Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 806

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 806

Chapter 772

After half an hour, all the questions that Gao Peng wanted to know were all asked.

These people are from the Black Spirit world.

A world far from Black-Mist World.

In order to avoid the chasing of the enemy, they crossed the world and moved to Black-Mist World. Before they came to Black-Mist World, they did not know that there was a human being in this world.

Of course, their first destination was Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, and Black-Mist World was just a stopover.

Because of the oversized size of the Luhuang turtle, the general passage cannot pass.

They also heard that there is a very large space channel in Black-Mist World to make a special trip here.

The reason for their being chased is also very simple, because the Golden King King worm has embarked on the road of the battle of the wind, and the road to scramble is cruel.

I don’t know how the news of the Golden King’s worms embarked on the road of competition, and then the Golden King’s worm was chased by crazy challenges.

In the evening, a Monster came to challenge, and Monster was repelled, but it was also seriously injured.

The challenge of the invitation is round and round.

They also saw some powerful existence in the process.

The two of the ten projections of the Magic Dream King come from these powerful existences. The remaining eight are gods. Because of the power of the Dream King, the illusion of the God Level cannot be created. Therefore, the sense of Gi Hanwu is eight supers. Powerful Quasi-God.

“The road to competition is so intense?”

Gao Peng listened to frowning again and again.

He remembers that Xiao Yan embarked on this ghost and gained the power to devour other flames to strengthen her life.

Xiao Yan is the road to the Fire Attribute competition, and this Golden King worm is not the same path although it is the road of Wind Attribute.

But since the road to Wind Attribute is so cruel, there is no reason why the Fire Attribute competition is so “safe.”

After all, in theory, the number of Monsters in the world of Fire Attribute should exceed the number of Wind Attributes.

Therefore, Xiao Yan’s competitors will only be more.

Gao Peng thought of the scene of seeing the old folks of Bi Fang. Now the doubts of Gao Peng’s heart are all solved. It is no wonder that they will value Xiao Yan so much, and they should focus on cultivation.

There are so many Bi Fangs in the Bi Fang family. Xiao Yan is a wild Bi Fang who has lived outside since childhood. There is no reason to be favored for no reason.

It may seem that it is because Xiao Yan has entered the path of the Fire Attribute competition.

After entering Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, Gao Peng didn’t touch too many people, and didn’t touch too many Monsters to Bi Fang Tribe. Then Xiao Yan was hidden by Bi Fang.

This may also be the reason why Xiao Yan has not met the opponents of other Fire Attributes.

Ah’Dai had a cigarette in his mouth, and Xiao Huang couldn’t smoke. He took a small fish from his pocket and licked it.

“My daughter-in-law actually has so many opponents.” Xiao Huang is as sinking as water, and the dried fish is bitten by a little bit, and all swallowed into the abdomen.

Xiao Huang With a sense of crisis, Xiao Yan has also entered the road of competition, and there are certainly many competitors.

I want to be Xiao Yan’s protector!

All of her opponents will be exploding, so Xiao Yan will not be in danger.

Xiao Huang, the wife of the wife, is on the line.

There are only less than 100,000 people in the city on the back of the emperor.

The city on the turtle’s back is not so prosperous as it was first seen. It was once a scene of prosperous prosperity. Now it is covered by the illusion of the dream king. In the illusion, it is a messy ruin. Once on the island, one hundred More than 10,000 people died on the way, leaving less than 10%.

It is also because of the large number of people considering the number of people, they have the idea of ​​attacking and plundering Hope City.

I hope to use the fantasy king’s environment and the fighting power of the golden armor to pull out a big lie.

Compared to Tribe, which has less than 100,000 people left, Gao Peng is more interested in the Black Spirit world.

However, the Black Spirit Circle is far away from this place.

Under normal circumstances, no one will travel so far in the mountains, but…

Gao Peng shook his head. “This is a legendary pig teammate.”

The level of the Black Spirit world is quite different from the entire Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, but it is a huge thing for the current Hope City.

Because there is a God Level Trainer in the Black Spirit world! And more than one!

I haven’t killed Nine Heavens and Ten Earths to fulfill my ancestors’ wishs. Now there is a black spirit behind the ass.

“Master, we can swallow the black spirit world and then kill it back!” Ah’Dai said hoarsely.

“Yes! Anyway, those gods are not strong, they are all weak gods.” Xiao Huang began to groan.

Gao Peng shook his head, how can it be said so easily?

However, what they said was a little inspiration for Gao Peng.

Compared to the holistic nature of Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, the Plane Sea is made up of many Planes, and there are also some wild gods in these Plane…

Gao Peng touched his chin.

“These things will be said later, did you ask the fellow who took the golden king and picked the peaches?”

“Master, I asked, and the fellow is called the Wings of Sands. It is also a Quasi-God who has stepped into the Wind Attribute competition. They have followed them for a long time, very fast, but because of the Quasi- There are so many gods, so there has been no serious conflict. Nearly half of the people who died on the island in recent years have been associated with it.”

“For the Master, there is a piece of sand in the warehouse with a wing of the sand, which is a wing that was cut off when the wing of the sand hit them.”

“That’s it…Zhao Cai.” Gao Peng snapped a call to summon Zhao Cai and Liu Guang, and let the pieces of the sand of the sand wing come from Luhuang Turtle Island.

“You go to bring the fellow back, you can grab the mouth and grab the mouth, and if you can’t catch it, bring the body back.”

Zhao Cai shook his tail and slammed the wings of the Wings of the Sands, and turned his head and screamed in a certain direction.

Liu Guang and Zhao Cai flew up into the sky.

Let Xiao Huang see the group of people, Gao Peng took Ah’Dai to the mountain.

Ah’Dai didn’t ask the Master what to do, anyway, wherever the Master went, it followed.

Over the two mountains, to the edge of the island, in front of a hill that stands out.

Gao Peng walked to the top of the hill and sat down.

Patted the floor next to the buttocks. “Hey, can you hear?”


“I know that you are awake. If you don’t talk, I will cut your head.” Gao Peng said with a laugh.

“Don’t…” The weak voice came from under the feet.

“just now what you have happened on the island, you should have seen it too. You came to us for trouble first. Now you are in my hands. What do you say? You are so big, if you make it, you can We Tribe have eaten for 100 years.”

“…My meat is sour, my meat is not good.”

“Do you have a Trainer?” Gao Peng asked.

“He is already dead.” Lu Huanggui said.


If you die, you will have some trouble.

“Then you are a widow now….. oh, there is no Master Monster Familiar. You and I will go, there will be no more wandering in the future.”

After ten seconds of silence, “You will help my Master revenge, I will listen to you forever.” Lu Huanggui’s tone is very firm.

It’s really troublesome… how to conquer a Monster Familiar and complete a task.

However, in Gao Peng’s vision, Lu Huanggui was made into his new home base. In the event that the fellow couldn’t think of it anyway, suddenly the iron fell from the sky and got all the same, but he didn’t have to worry, but the rest of the island couldn’t say it.

“Well, who makes me a kind person?” Gao Peng said kindly.

(End of this chapter)

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