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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 802

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 802

Chapter 768 swallows the mountain grass (seeking a monthly pass~)

From this day, Ah’Dai fell in love with performance art – a phrase that Xiao Huang sneaked.

I don’t know why I suddenly spread all the Monster Familiar groups, even the outsiders of Tribe.

They can often see the king’s Skeleton Monster Familiar inexplicable cockroaches in the distance to observe some life that is about to die or breathe.

This behavior makes them feel scared.

No one dares to say something that hates Ah’Dai in person, but they think that Ah’Dai will lead to ominousness, and the place where it is will be accompanied by death.

It is like a predictor of death, just like the Ghost crow.

As Ah’Dai observes death, the speed of his death, Law, is on the right track.

Basically, the death of Law every day will increase the comprehension of 0.01%.

It only takes ninety Nine Heavens to reach 1%.

When the death god is fully formed, you can cast the altar to the top of the gods.

Ah’Dai became the gods have entered the countdown.

Other Monster Familiars have also been stimulated, and the divine essence that God Peng distributed and the God Level Flesh Essence have been swallowed up.

It is a pity that there are no other Monster Familiars other than Ah’Dai to reach Quasi-God Great Perfection.

At present, Da Zi, the highest level except Ah’Dai, is only Level 99.

At the same time, Gao Peng also decided to use a part of the remaining Flesh Essence as a reward to be distributed to elder and Li Tian’s talented junior genius.

These legacy Flesh Essence are mostly made of Saint Level and the devil flesh below Saint Level.

They have little effect on Gao Peng’s Monster Familiar, and only Flesh Essence above the Quasi-God Level can work with them, just right for the juniors in the cultivation Tribe.

In the Tribe Hall, Gao Peng met the geniuses of the younger generation in Tribe. Looking at these energetic youngster girls, Gao Peng couldn’t help but pass the time, and he was really old.

Careful calculations, his age is more than 30 years old, on the Earth Star is also called the age of others as an uncle.

Once upon a time, I was young with them.

Gao Peng sighed.

These younger generations did not know why the king sighed, but thought that they were dissatisfied with them, and they were trembling with each other.

“Call out your Monster Familiar and see.”

“Wang, we are outside Monster Familiar.”

“They are too big to bring into the palace.”

Seeing that the king did not seem so difficult to touch, these youngsters couldn’t help but be a bit more courageous and talked to Gao Peng.

“How big can it be.” Gao Peng smiled.

Speaking of the size of Monster Familiar, he remembered Ah’Ban, but he still said that the Master is not qualified. Although there is no time concept in Monster Familiar in Monster-Familiar Space, Ah’Ban will not feel lonely, but this Master. Still very unqualified.

“Wang, the five-part Monster Familiar is our Tribe’s largest Monster Familiar.”

Going out from the Tribe exit, Gao Peng finally saw the largest Monster Familiar in their mouth.

It turns out that this Monster Familiar has been staying in the mountainside of Tribe. There aren’t many Monsters in the mountainside, because there are bare surface rocks here, so there are no people at all.

In the central area of ​​the mountainside, Giant Beast, who is almost flush with the mountain, turned his head over the cliff and looked at Gao Peng.

This Monster is a bit like a magnified ginseng.

It is narrow and wide, the legs are countless roots, and there are three slender long legs like wooden cones in the roots.

At the top of the head in front of it was a wooden head, and the edges of the hollow eyelids had tentacles. They were looking at the crowds, and they were a little scared and a little happy.

“Master, come see me…”

Giant Beast, who has a high mountain, climbed down like a child with a naive smile on his face.

“This is the king of our Tribe, you move a little, don’t scare the king.” The Giant Beast’s Master quickly slammed Monster Familiar in the Blood Contract.


Giant Beast was a little wronged, but still obediently tried to nod, so he climbed to the ground and motionless, only the tentacles around the eyelids showed that the in fact was a restless big fellow.

The size of this big fellow is not as big as Ah’Ban, but it is a super giant for common Monster.

After all, there aren’t many Monsters that can reach the “mountain” level in terms of volume.

Not all Monsters will increase in size after Level upgrade. Generally, Monster is under 100 meters.

Gao Peng looked up and looked at the attribute of this big fellow.

[Monster Name] Swallow Mountain Grass (Giant Body)

[Monster Level] Level 75 (Emperor Level )

[Monster Attribute] Wood Attribute /Earth Attribute

[Monster Grade] Perfect Grade /Perfect Grade

[Monster Ability] Co-generate long Lv7 Alienation Lv5 Extraordinary Regeneration Lv6

[Monster Condition] Healthy

[Monster Weakness] Fire Attribute

[Monster Introduction] A rare alien body that is one hundred times larger than the same type. Character shy, like to count stars, like to eat loess, hate the taste of black soil.

“I am looking for a companion for you,” Gao Peng said to the swallowing grass.

Swallowing the grass and covering his head, his eyes wide open.

“You should be friends.” Gao Peng opened his right hand and twisted the void around the mountain grass.

Then, a behemoth came to heaven and earth.


The earth is shaking.

The soot is rolling into the sky.

The dark outline of the diffuse smoke is looming.

“Gao Peng! Do you miss me!” Ah’Ban’s silly voice came.

Gao Peng’s eyes turned into a crescent gentle answer Ah’Ban: “Yes, think about our little Ah’Ban.”

“Hey, I am not a little Ah’Ban, I am a big Ah’Ban!” More than a skyscraper, the majestic spider claw moved forward a little, and the mountain shook.

Other Monster Familiar had long since hid behind, for fear of being accidentally disturbed by the aftermath.

If you are stepped on, who can stand it.

“Ah’Ban, you seem to grow taller.” Da Zi flew over Ah’Ban’s shoulder and said to Ah’Ban.

“Ah! How is it growing up?” Ah’Ban was very upset. The height was not controlled by myself. I was already tall enough. If I was tall, I couldn’t see Gao Peng.

Liu Guang looked up cold, two childish fellow!

“Ah’Ban, I will introduce you to a small partner, which is called swallowing grass. Although you are not tall, it has fewer friends than you.”

“Friends are less than me?” Ah’Ban stunned and looked at the short swallowing grass on the side. It was so pitiful.

“Reassured, I will be your cauldron in the future, I will teach you to read and read! I am the most cultural spider in our village.” Ah’Ban vowed to swallow the grass.

“Big… cauldron?”

“Yes, cauldron!” Ah’Ban nodded with satisfaction.

Perhaps I saw my own shadow in this little fellow, perhaps both have a lot of common language in volume, and Ah’Ban has a small follow-up in Le Tribe.

As for the Trainer who swallowed the grass, it is naturally very much in favor of this matter. His Monster Familiar is not only the swallowing of the mountain grass, but it is very cost-effective to get the king’s favor with swallowing grass.

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