to say that her mother accepted her friend to join the star group.

“There is Death Qi here.” The big silver Phoenix glowed soft white light outside.

Everything around it is broken down, including Death Qi, which has not completely dissipated in the air.

Death Qi was dragged back by the invisible force to outline a vague phantom on the ground.

It is the appearance of the flame Tyrant.

“It’s it!” Xiao Yin’s phoenix voice contains shock and anger.

“mother, you must be my friend…”

“All right.”

Xiao Yin Feng blocked what he wanted to say.

“I regret that your friend has been unfortunate, but this matter has nothing to do with us.”

“Why?” Xiao Yin is full of phoenix.

“Because this is its fate, it is not a member of our constellation. This time we have more important things to do.”

“Mother, aren’t you trying to recruit my friends?” Xiao Yin whispered to himself.

“No.” The answer was cruel and decisive. Da Yinfeng directly cut off Xiao Yin’s thoughts.

“Oh…” Xiao Yin is phoenix.


A small, fragile world in Plane Sea.

The destruction of this small world is already counting down and irreversible.

The sky collapsed and shattered a large piece, revealing a black lacquer crack.

Outside the crack is the emptiness of the void, and some of the virtual Giant Beast wanders from the surface of the crack from time to time, greedily peeping into the world that is about to perish.

At the center of the small world, a deformed peak like a kind of Giant Strength stands tall, like a stick stuck on the ground.

On the surface of this mountain, you can see the huge palm prints, like some strange force.

A black monkey sits on the top of the mountain.

The monkey has a vertical golden hair on his forehead.

The monkey sits on a stone with a bamboo pole at the foot.

There are many golden ores in the bamboo raft.

The monkey grabbed a handful of ore and threw it into the sky.

Throw the world along the crack.

Crossing a meteor at the horizon.

The golden ore is constantly magnified in the void, turning into a meteorite that traverses the void.

All around The wandering void Giant Beast roared.

Striving for a rush.

The monkey’s elbows support his thighs.

The eyes are hollow and looking at the front.

It seems that there is nothing around to make it care.

From time to time, grab a stone and feed the empty space outside the world, Giant Beast.

The virtual Giant Beast is very well-behaved in front of this monkey, of course, because there are many lessons from the front.

A silver light flew from a distance and landed on the top of the mountain.

Like countless stars falling from the sky.

The black monkey keeps on moving, faintly said.

“The people of your Star Alliance come to me to do what.”

“We are now a star group, and the Star Alliance is a past tense.” Yin Feng said.

The black monkey sneered, “There is no difference.”

“I came to see you working together. Our group decided to find a new gathering place. We have to choose a region from Plane Sea…”

“Oh, I know.” The black monkey said that he was not salty: “No interest.”

“But this is also an opportunity.” After the words, the silver phoenix went down.

Because a pair of cold eyes locked her, she suspected that if she said more than one word, she would be robbed!

His strength has become even more terrible!

It is the most terrible existence of Innate Talent in the history of the Tianzhu family.


Yinfeng sighed and turned and left.

After the silver phoenix walked away, the black-haired monkey reached out and grabbed the crack.

Directly through the crack, Primal Chaos in the void, a huge black hair big hand suddenly grabbed.

A few empty Giant Beast can’t escape being caught in the palm of your hand.

“ka-cha, ka-cha.”

Black-haired monkey chews something in his mouth.

The sound is crisp.

“You must be careful. The virtual void in the emptiness of the Giant Beast is very dangerous. If you encounter the virtual Giant Beast group, I will not be able to save you.” Old Bi Fang said solemnly.

“The place was really biased. I didn’t expect that there would be no direct access to the space, but we also had to go empty.” Another old senior of the Bi Fang family complained.

There was a silver flash in the emptiness in front of the sky.

Silver light is very fast.

At a glance, Gao Peng saw a silver Phoenix that seemed to be made up of starlight disappeared.

Old Bi Fang waited until the Phoenix walked away and said: “just now that Phoenix is ​​very strong.”

Gao Peng nodded silently because he only saw a bunch of garbled characters when he wanted to view the Phoenix’s attribute.

This is just an episode. Gao Peng doesn’t know this Phoenix. This Phoenix doesn’t know him either.

There was no encounter with a virtual Giant Beast in the middle, which made the old Bi Fang somewhat surprised. He only thought that he was lucky.

Stepping into Plane, the water-filled Water Element rushes to the surface.

This is a Plane with a Water Element.

A Fire Attribute Monster with a certificate of fire was born in this environment.

But strange.

The location of this Monster is very obvious. According to Everlasting Qingwu, this Monster is in a yin and yang lake.

This Yinyang Lake is divided into fire lakes and water lakes.

There is a natural topography magma, as well as a natural cold pool.

These two opposite attributes stay together and are extremely rare.

The most rare thing is that the color of the water lake is ice blue, plus the red fire lake, the red and blue colors complement each other.

This strange terrain will never be forgotten as long as you look at it.

The most important thing is to find it very well.

Flying in the sky, the carpet search, by the way, grabbed Monster and finally found the recorded Yinyang Lake in a week.

At the bottom of the Yin and Yang Lake, a long-legged giant crocodile with black nails is squatting at the bottom of the lake.

Perceived the breath of Xiao Yan’s certificate of fire in the body, suddenly opened his eyes.

The entire bottom of the lake will boil.

Hōng lóng lóng , hōng lóng lóng .

The blue flame lingers around its body.

(End of this chapter)

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