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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 785

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 785

Chapter 751 Chapter Storm Camel

“this is……”

Gao Peng perceives the intense Death Qi from the storm.

Death Qi blows on his face, dry and cold.

Giant Beast The husky snoring slammed over the desert.

[Monster Name] Storm Camel, Corpse (Undead)

[Monster Level] Level 96 (Quasi-God Level )

[Monster Grade] Epic Grade /Epic Grade

[Monster Attribute] Sand Attribute /Yin Attribute

[Monster Ability] Devouring the Desert Lv8 Sanding Healing Lv9 Extraordinary Endurance Lv9 Dead Mountain Camel Lv8

[Monster Weakness] Life Attribute

[Monster Condition] Healthy

[Monster Characteristics]

The extremely hump (the original hump of life) was infected by Death Qi after death.

Effect 1 Passive Effect: The hump infected by Death Qi can breed Undead, which will strengthen and breed Undead when Undead is surrounded by a hump.

Effect 2Passive Effect: The extremely squirrel can naturally absorb the Yin Qi in the air and continue to store in the hump.

Effect 3 Active Effect: The Yin Qi burst in the extremely humming peak can enhance the power of the host in a short time. )

[Monster Introduction] The storm camel that died in the Beichuan desert was eroded by Yin Qi into Undead, aimlessly squatting in the desert. It has no starting point, no end, and the meaning of its own life.

“This should be wild Monster.” Gao Peng thought of his chin.

The mechanical Ming Wang blinked and raised his right hand, and the palm of his hand had a chance to spark.

Gao Peng saw this scene and stopped Xiao Huang and Ah’Dai. They should be trying to prove themselves.

Because Gao Peng gave it a lot of ore to recover his injuries, it has not proven his strength.

Of course, Gao Peng also wants to see what the strength of the mechanical Ming Wang is.

The Domain was released from the mechanical king and covered the storm camel.

There is a mechanical phantom in the Domain with its colorful light, and a huge steel gear ghost is projected into the Domain, and the gear rotates slowly.

The sound of the roar of steel was released from the depths of the gears. The golden red justice steel giant fists descended from the sky, with the roar of steam, wrapped in long white curtains.

boom! ! !

The earth roared and trembled fiercely.

A mushroom cloud rises.

The golden red explosion shockwave Aura flew outwards.

The violent light makes everyone squint.

When the shock wave dissipated, a huge deep pit was left in place, and spider web-like cracks spread outward from the edge of the deep pit.

The storm camel disappeared in place, leaving a black-red coke in the deep pit.

The hot heat wave rises slowly.

One trick, Instant kill.

“I can’t.” Ah’Dai shook his head.

Even if he is fully shot, it’s hard to Instant kill just now that fellow.

After all, that Monster is relatively strong even in Quasi-God.

Just now that is Domain?

Gao Peng recalls just the huge Domain, which is a bit like Ah’Dai’s Domain, but not very similar.

There are still some differences.

“That is the Domain of God.” Ocean said solemnly. “The power that belongs to the gods.”

“In fact is the Evolution of the Common Domain.” Mechanical Ming Wang said.

Usually, the mechanical king rarely speaks, suddenly opening the door to let Monster Familiars raise his ears.

“Quasi-God and the Domain of Saint Level are still rough, and will be perfected after the promotion god level.” Mechanical Ming Wang explained. “The Domain at this time is the real Domain.”

The mechanical Ming Wang’s right arm was lifted up, and a golden-red mechanical giant appeared in the void and merged into the body of the Ming Wang.

Although seriously injured, the strength of the mechanical Ming Wang is still beyond the imagination of Gao Peng.

“Give it to you.” The mechanical Ming Wang pointed to the body that could not be distinguished in the deep pit.

Gao Peng glanced at it. “Don’t you?”

“Useless.” Ming Wang shook his head silently.

Gao Peng is also welcome, let Ah’Chun close, as Hei Wa is not suitable for exposure now, Gao Peng has not completely trusted the mechanical king.

Deep in the desert, a secluded desert mound slips down.

A few eyeballs hide behind the dunes and peer into the direction of Gao Peng.


“Gao Yueyue, do you know where the remains are?” Xiao Huang asked curiously.

“Well, there is a logo on the map, in the north.”

“Oh.” Xiao Huang lowered his head again and stepped on the sand under his feet.

“Xiao Huang Xiao Huang, look, I am on your shoulder again?” Liu Guang floating in the air just flushed with Xiao Huang’s shoulder.

“Yes…” Xiao Huang said weakly.

This Beichuan desert is too dry, and the air is very hot. The top of the head is too Yang Fire.

“Ji Shi, come to the ice.” Xiao Huang extended his left hand.

Ji Shi’s eyelids lifted up, and the ice was condensed in the void, and then attached to Xiao Huang’s face, arms, and back chest. It is like a layer of film.

The ice is melted at high temperatures, but it also takes away a lot of heat.

Such a dry and hot environment is not good for the general Ice Attribute Monster, but when the Level reaches the level of Ji Shi, the impact of the common environment on it is negligible.

There is a dense layer of ice fog around Ji Shi’s body.

Ice fog excludes heat waves.

“What happened to Gao Peng.” Xiao Huang met Gao Peng and stopped, wondering.

Gao Peng looks to the left, there is a vast desert, and only a few dunes stand alone.

There is something in the sand dunes.

Gao Peng regained his gaze.

“Don’t bother.”

Wait until Gao Peng, they are far away.

The quicksand on the surface of the dune slowly flows down, revealing the body of ash gray.

Like the knot integration of cactus and trees, the thick and generous body is covered with spikes.

There are huge eyes on the trunk and the thick branches.

The eyeballs are covered with gray smoke, and the eyes are yellowish.


These Monsters slowly sink into the sand and clean up all traces.

“It’s here.” Gao Peng stopped.

“A good and powerful Death Qi.” Mechanical Ming Wang said with dignity.

The desert in front and the desert at the foot are distinct.

It was like being a two-handed sword.

Gao Peng’s desert is pale yellow, but the desert in front is stained with blood red.

A black weapon with a handle is grown from the desert.

These weapons have swords and swords, the most peculiar is their appearance, almost all weapons are printed out.

Skewed or straight into the desert, the bulky weapon is even nearly 100 meters high, comparable to a building.

Small weapons are less than half a meter, like a pocket model.

Ah’Dai took a two-meter-long weapon and pulled it out of the sand.

The weapon cold light flashes and is extremely sharp.

Ah’Dai tempted a knife on his arm.


The black knife broke into two pieces.

“It’s very sharp.” Ah’Dai praised it.

Mechanical Ming Wang, “…”

“I smelled the overflowing Divine Force.” The mechanical king squatted down, grabbed a handful of sand, and the red quicksand slipped from the gap between the fingers.

“This desert is polluted by Divine Force. The things you are looking for should be there.”

(End of this chapter)

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