Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 812

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 812

Chapter 778 Chapter Growing Brain Evolution!

In the countless seas along the way, Giant Beast has avoided, and the sea giants can step on the sea every step of the way.

Stepping on the road, the giants in the blink of an eye disappeared on the horizon.

The place where you stepped through, the silence is silent, only the ripples of the bursts are long-lasting.

“Report, report, giants in the East China Sea are approaching the shore.” The soldiers on the shore were exclaimed and quickly reported through the radio.

“Zi… Received, can you try to intercept?”

The soldier looked at the 10,000-meter-tall giant in silence.

What is the concept of 10,000 meters, Mount Everest is 8848 meters high, but this is the altitude. You stand at the foot of Mount Everest and look up at Mount Everest. The Everest you saw is not more than 8,000 meters high.

The height of this sea giant is almost equal to the two peaks stacked together.

You don’t need to talk much, just this volume standing here can give people a great sense of oppression.

Large shadows, such as the ultimate darkness, all the areas on the shore were cast by the shadows.

“Report… can’t.”

The super giant traversing the sea ignores the defensive line on the shoreline.

Step out and span a distance of several kilometers.

From the East China Sea to Yuzhou, it takes only tens of thousands of steps to arrive.



The Sea Giants began to run forward.

Every step on the river surface to explode huge waves.

In the sea giant all around wrapped with dark clouds, accompanied by heavy rain.

The red alarm all the way to Yuzhou.

Shining warning lights and alarm sounds cut through the night sky, and the red line on both sides of the Yangtze River wakes up like a dragon.

“Alarms – In the strength assessment, there is Emperor Level Peak… Saint Level Initial Stage… Saint Level Late Stage Monster is approaching Yuzhou and ask Yuzhou citizens to enter the bomb shelter.”

Gao Peng narrowed his eyes and looked to the east. There were mountains and the sun was a bit dazzling.

But through Blood Contract Gao Peng, I feel that a familiar atmosphere is approaching here, much like the atmosphere of Growing Brain.

After a moment of indulgence, Gao Peng suddenly blinked and wouldn’t make an oolong.

At the moment, Yuzhou City Base.

Security Defense Agency.

A department consisting of a number of Asian countries and consortia after the disaster.

The Security Defense Agency is responsible for guarding against the Monster invasion. And the alarm system on both sides of the Yangtze River is assembled by them.

Because of the existence of China Tribe, the various real power departments of Yuzhou City Base are controlled by Huaxia people, but in order to show the strength of the big country and to make them quiet, Huaxia Tribe has set up such a clear water trick, also a Leisure department.

In the eyes of outsiders, this department seems to be very functional and can guard against the Monster invasion, but in reality there are many departments that overlap with it, and the division of labor is more clear than it is.

So the security and defense department, which was flustered, began various major projects. In any case, the officers in the group were all the major consortiums in Asia and the top of the country. There was no shortage of wealth and manpower. The first batch of workers started. Large Projects – Yangtze River Yellow River Warning System along the Yangtze River, Offshore Protection Line in Central Asia, Sky Light Light Attribute in Wulong Mountain Area…

The most amazing thing is the Light Attribute system of the sky lights in the Wulong Mountains. It is a beautiful night for the Monsters. Every night, there are many lights floating in the sky like the stars.

This allowed Monster in the Wulong area to be ridiculed by Monster in other regions when he went out.

At this moment, many senior officials in the Security Defense Agency are sitting in a hall for a meeting.

On the front screen is a picture taken by a drone in the sky.

However, because of the height, the drone flying above the height of 10,000 meters just shot the head of the sea giant, and the clouds drowned the sea giant’s chest below.

“This Monster is really big, Smecta!”

“We still send a force to intercept this Monster. If you let them into Yuzhou City, it will cause a lot of death and injury.”

“This Monster is very strong, this is the legendary Saint Level Monster, the Chinese people have more cards than we think, let the Chinese people take their own shots.”

“But we also have people in the city…”

“Axi, it’s really troublesome, Smecta.”

“Ah? But we are not so good.”

“But I also want to see the Chinese people ugly.”

There is a lot of dispute in the conference room.

But in general, the worst is just the idea of ​​watching jokes. After the world changes into this appearance, even if there are other people who have other bad ideas in their hearts, they dare not speak out in such public places.

Human is a very amazing creature. They can kill and kill for a little inherent resources, but they can also embrace the slightest hesitation when facing common enemies, even if they look at each other before. Not pleasing to the eye or even want to kill each other.

“Go, pick up the Growing Brain.” Gao Peng summoned Ji Shi and said.

Looking at the warnings along the river, I know that the movements made by Growing Brain are definitely not small. It is better to go to the lower reaches of the Yangtze River to pick it up.

Ji Shi’s body became a three-meter-long body. This figure is the most suitable shape for Gao Peng. It just allows Gao Peng to stand on both sides without worrying about slipping.

Ji Shi lion claws shot, the river at the foot was instantly frozen out of a small land, Ji Shi stepped on the land to the downstream.

The ice that floated on the ice was swallowed up by the waves in the river.

“Oh, this big fellow seems to have stopped.”

“Is there any trick?”

“Ah, look at it, it’s getting smaller.”

The drone quickly descends under control, and the clouds pass across the sides.

An ice-blue island in the center of the Yangtze River appears in the center of the Yangtze River.

The giants of the sea collapsed, and the massive seawater that disintegrated leaked into the Yangtze River. The water level of the Yangtze River rose briefly.

There seems to be a white Monster in the center of the island. There is a person standing next to it. The Monster looks up and the screen is black.

“You are too busy, and the next time you move,” Gao Peng said to Growing Brain.

The two-meter-high water man standing in front of Gao Peng nodded and understood.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you something that will make you Evolution.” Gao Peng leaped gently on the back of Ji Shi, one person and two beasts pulled out two white lines and fell in the middle of the two mountains on the riverside. In the foothills, I found a place with a gentle terrain.

Gao Peng summons Ah’Chun and takes out a deep purple mushroom like something from the Ah’Chun space.

The lower end is a large rib on the Monster spine, and the upper end is an umbrella-like brain flower.

There are many dark green blood vessels on the surface of the deep purple ribs. The parts of these blood vessels exposed to the air are dark green, but some are hidden in the large ribs.

The blood vessels embedded in the part of the big tendon are royal blue.

The most peculiar thing is that the brain at the top of the big ribs is still alive.

Like the heart, it contracts inward and exhales outward.

Moreover, this brain is not much larger than the big ribs connected to the lower end, and the difference in body shape is similar to Flammulina velutipes.

The surface of the brain is covered with dark green blood vessels, but after the brain is exposed to the air, it constantly absorbs the gas in the air and condenses on its surface into a large bloody bead.

Ah’Chun took this thing out and quickly flew a short distance to the back, secretly sighing.

Gao Peng, the disgusting thing, finally took it out of my space.

Gao Peng rolled his eyes, and this thing is not so disgusting about what you are running.

Hurry and say Ah’Chun flies back.

Some materials were removed from Ah’Chun and a table was prepared.

Just started to mix in the wild.

Ji Shi’s paws waved, the ice walls rised, the cold fog was floating, and the insects, small animals and bacteria on the ground were all frozen into ice slag. A stream of wind blew through, and a hole was suddenly opened on the ice wall. All ice slag is poured out of the hole.

The cold air on the four sides of the ice wall did not scatter, did not spread out, and did not absorb the heat in the surrounding air. Therefore, the temperature in the area where Gao Peng is located has not changed.

Ten minutes later, Gao Peng adjusted a half bottle of black Potion.

Gao Peng took two drops of black juice on the ground with a straw and nourished it –

The ground even the blue smoke did not come out and was directly corroded into two large pits.

Gao Peng nodded with satisfaction, and then put all the reagents in his hands on the big ribs.

The big tendons are tight at once!

Like a wounded cockroach, the body is gathered into a ring, and the dark purple skin that is exposed outside is cracked, revealing the bloody inside.

Aaah –

The horrible sound of ghosts crying in the air.

Gao Peng didn’t change his color. He turned his head and looked at Growing Brain. The voice was two points bigger. “Ontology!”

In the ravine next to the creek, two water dragons rushed into the water man in front of Gao Peng.

The water blooms.

When the water mist dissipates,

The original place reveals a huge brain flower with a diameter of two meters.

Gao Peng inserts the deep purple rib that is held in his left hand into the top of Growing Brain!

Growing Brain made a quivering.

There is a mushroom on the top of the brain, and the mushroom umbrella is another smaller brain flower. This scene looks very strange.

Gao Peng’s two hands behind his back, feeling very much, the lowest value of all his Monster Familiar should be the cerebellum in front of him.

The peeled dark purple ribs trembled violently, bleeding blood on the top.

The blood stained the Growing Brain.

After the interest rate, a rich purple light wraps them in.

The purple light column rises to the sky! Break the white clouds at the top of the head and form a circle of rippled ripples in the air.

The vision here attracts the attention of many nearby Monsters.

The surface of the river is rippled, and a huge dark gray fish head emerges. The broad back is like a river island.

On the mountain behind him, there was a roar of roaring.

Shun, a golden monkey with a golden body climbed the mountain and sneaked a peek at Gao Peng.

In addition to the two big fellows, there are hidden pairs of eyes in the surrounding forest, in the sky and in the water.

“Master ?” Ji Shi speaks quietly.

As long as the Master makes a single order, it can kill all the fellows hidden in the darkness within ten miles!

Gao Peng leaned on the tree and did not speak.

After a while, Gao Peng’s voice came over: “Ah’Chun, you’re going to send them.”

“Hey?” A jellyfish holding a juice and leisurely paddling, suspected that he had got it wrong.

Gao Peng sighs, you are all Quasi-God, can you be a little Quasi-God.

“I went to the mall two days ago and found seventeen new flavors of juice…”

A soft touch hits Gao Peng’s mouth, and Ah’Chun’s eyes reveal a wise light.

Gao Yueyue, you don’t have to say, I understand!

(End of this chapter)

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