Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 815

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 815

Chapter 781 is a god

“Gao Peng, there is a big shot watching us.” Fatty Da Hai topped Gao Peng’s shoulder with his head.

Gao Peng slowly nodded. “I saw it.”

How can I not see? There are two rounds of moon in the sky in the west, and there is a vertical crack in the middle of the two moons.

Gao Peng recognized that it was two eyes at a glance.

Although these two eyes are smaller than the moon at the top of the head, they are mostly more than other stars.

These two eyes stare straight into their direction, and they don’t have to think about it, they must have been attracted by Ah’Dai breakthrough.

Gao Peng looked at it for a while, and the data showed up.

[Monster Name] Qingtian Canglong

[Law Control] Mori Wood Law 31.2% Growth Law 45% Flame Law 39%

[Monster Grade] Mythical Grade

[Monster Level]

[Monster Condition] Healthy

[Monster Characteristics]

Qingtian (effect 1Passive Effect: When the sky is long-lived in a certain area, this area will be green.

Effect 2Passive Effect: In the environment of being greened, the power of Law related to Wood Attribute will increase. )

Reversal (Qingtian Canglong can reverse the power of life, reverse its growing Law to withering Law, and enjoy the equivalent of Law control.

Effect 1 Active Effect: After the reversal effect is activated, the growth of the dragon will be converted into a withered Law in one day.

Tip: This ability has a day of cooldown. )

Everything grows (Green Sky Canglong uses growth Law, which can change the environment in a large area and transform a wide range of terrain into a forest.

Effect 1Passive Effect: Everything grows regardless of the terrain, and different types of forests can be reconstructed according to different terrains.

Effect 2Passive Effect: There is a chance in the transformed forest to grow out of the wood giant, and the wood giant completely obeys the command of the blue sky. )

[Monster Introduction] Any god is unique. They are all out of the concept of race. It is just a god who has mastered 45%Life-Law. It is hard to kill. Moreover, Mori Law and Liaoyuan Law also give it a high degree of damage.

Ah’Dai mourned, and Soul collapsed inward, like a black hole in the collapse of the planet.

The black hole is condensed and the massive Soul Strength is not included.

Gao Peng also finally understands why there is a requirement for the Soul force of Monster Familiar.

Because if the Soul Strength is not up to standard, it will not form an altar. The altar does not converge successfully… Then Soul Strength is almost consumed, and the result can be expected.

But Ah’Dai doesn’t have to think so much.

There is a Soul in Ah’Dai’s attribute. If the Soul of Mythical Grade is still unqualified, then no one can shock the gods.

The distant Tiantian Canglong did not speak, and kept squatting in the sky to observe it quietly.

At least for now, there is no malice.

Time passes by one minute.

Finally, I reached a certain limit.


The void of Ah’Dai’s head position collapsed.

A dark altar floats on the chest of Ah’Dai, overlapping its body.

Four gods sneaked into the altar.

Arrange from top to bottom.

One after another, the gods are dazzling.

Death Godhead, Soul God, Undead God, White Bone God.

“The four godheads, as well as the death godhead, Soul god, Undead god.” The sky dragon was amazed and watched Ah’Dai blink.

When Ah’Dai gathers the altar, the grandeur is released from the body of Ah’Dai.

Ah’Dai floats in the void, burning the flames of the dead soul in the eyelids.

The bones of Ah’Dai are shrouded in golden light. The golden bone penetrates its body.

Behind Ah’Dai, a huge Skeleton Demon-God Phantom is projected into the world. Unlike the last shot of Skeleton Demon-God Phantom, this Skeleton Demon-God Phantom has a slender dark red. Giant sickle.

The phantom walks out from behind Ah’Dai and merges with Ah’Dai.

Ah’Dai’s body trembled, and the four gods on the altar rose wildly.

Law is also rising.

In the end, each of the gods rose to three times the original, and the degree of the four gods rose to 3%.

There was a gust of wind blowing in front of the eyes, and when the wind faded, a large green light appeared in front of the eyes.

Light and shadow are extremely blurred.

Like dense laser rain, it is also like an abstract fuzzy portrait.

“You are very good. I thought that the breakdown of the gods would be at least 50 years. I didn’t expect it to be done in less than 20 years.” Qingtian Canglong felt very much.

Gao Peng looks indifferent, like this kind of praise, he has heard much since childhood.

It is better to simply come to the actual.

For example, give yourself two Divine Artifact or something.

“Well, it seems that you are a person who is not arrogant, very good.” Qing Tian Canglong nodded with satisfaction.

“I was also asked by your ancestors of Human, and I am blessing you for a thousand years.” Qing Tian Canglong said.

Gao Peng blinked, you can’t come to the actual.

“Well, since I have already met, then I should go.”

After the Qingtian Canglong finished, he was ready to leave.

Gao Peng twitched in the corner of his mouth, came and left?

“What advice can Senior have?” Gao Peng asked temptedly.

“I don’t have any advice on an old antique. I can only tell you that the times are changing. Sometimes you don’t want to look at the world with an inherent mindset.” Qingtian Canglong said meaningfully, and then turned into green rain and disappeared into the air.

“Master, and Monster are peering at us,” Ah’Dai said, looking southwest.

Gao Peng, “Is it? It shouldn’t be… who it is.”

“It’s gone, it’s also a god.” Ah’Dai said solemnly.

Gao Peng scratched his head and made so many gods in a blink of an eye.

Gao Peng would not think that these gods came out of nowhere, and they must have existed before Hengyuan.

It’s just that they were not a level before.

They may have been watching the changes in the world with cold eyes.

“Let’s go back first,” Gao Peng said to Ah’Dai. “You just brokethrough and it takes time to get used to the ability.”


Chuanshu, Huanshan.

The mountain collapsed in half, and the center of the mountain was inlaid with a huge crack.

It was like being savagely brutally stuffed with heavy objects.

The spider web-like crack spreads outward at the edge.

In the middle of the cave, an incomparably huge golden giant Buddha sits on the mountainside.

The face is peaceful, gentle, and fingers are spent.

The semi-collapsed mountain is like a soft chair.

With Huanshan as the center, there are many small gathering places gathered in dozens of miles.

A group of uninvited guests came to Huanshan.

“It should be here.” Gao Peng narrowed his eyes and put his left hand on the eyebrow to cover the sun and look up at the Buddha.

The Buddha statue is a hundred meters high, and this volume is not exaggerated in Monster.

But it is also a big man.

More importantly, this is a god.

Sorry, Kavin, tempered to make up two thousand words.

Push a book, “Great God, Come”

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The net text is a journey, and we are bravely climbing the peak among them;

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