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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 792

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 792

Divine Artifact of the other half of Chapter 758

Of course, Xiao Huang’s defense power is equal, and the head and limb’s defense power is exactly the same.

But Xiao Huang’s head is round, and the mythical part of Xiao Huang is the head.

The bare round head is like a big light bulb and is not affected by force.

So the tail didn’t pierce Xiao Huang’s head.

“The original bald head has such use.” Da Zi eyes shined.

“Purple shadow, the broken body kills the soul.” The god said coldly. Even if only four tails are enough, this trick only needs three tails to display, and each tail will only enhance part of the lethality.

The four long tails made an unpleasant whistling sound, and the four tails swayed violently, leaving behind the afterimage.

Xiao Huang groaned.

The limbs are connected with a fine crack in the middle of the torso.

The crack continues to extend outward.

However, as Xiao Huang’s injuries are passive and superimposed, the toughness of Xiao Huang’s muscles is also increasing.

“Ah!” Xiao Huang roared, Bloodline squirted, the blood vessels of the temple burst, and both hands held the two tails of the legs.

The blood is like a lifeless mad rushing out.

Xiao Huang’s palm was cut by a sharp spike on the long tail.

“Give me up!” Xiao Huang shouted.

The god sinks downwards, six pointed legs pierce the ground, and the invisible airflow spreads out from underneath it, picking up a dust ring visible to the naked eye.

The long tail was tight, and the two tails were wrapped around Xiao Huang’s arm, and they were tied together.

At the same time, Xiao Huang grabbed the two tails that pierce the legs.

Only one tail was madly tangled in the sky, and the savage sound echoed in the dark castle.

Ah’Dai switches to the Ghost Dominator state, arms stretched to embrace the sky.

The Soul vortex rotates over the head of Ah’Dai, and the huge Soul vortex renders the entire hall grey.

The waves shone.

The Soul shockwave swept the entire castle.

The shock wave penetrated Xiao Huang’s body without causing harm to him.

But when the Soul shock wave falls on the gods, it is like a heavy hammer on the top of the gods.

Hōng lóng! ! !

The gods are struggling wildly, but just now wants to bind Xiao Huang’s tail at this moment has become its bondage.

The gods swayed to the left and ooze green blood in the nostrils, ears, and eyes.

Da Zi’s body curled into a ball, and forty-eight pairs of wings completely obscured Da Zi’s body.

The vast thunder tears the void,

“ang ——”

Thunder, the most overbearing attribute between heaven and earth, no one.

Da Zi of Mythical Grade finally reveals its fangs.

The dragon humming through the castle,

The dark red thunder turned into a sharp spear from the sky.

The bloody red mans illuminate the wall.

boom! boom! boom! boom!

The thunder opened the back of the gods, as if the numerous spears pierced its flesh and blood.

When the Thunder dissipated, the smell of burning burned in the air.

“This trick is called Thousands of Thunder,” Da Zi said.

“How do you improve this damage so much this time.” Gao Peng asked in surprise.

Da Zi This fellow is not always a salted fish, playing hunting soy sauce in the distance, mixing and assisting, this attack actually caused such a huge damage to the gods, Gao Peng saw the state of the gods directly from Moderately Injured It became Severely Injured.

“Secret.” Da Zi raised his head proudly. “From today, I am no longer a salted fish!”

Gao Peng feels a bit strange, but Da Zi doesn’t want to say that Gao Peng can’t force it.

Although the gods are strong, but in the face of the siege of the five brothers, they eventually fell to the eye.

The head was hammered by Xiao Huang, and the back was also blackened by the thunder of Da Zi. The white meat in the cracked crack was also coke, and the blood was evaporated.

“The first BOSS of this castle is so difficult to deal with. Is the big Demon King behind it a God Level?” Gao Peng took the corpse of the gods and said it with dignity.

“There is no abyss in the castle…” said the mechanical king, “the god should be the master of the castle.”

“The god is the castle master?” Gao Peng stunned. This entrance hall is actually the residence of the castle master. What are the two or three floors leading to the escalators? What are the rooms in so many upstairs? ? ?

Mechanical Ming Wang glanced at the stairs and shook his head: “The gods’ thinking is not normal, they will not surrender to any existence, this god can stay in the castle has been beyond my expectations, the general gods are Living in the wild.”

“The upstairs….. should be its servant.” Mechanical Ming Wang hesitated.

Gao Peng,? ? ?

Master living in the living room, servant living in the bedroom?

This god’s brain circuit is quite amazing!

“Gao Peng, Divine Artifact debris is below, there is a basement below.” Fatty Da Hai glanced at the jealousness of the mechanical king and quickly regained his sight, secretly telling Gao Peng through the contract.

“Let’s open the basement.” Gao Peng turned his head and said to the mechanical king.

“Hey…” Ocean called Gao Peng in the contract. “You are crazy! Why tell it, can we take it directly? Gao Peng, this fellow is not so simple, even if it was during my heyday. It is his opponent.”

“Your heyday is definitely not an opponent in its heyday,” Gao Peng said in the contract.

“Cut! How is it possible, at least it is five or five.” Fatty Da Hai said that it is not the same thing, but when Gao Peng said that it can’t be done, it is another matter.

Gao Peng secretly shook his head. The mechanical Ming Wang in front of him is just a avatar. You and others can only open five or five, let alone the body.

The mechanical Ming Wang nodded, bent down and opened his right hand, and the castle suddenly sank.

The area centered on the mechanical king is tidy outward, as if it were cut into countless aliquots by some force, and the cut bricks are invisibly pulled by the invisible forces floating in the air.

When the mechanical Ming Wang waved his right hand, all the bricks were rotated into ashes.

The area under the foot is not inferior to the basement of the hall.

In the basement, a lot of “garbage” is piled up in disorder.

The mechanical Ming Wang blinked. “There are a lot of precious ore that I can use to recover my injuries.”

“They are yours.” Gao Peng waved his hand.

In fact, these ores are of little use to Gao Peng because they do not have a related attribute or demand for Monster Familiar.

The most in these dumps is the ore.

In addition to ore, there are some materials that are not low in level.

When all the materials were cleaned, there was only one item left in the corner in the basement. This item was also the purpose of Gao Peng’s trip, another Half-God fragment of Profound-Yin Divine Well.

This piece has exactly the same look as the Profound-Yin Divine Well shard in Fatty Da Hai! Almost a mold carved out!

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