Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 821

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 821

Chapter 787 Happy Duck

Old Bi Fang nodded slowly and couldn’t see anything different on his face.

“You wait a moment.”

Old Bi Fang returns to the depths of the Fire God Valley.

Swearing, this fiery red sky was ignited, and a big blue bird soared and danced in the sky.

Every cyan one-legged big bird is extremely powerful.

Roughly look at hundreds of them.

Each of the lowest is the level of Peak Quasi-God, and there are even more terrible existences.

Mechanical Ming Wang can only feel the deep roots of these Divine Beast ethnic groups.

Every Divine Beast group is a horrific war machine. Except for a few Divine Beast groups, most of the Divine Beast family is terrifying.

The Foreign Tribe is now very beautiful on the bright side, but they occupy less than a third of Nine Heavens, and more than two-thirds of the area is dominated by Monster and Divine Beast and various gods.

These are the roots of the Divine Beast community, which has a long life span and will continue to grow in life if Level can break through.

Passed down from generation to generation, the accumulation of countless years has created their heritage.

The old Bi Fang flies in the front, the wings are fanned, the flames are smashed, and the end of the wings is entangled with a flame that turns into a red ribbon behind them.



The sharp humming sounds echoed between the heavens and the earth.

Mechanical Ming Wang looked up calmly and said: “You follow this… will expose them.”

In the countless Bi Fang in the sky, a circle is particularly eye-catching.

Like a ball flying in the sky, in the ostrich group, the mechanical king recognized her at a glance.

Xiao Yan quickly nodded. “Right! Old Senior, we don’t want to be so aggressive, or it will expose the high moon.”

Old Bi Fang’s face is stiff, and their Bi Fang family is so easy to go out once, and they are ready to show off their Bi Fang’s prestige to Phoenix and the old fellow of the Vermilion Bird family.


During this time, the old Bi Fang really liked the lovely Xiao Yan, and saw the shadow of her daughter who died on the battlefield.

Old Bi Fang sighed. “Okay, okay.”

Then I turned around and heard a long bang, and I heard the sound of the old Bi Fang. The Bi Fangs in the sky gradually converge on the body, but even hundreds of powerful Bi Fangs stayed together to form a striking dissent.

The sky was dyed red, and the Fire Element in the air cheered.

If the hundreds of Bi Fangs lived in a certain area for a while, they could even turn that mountain into a flaming mountain.

The heat wave is followed by a wave that distort the air.

The eyes of the mechanical Ming Wang flashed a trace of color, can directly command so many Bi Fang, this old Bi Fang in the Bi Fang family is certainly not low.

“Does your convergence breathe so convergent?” Old Bi Fang’s face sank. “Do you usually cultivate like this?”


On the top of the mountain, Xiao Huang stood behind Gao Peng and kicked the stone from the foot from time to time.

“Gao Peng, Liu Guang took the felt of the magical brain away.”

“How do they get together?”

“Liu Guang wants the magic brain to transform it to a high point.” Xiao Huang chuckled.

“It shouldn’t be transformed.” Gao Peng thought of the limitations of the magical brain ability. First, the strength should not exceed it too much. Second, Grade must be lower than it, that is, the magic brain must reach Eternal Grade, and Liu Guang’s Grade is maintained at Mythical Grade and will not continue to improve.

Gao Peng thinks it is still a bit difficult.

“Liu Guang runs around with the magical brain. Monster, who finds the Mental Attribute, kills the Crystal Core and devours it into the magical brain. They don’t know how far they are.”

“Really?” Gao Peng turned back and looked strange.

“That can still be fake!” Xiao Huang 砸 砸 砸 将 将 将 将 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞 吞

“Three little ducks raised in the battlefield?” Gao Peng asked with doubt.

“Now I am not the original Xiao Huang, I am Huang Boss.” Xiao Huang duck neck raised, “How can the trivial things in life let me deal with this big Boss personally, I gave all three of my sons.” Now, their dragon and tiger leopard three brothers can be bigger.”

“Dragon Tiger Leopard?” Gao Peng wondered. “Isn’t it three ducks? What does this have to do with the dragon and tiger leopard.”

“Listen to the prestige! Duck dragon, duck tiger, duck leopard.” Xiao Huang said excitedly, these three names, but it took a long time to spend money to ask others to take.

The three ducks are called dragon and tiger leopards, and Gao Peng always feels an inexplicable feeling of joy.

Gao Peng smiled, and it really is the way Xiao Huang is named.

Seeing it is still the familiar Xiao Huang, Gao Peng is relieved.

“Hey, Gao Peng, don’t look down on my Sanyi, they are all in the top 20 of the list.”


Gao Peng has a slot to vomit.

“What list?” Gao Peng stunned his eyebrows.

“Heaven!” Xiao Huang looked up and proud of her old father.

“It’s finally coming…” Gao Peng’s mouth twitched.

“What is the story of this day, I have never heard of it.” Gao Peng tiredly put down his fingers in the temple.

“The list is your cousin, and this list is also her ranking.”

“That Little Fatty girl?” Gao Peng was surprised, and actually had this skill.

“Uh huh.” Xiao Huang nodded.

After talking about the mysterious secret of Xiao Huang, I secretly said: “I went to the street two days ago and heard someone talking about this day list. Some people called her the mother of the ‘Tian Bang’.”


Gao Peng’s image of high cold has suddenly collapsed.


What is the name of the ghost, the mother of the list.

The person who takes this name is definitely a genius.

“Right… they should be coming soon.” Gao Peng licked his cheeky face and remembered his purpose.

Xiao Huang licked his ass. “Gao Peng, who are you waiting for?”

“Wait for a bird you want to see,” Gao Peng said faintly.

“Why do I have any birds I want to see, I don’t want to see anyone, I am very happy now.” Xiao Huang chuckled, took a pair of super large sunglasses from his pocket and put it on his face, and took it out of his pocket. A tobacco special for Ah’Dai is placed in the mouth.

Since its startup, the company has had a steady stream of revenue every day.

Xiao Huang feels that she has embarked on the life of Peak, and she is very uncomfortable.

“You are very happy now?” There was a smile in the sky.

Xiao Huang made a quivering.

A familiar voice.

The duckling looked up and a familiar figure descended from the sky.

“I crush you!”


The top of the mountain swayed violently and the smoke was soaking

Xiao Huang was drowned in the smoke.

“Cough and cough…” The intermittent coughing sound came from the smoke.

Then a fire column rushed into the sky.

Gao Peng shook his head and walked silently.

(End of this chapter)

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