Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 824

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 824

Chapter 790 Golden Map

After finishing this sentence, the fire spirit messenger turned and jumped, the body scattered into numerous red spots into the air.

“This is awkward… with small customer service? Or is it a landlord who goes to work 24 hours a day?” Gao Peng was unable to vomit. This is how to say it and leave.

“They are the messengers of the fire.” Old Bi Fang said to Xiao Yan, actually explaining it to Gao Peng.

“What is the identity of this fire ambassador?” Gao Peng asked with doubt.

“I don’t know.” Old Bi Fang shook his head and didn’t seem to want to talk. “Let’s go, let’s go to Xiao Yan’s opponent.”

Gao Peng nodded and his eyes flickered.

Xiao Huang walked behind her with her hands behind her back and learned that Gao Peng walked.

There is a lake in the small valley, and the lake is very rare in the fire-flooded Plane, where there are more magma lakes than lakes.

Being able to occupy the lake is the best proof of strength.

On the shore of the lake, a reddish Flood Dragon lies on the edge of the lake.

Flood Dragon is a kind of dragon. In fact, for Monster, the impact of Quasi-God is not very big.

Some of the Dragon Dragon’s strengths are in the direction of the Pure Blood, and then toward the Dragon’s direction Evolution.

There are also Flood Dragons that continue to strengthen themselves with the theme of Flood Dragon. To the point of strength, there is no difference between True Dragon.

Even the Flood Dragon is even more powerful than many True Dragons.

The Flood Dragon at the lake is obviously the latter.

Lying on the edge of the lake, basking in the sun, blowing hot air, the corners of the face are tilted.

It is happy at the moment.

It suddenly opened his eyes, looked at the valley in confusion, and then his face changed dramatically. Lian Family didn’t want to turn around and flew away.

But it is too late.

A fire wall stopped its way, and the blue fire wall turned into a sea of ​​fire to cover it.

Left and right, up and down, left only one exit, which is the orientation behind it.

Flood Dragon shook his body and turned his head and said: “This expert, if I offend you, please say yes, I change!!!”

The momentum is very strong.

The words are very embarrassing…

Flood Dragon saw a group of powerful presences, and looked at himself up and down. This kind of look, Flood Dragon, had never been seen before, but it made it creepy.

Of course, if Flood Dragon has been to the market, you may know what it is.

“Not it.” A ball spit.

Flood Dragon relaxed, after the ball opened, it felt that the killing intent that locked it relaxed a bit.

Flood Dragon licked some dry eyes and finally confirmed that it was not a ball, but a bird.

“I asked you to answer, if the answer makes me satisfied, then I will let you go.”

“You said.” Flood Dragon did not dare to resist.

“Who is in the vicinity of the Fire Attribute competition.” Gao Peng stared at the eyes of Flood Dragon.

Flood Dragon looks blank.

What is the road to the Fire Attribute competition…

Xiao Huang stepped forward in the ear of Gao Peng and said, “Gao Peng, this is a dumpling dragon.”

“I saw it.” Gao Peng was helpless. I didn’t expect this Flood Dragon to have heard of the Fire Attribute competition.

But it is normal, the eternal green is the god, the Bi Fang family is also the ancient Divine Beast family, they know that the road to competition is not surprising.

Even Gao Peng knows this stuff when he sees Monster.

“Is there any strong Monster nearby, and it has a high combat power in the same stage.” Gao Peng frowned, saying that just now the noise is a bit big, if the action is not fast, don’t let Monster run away.

“Oh, I know, there is a magma lake over there. There is an old hedgehog in the magma lake that is very powerful. It is very sick and snarling.”

At the moment, at the bottom of the magma lake, a whole body of gold, a 15-meter-long hedgehog watched Gao Peng in the direction of their direction, just now it perceived a very strong atmosphere, although the breath was not directed at it, but The distance is so close or not that it is not careful.

“Found it, it’s below, I feel it.” The hedgehog heard a cold voice from the top of his head.

The next moment a strong breath locked it.

The hedgehog’s face suddenly changed.

The voucher of the fire in it suddenly jumps, and the head looks like something is attracting it.

There is a feeling in the middle that induces it, letting it eat off the top of the head.

The magma lake tumbling violently, and the golden red magma spurted outward, just like an invisible giant hand grabbed the lake.

Even the hedgehogs in the magma were caught together.

The magma went down one after another.

Take out a big pit.

The flaming magma spewed.

A golden thorn in the sky screamed with four small short legs and violently screamed in the mouth!

“ying ying ying ~~~”

“When I fight for one, if I win, I will leave.” Xiao Yan screamed, and the flame lingered around the body and turned into a Fire Dragon to rush to the hedgehog.

Hedgehog is dark, won let me leave, if I lose?

Your mother bird is so vicious.

The hedgehog also drives the flame against Xiao Yan.

But I have to say that Xiao Yan had a good time in Bi Fang Ancestral Land. Of course, the cultivation here is not a body type, but a manipulation of the flame.

There is no such thing as a cultivation technique in the battle between Monsters, but just like the order in which carbons are arranged, they can be combined with carbon and diamonds.

The order of the elements is different, and the power that can be exerted is also difference between Heaven and Earth!

The Bi Fang family has a long history and naturally has unique insights and heritage.

Gao Peng can clearly feel that the momentum of the Xiao Yan flame is much higher than before.

The strength of this golden scorpion is not weak, Level 97 legend Quasi-God, the free Quasi-God is not its opponent, but in the hands of Xiao Yan is actually inferior.

Gao Peng was watching from the side, but he saw some doorways.

Xiao Yan is cheaper on the Monster Characteristics.

Xiao Yan’s Fire Feathers feature has greatly improved her Fire Element’s Resistance. This golden flame has not caused much damage to Xiao Yan, but in turn Xiao Yan’s flame temperature is surprisingly high, as long as it falls in this golden 燚A hole can be burned in the cellar.

Half of the skills of the Golden Jubilee are in close combat, and the dense gold spikes on the back are not furnishings.

However, Xiao Yan did not fight close to it and continued to fly kites with it.

The enemy entered me and the enemy retreated.

The remote elements are not at all defensive.

Halfway through, the Golden Mile can no longer hold back.

I can’t beat you, I don’t play the head office with you.

The golden plaque turned and fled.

But it was stopped by a fire wall.

Xiao Yan rushed up with a bang…

“Yes, this war does not depend on us, you have defeated your opponent.” Old Bi Fang is very pleased, this is naturally the best.

After all, their Bi Fang family wants to cultivate a real expert, rather than relying on the cowards of these old seniors.

A golden red badge flew out of the body and burned into the body of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan has two red-eyed eyes, and the two-winged fan picks up the Fire Dragon roll.

Xiao Yan’s breath in the body has skyrocketed.

“Quick, as long as you can beat a few competitors, your Bloodline will be able to complete a transformation.” Old Bi Fang said with relief.

“Transmutation?” Gao Peng wondered.

The old Bi Fang’s mood at this moment is obviously very good. “A big change can make her strength reborn, and maybe even Evolution.”

Gao Peng thought for a while and then reacted. This is not the promotion of Grade…

Looked at the Xiao Yan of Legendary Grade, Gao Peng was lost in thought.

(End of this chapter)

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