Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 813

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 813

Chapter 779 Magical Brain (Second)

Ah’Chun holds two tentacles in his arms, and the whisper of the cymbals is forced.

Gao Peng erected his ear and eavesdropped on what it was pressing.

“I am a good boy who never kills. It is a high moon. This bad guy forced me so you have to happen. Must blame me…”


A circle of transparent ripples hangs around the space around the eye.

“Space transfer.”

The world is hailed as a painting, and the picture in front of it is a sharp knife that cuts the picture into two small circles.

Then the two small circles of exactly the same size will exchange positions with each other.

This is the ability of Space Attribute to be applied at the Quasi-God Level.

Space replacement, two diametrically opposite spaces are swapped.

On the river surface, there is only one half of the turtle shell and the turtle tail floating on the water surface, and the blood is stained red and centered. On the other side of the river, the golden-haired monkey with two arms missing looked at Ah’Chun across the river in horror, then turned and ran.

Gao Peng looked at the half of the giant turtle body in the center of the river and fell into meditation.

“Yes, Ah’Chun, you did a very good job, and the strongest Monster was killed by you.” Gao Peng praised.

Ah’Chun, “…”

“It’s none of my business!” Ah’Chun said quickly.


The turbulence swept the square.

The surrounding trees were smashed by the waves, and the weeds on the ground clung to the ground.

When the light dissipated, a deep purple brain flower floated in the void.

The surface of the brain flower is covered with blue blood vessels, which are fascinating and strange.

[Monster Name] Magic Brain

[Monster Level] Level 89 (Saint Level )

[Monster Grade] Legendary Grade /Legendary Grade

[Monster Attribute] Mental Attribute

[Monster Ability] Mental Strength Lv7 Extraordinary Brain Lv7 Spiritual Space Lv6 Mind Manipulating Lv6 Magic Power Lv6

[Monster Condition] Healthy (Cheerful)

[Monster Characteristics]

Superdimensional strings (the limit of the mind is that you can change the world with Mental Strength, and it only has more possibilities for the brain.

Effect 1 Active Effect : Thought Body Possession : Powerful Soul allows it to be able to get the body of Body Possession non-living thing, and the ability to get action, Body Possession speeds up.

Effect 2 Extraordinary activity: It is quickly dissimilated by its non-living thing of Body Possession, producing a variety of extraordinary attributes.

Current Body Possession: Yangtze River + East China Sea, Body Possession Progress 99.6%)

Extraordinary transformation (the magical brain makes it detached from the shackles of the vulgar, the blood of the magic flows in the body, so that it can use its special power to transform other lives.

Effect 1 Active Effect: The magic brain can temporarily modify other existences with its own power, but the target unit Grade must be lower than it, and the target strength can not exceed it too much, otherwise it will be extremely unstable.

Effect 2Passive Effect: The effect of the magical brain transformation will exist for a certain period of time, but if the magic brain continues to reinforce this effect, the effect of being modified after a long time will be completely fixed on the target.

Tip: The transformation effect of the magic brain includes, but is not limited to, changing the appearance and changing the number of organs. )

[Monster Introduction]: The magical brain that lives in the ultra-dimensional world is a kind of weird life. They reinvent other lives and hate the will of others to rebel.

Growing Brain Evolution has become a magical brain.

The Monster Characteristics has also changed.

This also proves that Gao Peng has always thought that the Monster Characteristics is also divided into three or six, and now the super-dimensional string is obviously stronger than the previous Thought String.

The ability to characterizes is similar, but the superdimensional string is more effective than the Thought String.

The non-living thing behind the body’s Body Possession has become a fast alienation from the initial slow evolution, and the speed of the Body Possession has also accelerated.

This makes the brain’s battle strength shape faster.

Another new extraordinary transformation ability, Gao Peng, is interesting.

In general, Monster’s features are directly increasing the Monster combat power, such as Xiao Yan’s Fire Feathers.

But there are also some special Monster Characteristics. These Monster Characteristics don’t directly increase Monster’s battle strength, but they can be used for a long time if they are used well, such as Ji Shi breakthrough Mythical Grade.

The extraordinary transformation of the magical brain awakening is a side to increase strength, not a special feature that directly increases combat effectiveness.

And it looks like it’s interesting…

The modified object must have a lower Grade than it, and the strength cannot exceed it too much. That is to say, as long as it is Epic and Monster under the Epic Grade below Quasi-God, it can be modified.

The magical brain may be the kind of Monster Familiar that science madman likes most.

“You go back with me first, you should be able to continue the Body Possession East China Sea here.” Gao Peng looked at the magical brain thoughtfully.

The magical brain nodded, “May Master, although the Body Possession is slower here… Hey, Master, I found that my Body Possession here is faster than in the East China Sea.”

“Your ability has improved with your Evolution,” Gao Peng said.

The Yangtze River goes straight into the East China Sea. From the physical point of view, the two in facts are connected together, so the magic brain can continue the Body Possession East China Sea where the Yangtze River exists.

Back in Yuzhou, Gao Peng came directly to a white building on the waterfront with a sign on the wall, a blue ring on the outside and an eye in the middle, a symbol of the laboratory of Southern Sky Corporation.

The white building is built on the Yangtze River and contains the atmosphere of the Growing Brain.

Basically, as long as the climate monsters in the Yangtze River are the dry sons of Growing Brain, there is no water monster in this building with the momentum of the Growing Brain.

But apart from this building, no one wants to build a building on the riverside, but one day it will be attacked by Monster in the water. Over time, the coastal area on both sides of the Yangtze River has become the default Southern Sky private area.

“You are awesome. Do you have a son who has been in the East China Sea now?” Gao Peng said after hearing the magical brain, he couldn’t hear whether it was praise or exhortation.

The magical brain is fast thinking, and the blue blood vessels outside the brain are turning at high speed, like a machine that starts, emitting a faint blue light.

Master should be boasting me!

The brain of the magical mind is stable. “I am a master, I am a son, not only the East China Sea, but also my dry son in the Yellow Sea, the Bohai Sea and the Pacific Ocean.”

Gao Peng wondered, “What are you doing with so many sons? Do you like being shouted?”

“Who doesn’t like it…”

“What do you say?”

“Oh, mainly because I see them, Innate Talent is a good love.”

“Well…” Gao Peng believed in it.

Entering the lab building, Gao Peng took out his identity card and took over a lab from the lab building.

The lab building is one of the thirty-six experimental centers of Southern Sky Corporation, responsible for the new Water Attribute Monster development and the new used Water Attribute Monster capability test.

The experimental building from the first floor to the fifth floor of the negative fifth floor did not enter the Yangtze River.

“Young Director, I finally saw you alive.” A researcher wearing thick glasses, wearing a white coat and holding a large stack of documents in his hand saw Gao Peng as if he had seen Faith rushing over.

“Hello.” Although the story of this fellow is very ambiguous, but I think that most of the researchers are this temperament Gao Peng does not care, let alone this is the employee who works for himself.

“Young Director, you see, this watery golden ring snake was finally cultivated through the recipe you left three months ago. This is the finished photo of the water ring snake, but we found that the character of this water ring snake is very timid. Unless it is attacked by a deadly threat, it will see other Monsters only run away. We are currently studying how to cultivate its character…”

Gao Peng took the photo, which is a three-meter-long golden ring-pointed snake that swims in the experimental tank.

“Well, it’s a water snake, you cultivate very well, but this is a natural reason for personality. This is the Rainer’s business. You have done a good job…” Gao Peng suddenly thought of the magical brain. The sound is gradually slowing down.

“Wait, you have to take a few water-spirited golden snakes, I will do a test.”

I heard that Young Director had to do the experiment himself, and the eyes behind the thick lens of the experimenter were full of excitement.

In the eyes of these experimenters, Gao Peng is simply a kind of existence.

Nine of the new Monster Familiar, which are currently under study or have been researched in thirty-six laboratories, are all related to Young Director, all directed by Young Director, and then they only need to It’s all right to study on the road.

Sometimes he even wants to take a look at Young Director’s brain and see what’s inside.

“You see what I do, I have a flower on my face.” Gao Peng said with a smile.

The researcher quickly took his eyes back from Gao Peng’s forehead.

After five minutes the glass door opened and a white cart placed a glass jar.

There are three water-spirited golden ring snakes floating in the tank. These three water-spirited golden ring snakes occupy the three corners of the cylinder and shrink into a group.

[Monster Name] Shui Ling Jin Huan Snake

[Monster Grade] Common Grade /Common Grade

[Monster Level] Level 32

[Monster Attribute] Water Attribute /Poison Attribute

[Monster Condition] Healthy

[Monster Introduction] Monster, a snake that lives in the water, is very timid because its snakes are very small. Most like to eat peanuts, afraid of Monster bigger than them.

It’s the reason for the eyes and the snakes. Is the snake timid and small?

“Magic brain, you try your new ability to make this little water snake’s courage bigger.”

The magical brain turned around, and the purple wave light shrouded the water ring.

Gao Peng stood in the place and couldn’t see any change, then with the Magic Brain Integration.

After the integration, Gao Peng found himself gaining the visual and magical feeling of the magical brain.

This is a very strange feeling. Gao Peng saw many purple corrugated shrouds of the golden ring snake, which is clearly visible in the brain under the purple corrugated cover of each muscle and bones and internal organs.

Then Growing Brain’s brain is running at high speed, and this time the Growing Brain is like a sophisticated machine.

Under the directional stimulation of the purple ripples, the snake’s gallbladder in the water ring of the golden ring snake gradually expands, rising like a balloon!

“Wait, the snake is big enough!” Gao Peng face slightly changed.

Purple ripples disappear.

The area behind the middle of the body of the water ring snake snake snake became a goose egg, like swallowing a stone stuck in the middle.


The original fearful and shrinking eyes of the Shuiling Golden Ring Snake suddenly changed and became extraordinarily fierce!

This watery golden ring snake jumped out of the water tank and slammed on the ground, screaming and arrogant!


The Shuiling Jinhuan snake shook his head, his eyes filled with hegemony, the Shekou was not closed, and the four snake teeth were glittering.

“Hey.” Gao Peng stepped on, and the Shuiling Golden Ring Snake was stepped into a bologna.

“This brain is broken, let’s come again.”

Listening to the Holy Voice 1: Effect 1 Active Effect: The Ice and the Lion can release the Holy Sound. All Ice Attribute Monster will worship the Ice and the Lion after listening to the Holy Sound, and the love of the Ice and the Lions can be superimposed. .

Effect 2Passive Effect: All Monster who hears the sacred sound of the ice lion will boost their strength in a short time and have a chance to boil the Monster Bloodline being listened to.

(End of this chapter)

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