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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 800

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 800

Chapter 766 Chapter Godhead!

Law is everywhere, and they fit into every aspect of our lives.

No wonder they say that the Chain is the foundation of everything in the world.

Ah’Dai has a hint of insight in his eyes.

Then my Law should be…

Ah’Dai remembered the warnings of Fatty Da Hai in the past few days. “Don’t just choose Law. You choose Law, Law will choose you. If you don’t fit this Law but want to force it… you will Eat a lot of suffering.”

For a moment, Ah’Dai looked at the gray light spots at the fingertips and pointed at the empty space.

In the eyes of Ah’Dai and Fatty Da Hai, Ah’Dai caught a gray chain.

This gray chain has a faint color and a mysterious symbol on the surface.

That is Soul Law.

Fatty Da Hai recognized this Law chain.

Ah’Dai grabs Soul Law with his right hand, and the small gray spot is like a parasite that constantly absorbs “nutrition” from the Soul Law chain.

The light spot continues to grow, and as the light spot grows, it also automatically generates a force to break away from Ah’Dai’s control.

Fortunately, Ah’Dai itself has a deep knowledge of Soul Strength, so its control of the gray spot is still under control.

As time goes by, it expands from the size of the rice to the broad bean, then the fish ball is big, and finally grows to the size of the pee bovine pill!

When it came to the size of the peeing bovine pill, the growth finally stopped, and the whole body was round and smooth.

The smooth surface is covered with mysterious lines.

This is the godhead.

Xiao Huang showed envy at the bottom of his eyes, and he sighed and warmed his palm.

Not enough, Ah’Dai is indulging.

The Soul Law chain in the void seems to have moved itself as if it were life.

The Soul Law chain doesn’t know how long it is. From the east to the end of the West, the chain separates a small piece and then blends into the gray ball on Ah’Dai’s palm.

When this small section of the chain was completely immersed inside, the gray ball Divine Light made a big hit.

Immediately turned into a crystal clear, a small gray chain in the gray ball closed into a ring lying in the center of the ball.

Soul Godhead!

Looking at the palm of the crystal, Ah’Dai suddenly realized.

“Yes.” Ah’Dai is reaching out and crossing the void, letting go of the Soul Chains.

Another chain was caught by Ah’Dai.

This chain is white and has a rough spike on all sides of the chain.

“White bone chain.” Fatty Da Hai frowned.

A jade-like jade is enlarged in the palm of Ah’Dai.

Ten minutes later, the bones of the bones condensed.

There are two gods floating in front of Ah’Dai.

Fatty Da Hai looked very exciting and actually condensed two Laws at the same time, but it knew that this should not be the limit of Ah’Dai.

The general gods have only one kind of Law. It is not that it is not good to only open a total of one Law. Some gods specialize in a kind of Law, the progress will be faster, and the cultivation time is more delayed.

After condensing two godheads, Ah’Dai is also quite handy in the matter of condensing the godhead.

Directly aim at the void and pull it.

A deep chain hidden in the Law chain is caught by Ah’Dai.

This is a Law chain with a mix of colors, white, cyan, and gray black.

A light spot condenses in Ah’Dai’s palm.

Fatty Da Hai and Ah’Dai have been in contact for so long, and it is a good idea of ​​what Ah’Dai has. This chain represents Undead Law.

Undead Law is not a simple Law, it is an Advanced Law, and not any Undead is qualified to control Undead Law.

Undead Law involves creating Undead, transforming Undead, and controlling Undead, which is weaker than yourself. This is a special kind of higher Law.

Ah’Dai eventually condensed the Undead.

Fatty Da Hai’s complex look, three gods, even in God is very rare.

Ah’Dai did not put these three gods into the body, but aimed at the void and caught it.

“Return?” Fatty Da Hai was shocked.

What kind of Law can Ah’Dai still condense?

That Dark Flame?

The Dark Flame, which burns Soul, is really strong, but not complete.

If it’s a complete Dark Flame, maybe you can condense what Law, but the Dark Flame that Ah’Dai controls is not complete.

Ah’Dai’s hand stretched deep and grabbed the one accurately in countless chains.

That, that is.

Fatty Da Hai has widened his eyes.

Ah’Dai’s ambition is so big.

How could it be, it actually chose it.

A whole body is pure black as ink, but the chain that can’t help but fear can be quietly floating in the void.

The other chain around the area and its neutral position are relatively large, highlighting its special status.

Law Chain – Death!

When it holds this chain, the world seems to be quiet.

Ah’Dai’s arms seemed to be immersed in death and the color became dull.

The chain trembled slightly.

The heart of Fatty Da Hai also mentioned the eyes of the blind.

It has been said before, if you are not recognized by this Law – that is, the power that matches this Law.

When you want to force the related Law, you will get Law’s backlash.

Diligence, two interest, three interest.

Time passes by, and the Death Chain has no further action.

Fatty Da Hai relaxed.

Not rejected, that is the best start.

Just like chasing a girl, if you hug the girl in the street, then the woman will directly slap on your face, because your scorn has smashed you, and warned you not to have this kind of reverie. Now!

Congratulations, you are pulled into the blacklist by this Law, and you will only have to be more difficult to control this Law in the future, and you will suffer from Law’s backlash.

But if the girl just opened your hand, staring at you coldly did not say much.

This means that the girl in fact is not too annoying to you, just because your rash behavior makes the girl very unscrupulous.

In this case, you should receive it as you see it. In some respects, you are recognized by this Law, but you are still not eligible for the heat. Explain that if you continue to work hard, you still have hope to control this Law.

This is Death Law… One of the top Laws, who can control the death of Law, even if it is only specialized in this kind of Law, it has unlimited potential.

The gods who control the death of Law will always make other gods feel fearful.

Because Death has the most BUG ability, it is to give death.

Although this ability is accompanied by various restrictions, there is still a saying of success rate.

But this can’t change the fact that it BUG. It can directly kill an enemy from the source of Law.

Death Law, give death!

Suddenly, the surface of the Death Law chain separates a small black spot.

The small spot gathers in the palm of Ah’Dai and eventually turns into a quail-sized crystal with a pocket black ring in the crystal.

Although it is smaller than the other three gods around it.

But the breath it exudes suppresses the other three gods.

The miniature death god is floating to the top, a gesture of the world.

In the lower layer is Undead and Soul, and the bones are succumbed to the bottom…

(End of this chapter)

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