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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 784

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 784

Chapter 750 Chapter Beichuan Desert

Xiao Yan, who is eating fire, has arrived at Xiao Huang and Gao Peng, and he is not in a hurry.

The mouth squirted a large flame and coughed.

“What is the look of this dead Baldy.” Xiao Yan was annoyed.

Finally, take a sip and swallow all the remaining flames in the mountains. Xiao Yan walked out from the left and right, and looked down on Xiao Huang.

Xiao Huang made a stroke and looked up at Xiao Yan.

After hearing Gao Peng, they are looking at themselves. Xiao Yan is very happy. He walked into a cave and handed a large number of fire worms to Gao Peng.

“this is delicious.”

Xiao Huang snorted and sneaked into the cave, as if he was looking at the enemy who was not in the sky.

Xiao Yan bent down and clipped a small yellow light to her bald scalp. The pain made Xiao Huang forget the idea of ​​just now.

“I can’t go with you for a while.” Xiao Yan is very sorry.

“I am doing a course recently. I will be able to fight with you after my course is completed!” Xiao Yan is full of fighting spirit.

She has to practice hard work for decades and become famous in the world.

Let the whole world know the name of her Bi Fang goddess.

Gao Peng agreed with Xiao Yan’s thoughts and patted her belly. “Come on, you are the fattest.”

Xiao Yan raised her neck and proudly snorted.

“Gao Peng, the elder of our family said, as long as I can pass all the courses, I can break through Mythical Grade! By then I will be on the same level as Xiao Huang.”

“…” Gao Peng indulged for two seconds, still did not tell Xiao Yan some facts.

It is a very encouraging thing to have dreams and hopes in fact.

For example, Ji Shi, Liu Guang, and Bai Pi’s Grade all break through myths.

“Xiao Yan is cheering.” Ji Shi nodded and said to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan Suspected observation Ji Shi, how can I not see the hair of this fellow for a while?

It seems that a little change has taken place.

“It’s getting better with the Gao Peng meal, so it’s a little longer,” Ji Shi explained.

“That… Liu Guang is also?” Xiao Yan looked at Liu Guang, who was changing.

“Also?” Liu Guang replied with a sigh of uncertainty.

Xiao Yan “…”

What is it?

The appearance of the Bai Pi did not change much, it is still a stone book, but there is a little change in the details.

It’s just that Xiao Yan doesn’t have a data view, so she doesn’t know what Grae she is now, and how much difference there is with Ji Shi.

Say goodbye to Xiao Yan,

Gao Peng embarked on a journey back home.

Leaving the Fire God Valley, the ground under the feet broke open, and a human figure flashing silver flashed out of the soil.

Mechanical Ming Wang has been waiting for Gao Peng in the Fire God Valley.

“You came out faster than I thought.” The sound of the mechanical Ming Wang hoarse.

After saying this, the mechanical Ming Wang looked at Gao Peng.

Although it is expressionless, it looks a bit stupid.

“You see what I do.” Gao Peng asked in surprise.

“Ore.” Mechanical Ming Wang slowly said.

“Is this the ore you need?” Gao Peng asked Ah’Chun to take a blood-red ore from the space.

Mechanical Ming Wang eyes shined, took the ore and sniffed in the non-existent nasal part.

Then stick out the tongue,

Take a sip.

Sweet and sour, with a hint of astringency.

A stream of heat ran down the mouth of the mechanical king.

Mechanical Ming Wang slowly nodded, “I need it.”

“Good.” Gao Peng asked Ah’Chun to take half of the ore.

The void in front of Ah’Chun splits a slit, and then the slit expands to the sides, eventually turning into a huge elliptical black hole.

The massive ore fell from the crack to the ground, and soon a hill was built. The mechanical king was buried by the ore.

“Need help?” Gao Peng asked aloud.

The mechanical Ming Wang did not answer, but only an unwanted spiritual fluctuation.

Hōng lóng lóng, hōng lóng lóng.

It seems as if a meat grinder is running wildly in the mine.

The height of the mine is rapidly decreasing.

The atmosphere in the mine is also gradually increasing.

Finally, the mountain suddenly trembled.

Red light enveloped the entire mine, and all the remaining ore was swallowed up.

Only the mechanical Ming Wang stood in the same place.

The smell of the mechanical king is several times stronger than before.

[Monster Condition] Severely Injured (Energy is not too scarce, drive core is severely damaged, joint parts are damaged)

The only change in the monster condition is that it is not too urgent to change from an energy shortage to an energy source.

It seems that this half of the ore is far from enough, even if it is given to it, it will not recover too much.

Gao Peng is a little sorry.

Let Ah’Chun take all the remaining ore out.

Mechanical Ming Wang did not say a word, silently absorbed ore.

After the ore is completely absorbed, the state becomes a lack of energy.

Mechanical Ming Wang closed his eyes and recovered his injuries.

The sound of the gear rotation is heard in the body, but the gear is like being stuck, and the gear creaks.

The sound is difficult and hard to hear.

As time passed, the sound of the gears was a little smoother, much better than before.

[Monster Condition] Severely Injured (Energy shortage, driving the core to suffer trauma, joint damage)

It seems that more ore is needed, and it is a long way to go.

Now the drive core is suffering, at least not heavily.

However, before leaving, Gao Peng asked the second Highness to help him continue to open the ore. By the way, Ah’Dai handed over the control of the Undead that had been revived to His Royal Highness.

The land of the gods is in the desert of Beichuan.

The Beichuan Desert is located in the northern part of the mainland of Nine Heavens.

Where it is located in the north of the northern part of the Holy Land, it has left the area controlled by the spirits.

In the Beichuan Desert, there is a Divine Beast called Baisu.

The entire Beichuan Desert is a group of dry land.

“Ming Wang, have you seen all the dry?”

“Bai Ba…” Ming Wang is silent. “I heard that, but I have never seen it.”

“Hey, you have lived in Nine Heavens for so long, how come this Divine Beast hasn’t been added.”

“Bai was born in Beichuan, hi quiet, good food sand. They have never left Beichuan since birth.”

“This way.” Gao Peng is even more curious about the hundred.

Ant Dragon day and night, seven brothers took turns to control the body, finally arrived in the Beichuan desert a few months later.

The wind and the sand roared, and the endless yellow desert could not see the margin.

The dry wind hit the face, the sand was a little fascinated…

Gao Peng took a long breath and then swallowed a large amount of sand in his mouth.


“The poor mountains and waters are out of the public.” Xiao Huang frowned. “Divine Beast, who lives in it, is definitely very bad.”

叮 ringing bells, 叮 ringing bells.

There was a bell at the end of the east.

The dark storm roared.

In the middle of the black storm stands a huge Giant Beast.

Two lantern-like white lights pierced the storm.

Giant Beast is hidden in the middle of the storm.

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