Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 811

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 811

Chapter 777 Magic Crystal Hidden Cloak

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“Right, this thing is coming back with this egg. It looks pretty good, you have to accept it.” Uncle Liu went back to the house and took out a transparent cloak.

It is made of a transparent material similar to glass, but much softer than glass.

It can be seen in its outline, but it is easy to lose it in sight if you don’t pay attention.

[Divine-Artifact Name] Divine Artifact

[Law Contained] Hide Law 4.2%

Gao Peng is silent, looking up at Uncle Liu, on the top of Uncle Liu, there is a golden big character in the day – Europe!

“Uncle, is this what you are?”

“Yes, it’s not far from the egg.”

So, this cloak should be the Divine Artifact of this God of Mist.

It’s really a surprise.

Gao Peng waved his hand and said that he couldn’t ask for it. This is what Uncle Liu came from and belongs to Uncle Liu.

But like every red envelope that the elders of the family want to put in your arms, Gao Peng sighs, don’t overdo it, and helplessly pick it up.

“Well, then I will first save the small fellow in this egg for a while. When it grows up, give it back.”

“It’s the drop, that’s the truth.” Xiao Huang spoke.

Then the next sentence is: “Gao, you see this Divine Artifact…” Xiao Huang licked his palm.

Full of eagerness and anticipation.

“You see what I do…”

Xiao Huang saw Gao Peng and Ji Hanwu. They all looked at themselves and they were a little embarrassed.

Is it possible …… Are they handsome?

I also know that I am handsome. After all, I am Gao Peng’s favorite Monster Familiar. If I am not the most handsome, how can he like me so much, but I am a duck, you are a man.

I already have Xiao Yan, and my future spouse must be a female bird!

Thinking this way, the embarrassing expression on Xiao Huang’s face gradually melted, and the expression gradually became mad.

“This can’t be for you.” Gao Peng put his index finger up and put his finger on it.

“Is it okay?” Xiao Huang is not convinced.

“You already have Divine Artifact, and the effect of this Divine Artifact is invisible, you don’t need to be invisible, you just need to be beaten.” Gao Peng shook his head.

Xiao Huang, “???”

“Who are you hiding in the enemy? Let us face these old and weak ills?” Gao Peng said with a heartache.

Behind Gao Peng, Da Zi, Liu Guang, Ji Shi, Zhao Cai, Ah’Chun, Ant Dragon, Bai Yu, Yang Long Book nodded wildly.

Xiao Huang looks blank.

It vaguely believes that the ability to awaken at the beginning seems to be a mistake.

Ji Hanwu and Uncle Liu looked at the red axe that Xiao Huang tied to his back. It turned out to be a Divine Artifact, which they thought was a common weapon.

“Who is this Divine Artifact for?” asked Xiao Huang.

The attention of other Monster Familiar is all concentrated.

Some hoes act cute, and some blinked.

In fact Their demand for Divine Artifact is not devastating, but they are sometimes in the dark as Mon Peng Familiar of Gao Peng.

When Gao Peng is absent, these careful machines occasionally sneak up on the pet.

Like this Divine Artifact, they are considered to be the ones who can get the favor of Gao Peng.

“Divine Artifact will be there in the future. The distribution of Divine Artifact will only be distributed according to the needs of the attribute and the ability.” Gao Peng said faintly.

Monster Familiars is no longer noisy.

Gao Peng said so clearly, they naturally know who this Divine Artifact is for.

Liu Guang stood tall and stood up. The 1.6 m stood up, comparable to the height of the pupils of the primary school before the millennium, in front of Gao Peng, like a winning general.

Gao Peng put on the cloak of the little general.

Touched the head.

The young general is happy.

After wearing the cloak, Liu Guang turned a circle and disappeared into place…

It does not disappear from the spatial sense, but from the visual and auditory senses.

It is clear that through the Blood Contract Gao Peng, Liu Guang can feel that he is standing in front of himself, but his eyes are empty.

Such Assassin… is the most alarming Assassin.

“Gao Peng, Gao Peng, I look good?” The voice of Liu Guang came from the air.

Can’t see Liu Guang’s Monster Familiar’s perfunctory nod: “Good-looking.” “Too handsome.” “靓仔啊…”

“Hahahahaha ~” Liu Guang could not stop the laughter in the invisible air.

Gao Peng caressed his forehead, and Liu Guang could see the figure even if he was short. Now it is completely gone…

I don’t know if it’s good or bad,

But want to come,

Liu Guang should be happy after learning the truth.

In the next few hours, Liu Guang always “inadvertently” passed through the lines of sight of other people and shook the cloak behind him.

They can’t see Liu Guang, they are doing their own things.

Then Liu Guang will be whispered from the scorpion.

They suddenly woke up, and the expressions on their faces were all exaggerated. “Liu Guang is so cute today.” “That is.”


From the back of the Luhuang turtle, Gao Peng came to the Earth Star world through the crack of the Deserte Maze.

The crack area in Desolate Maze has expanded tenfold.

The highest level that can pass directly from the crack also becomes the Emperor Level.

Of course, many Trainers will wake up to the Monster-Familiar Space when they reach the Sovereign Level, so the level suppression of this Space Crack doesn’t make sense. After all, Earth Star is now connected to Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, and the Level suppression on the Earth Star is followed. disappear.

The mountain city has not been demolished. The original mountain city has been expanded countless times. Today, Yuzhou City Base has become the central city of Asia.

Because Yuzhou has a Space Crack to Black-Mist World, this is the root cause of its ability to become a central city in Asia.

At the foot of the mountain, the Yangtze River is rolling, and Yuzhou has built ten huge bridges on both sides of the river to connect the two banks.

Under the raging river, the undercurrent flows.

The huge Giant Beast crossed the water from time to time to reveal only the scale claws.

These Jiang Beasts only need to raise their heads on the river to make a roll that can break the bridge on the river like a building block.

But at the moment, these Giant Beasts were carefully smashed from the bottom of the water, one after another, growing up in a row, for fear of accidentally breaking the bridge over the head.

After the “speed belt” of Yuzhou, the Giant Beast in Jiangzhong was happy and joyful in the river.

Rush out of the river, spin, jump, and vent your body’s energetic energy.

The Yangtze River estuary: the East China Sea.

The sea surface is full of thousands of waves, the clouds are covered with clouds, the rain is pouring down, and the black sea is rising, as if an unparalleled super Giant Beast is to be born from the sea.

Hōng lóng lóng ——

Lightning crossed,

Illuminate the gloomy world.

On the sea, a 10,000-meter-high sea giant travels on the waves, pointing directly to the West.

Is the male cat at home getting angry recently? It tastes very big after going to the toilet, and there is liquid on the buttocks on the legs. The cat smell is very big…just now I won’t let me jump into the bed after going to the toilet. Then the sheets were wetted and there was a strong smell…

Hey… Is it reminding me that I need to take it to the hospital for a small lipstick resection?

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