Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 807

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 807

Chapter 773 Assassination

The autumn wind is cool and cloudless.

After the previous events, people in Hope City adapted to a brief panic, and they adapted to the giant island floating in the sky above their heads.

The vertical distance from Hope City is extremely far away, and the giant island black pressure blocks the large light and blocks the plain under the foot.

The island above the head is called the city of the sky by people in Hope City, meaning a city floating in the sky.

“Wow, Li Ge, are you going to move all Southern Sky Corporation?” The Southern Sky Corporation in Hope City was busy, and several workers talked together.

“Yeah, this is what Young Director said, and we will follow it up.” The honest and honest man is said with a smile.

“Oh, I really envy you.”

“I also want to go to work in Southern Sky, but the conditions for recruiting workers from Southern Sky are very strict.” The other person envied.

They are all workers in nearby factories, and they all have a good relationship with the village, but only this Li Ge stepped on the factory in the Southern Sky Corporation.

“Let’s talk again next time, the factory is very busy at this time, I have to help dismantle the machine.” Li Ge threw the cigarette butt into the trash can, took a shot of the butt and went to the factory.

Only the factory that was opened had the sound of hōng lóng lóng.

The chimneys on the factory are boasting black smoke. Under the smoke, many workers and Southern Sky Corporation staff have a good ride on the Monster Familiar or the Southern Sky Corporation flying overhead.

There are also many workers on the back of the emperor’s tortoise.

A piece of pavilion was built, and the dust of the hōng lóng lóng was rolling.

The most visible is the construction of a door in the place of the turtle tail!

It is a door, but it is actually a stone archway.

The archway is 50 meters high and 200 meters wide.

Extremely spectacular.

The overall frame structure of the archway is not complicated and was first built.

In front of the archway, there was a strange dog.

Anyone who is in or out can’t help but look at it after seeing this dog.

Three heads, five tails like the scorpion, and the back is like a hedgehog.

Even if there are so many strange Monsters in the world, it is rare to be able to grow so well.

And this strange Monster exudes a sense of fear that squats on the ground, and the aftermath is that many Monster Familiar are too nervous to walk.

“Who is this dog?” Ji Hanwu passing by the door stunned. He had never seen this dog before… How suddenly he was at the gate.

“This is the Monster Familiar brought by Young Director,” Xu Heti said. “It seems to be a hell three-headed dog.”

“Hell Three-Headed Dog???” Ji Hanwu has a slap in the face. Is the Hell Three-Headed Dog look like this?

It seems that old… can’t keep up with the times.

“Wang Wang.” Sahara heard the Master’s Master Grandpa talking about himself, and suddenly stood up and stood up loudly.

The black dog’s head on the left reveals a wise and intelligent expression.

This is Master’s Master Grandpa, Master’s Master doesn’t want me, but I can be Master’s Master’s Grandpa’s Monster Familiar!

This way I can complete the Perfect rollover~

“ao wu ~” black dog head yelled at the rightmost white dog’s head.

The white dog’s head is in the heart, and the eyes are shining.

The black and white dog in the middle looks awkward, what are you two dumb fuck talking about? Why can’t I understand at all, are you carrying me and secretly saying bad things about me?

“Wang Wang Wang!”

Black and white dog heads rushed to the left and right sides of the two dog heads.

Tell me soon! Are you secretly saying bad things about me!

The white dog head and the black dog head look straight ahead, they are too lazy to take care of this mental retardation, this fellow will only be a bad thing, it is better not to tell it.

The black and white dog’s head was very angry, and felt that his self-esteem was hit. He opened his mouth and slammed into the black dog’s head on the left.

Black dog head endures, bears again, continues to endure…

I can’t stand it anymore.

“Hey, this Monster Familiar is not very smooth.” Ji Hanwu shook his head and walked away silently.

The next Xu Heti Xu Heming nodded and nodded.


In the west of Black-Mist World, in a strange stone pillar forest made of stone, a stone-made Phoenix is ​​standing on the thickest stone pillar in the middle and carrying a gray bug in the stone.

The body of the golden armored worm is lying not far from the stone pillar at the foot of this stone Phoenix.

Phoenix 浑 is made of ash gray stones, the only bright spot is two eyes.

Dark green eyes are dazzling, like two bright gems.

that’s it?

Liu Guang, hiding in the dark, made a look at Zhao Cai.

Zhao Cai’s heart turned back to a meaningful look.

Two small men, Monster Familiar, reached a certain tacit agreement.

Liu Guang hid in the shadows and slowly approached the stone Phoenix.

It can’t be seen in the shadows, even its blade is faint matte.

In the sight of Liu Guang, a faint bright red line in the neck of this stone Phoenix gradually condenses.

The murderous is hidden by Perfect.

One, two, three… More and more red lines appear in the chest and tail of the stone Phoenix.

The stone Phoenix, who is carving the feather, is unheard of for all this.

The ghost shadow flashed, and the stone Phoenix suddenly raised his head, his eyes flashing with a strong green light, but still a slow shot.

When it looked up, Liu Guang had already appeared a kilometer away.

Stone Phoenix turned his head hard and broke a black line around his neck.


The stone Phoenix head and the torso were separated, and the head slammed on the ground twice, and the stone Phoenix surface flashed a strange black light.

This is the dark effect of Liu Guang’s indulgence, which can weaken the enemy’s armor and stack up to nine times.

Surprisingly, the neck section that was cut off was smooth and clean, as if it had been washed, and the area in the middle had a very small red circle.

The red circle should be in the spine of the stone Phoenix.

The brain was cut off and the vertebral region was steaming hot.

Liu Guang’s body is another flash.

The stone Phoenix is ​​fragmented, and its wings, tails and feet are all detached from the body surface. In a flash, it is cut into a pile of parts.

Liu Guang appeared in the middle of a distant tree branch, licking his own arm and watching the distant Phoenix in the cold.

It does not give any enemy the opportunity to prepare for the move. For all the enemies, its purpose is to kill one by one, then kill and kill again. It is impossible to make a Jedi turn.

Stone Phoenix was unwilling to be exposed in the head of the skull that fell on the ground. My ability is not ready yet, how can you…


Blade light flashed,

Stone’s head is divided into two.

Liu Guang calmly glared at his knife face.

“You are so disgusting, you have smashed the blood of the prey and the brain.” Zhao Cai picked up his toes and put the body of the stone Phoenix and the body of the golden armor into the treasure space. .

“Those killers are so embarrassed.” Liu Guang looked awkward.

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