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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 782

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 782

Chapter 748 Shen Shen Hei Prison

“What is that, I saw my two Uncle and Big Brother. Their Soul was sucked away by the book.” The red dragon squinted and looked at the dragon book in horror.

No! The things here must tell the adults in the family that the book can actually swallow our Soul in Dragon Race, there must be problems.

The red dragon slowly receded and the eyes were blinking.

“Is it seen?”

Gao Peng said, turning his head and frowning.

The ability of Slaying Dragon can’t be exposed now.

“Master, it just came now, stopped by Ah’Ban, but should all see it.” Ah’Dai said without feelings.

This dragon is a Dragon Race, and if you go back to chewing your tongue, you may be in trouble.

Dragon Race is a big family. Under the Dragon Race, you can subdivide many dragon races, such as Huanglong, White Dragon, Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Yinglong, Xiaolong and so on.

These are the Divine Beast ethnic groups.

Gao Peng licked some dry lips.

“Clean up, don’t leave your feet.”

Ah’Dai nodded, at the same time more than Ah’Dai, Xiao Huang and Ant Dragon disappeared at the same time, and the dragon book appeared on the top of the red dragon head.

The page opened and a golden light fell.

The red dragon was just about to spurt the dragon’s breath, and he felt that his body suddenly became weak, he could not spit out the flame in his mouth, and finally sneezed.

Ah’Dai sneaked into the back of the red dragon, and five sharp-knife-like fingers easily passed through the flesh of the back of the red dragon.

“I beg you not to kill me.”

The red dragon slammed on the ground and smashed the hoe.

The voice is fierce, and dignity is thrown behind.

The Red Dragon did not think about rebellion, but it was weakened by the dragon book. It faced Xiao Huang alone. They were all awkward, let alone three Quasi-Gods.

“I signed a contract with you, I am willing to be your Monster Familiar.” Red Dragon said quickly.

Gao Peng faintly smiled, with the dragon book, you need the dragon Monster Familiar.

Even Gao Peng, who has collected this red dragon into the dragon book, is a bit weak.

The eight dragons in Yanglongshu are the eight dragon souls carefully selected by Bai Pi. They are the remnants of the eight most powerful dragons Monster Familiar in the area of ​​the vortex battlefield.

Each of the Peak periods is much stronger than the Little X Dragon of Level 93.

“Is it good to live, why is curiosity so heavy?”

Gao Peng yawned, like other Monster, you see who will come over because of the movement here.

They all know that this is the site of Gao Peng, and no matter what happens, they will not come to peep.

Because sometimes seeing something that should not be seen will only make the two sides turn against each other.

“Gao Yueyue is really a sultry person.” Da Zi was watching from behind, secretly screaming.

The red dragon was cleaned up.

After swallowing the red dragon, the progress of the Dragon Race in the interior space of Yanglongshu has also accelerated a lot.

“Master, we seem to have dug the veins.”

Ah’Dai came over and said to Gao Peng that those Undeads were revived by Ah’Dai and that they would know for the first time as soon as Ah’Dai happened.

Gao Peng rushed over and the area has been dug into a huge huge pit.

The depth of the pothole is not too deep, because if it is too deep, it will not be conducive to transporting the soil, so the excavation of Undead is spread out in a plane.

In one of the newly excavated areas, the soil layer breaks and a dark red ore is visible from the exposed fault.

Ah’Dai took the first step and took off a piece of ore and confirmed that it was not dangerous before handing it to Gao Peng.

After picking up the ore, Gao Peng snorted in the palm of his hand.

The weight of this ore is much lighter than what Gao Peng imagined.

Of course, the light here is relatively speaking, relative to the same volume of iron.

The ore exudes a hint of astringency, and this astringent Gao Peng is familiar with the smell of blood.

The dark red ore is as if it has been fished out of the blood.

Xiao Huang sneaked a glimpse of the ore behind, and couldn’t help but think of what she did on that day. The guilty one took back her eyes and coughed and passed away from Gao Peng.

“Xiao Huang.” Gao Peng’s voice rang from behind.

Xiao Huang’s body trembled and hit a quivering.


“Let’s see if this ore is the ore you have seen before.” Gao Peng threw the dark red ore in his hand to Xiao Huang.

Xiao Huang sneaked a glance at Gao Peng and found that he did not feel angry after being relaxed.


Xiao Huang played the ore.

In fact, it was recognized at the first sight of the ore.

“This is yes.” Xiao Huang slowly nodded and pretended to be a small old man.

“That’s good.” Gao Peng beheaded.

“Is this a vein?” Gao Peng stood on the edge of the pothole and looked down from the pothole sky.

At the edge of the fractured soil, a piece of ore covered with mud is exposed.

“It should be a vein.” Ah’Dai is not sure.

“Gather these ores separately, right, don’t damage them.” Gao Peng remembers that Xiao Huang damaged the ore.

These ores will dissipate in the air if they are destroyed.

Gao Peng didn’t know whether the ore was the ore that the mechanical king needed, but after excavating the soil for a long time, he only found this vein. Gao Peng felt that it should be eighty-nine.

There are too few ore in this vortex battlefield, and there is no such thing as the mechanical Ming Wang said at the beginning.

Commanding down, Gao Peng re-slid on the old chair and slowly swayed up and down.


A month later, the black coffin buried in the soil kept shaking.

The ink-like darkness spreads out from the center of the coffin.

The soil is constantly creeping, and the ash gray stone coffin emerges from the soil.


Gao Peng remembers that the coffin was black when it was buried, but now it has become ash gray.

It seems that the nutrition has been taken clean.


The cold light flashes and two sharp, long knives pierce the side of the coffin.

With a light tear, the coffin is torn from the middle.

A group of black shadows in the field quickly expanded.

The effort between the blinks expands to the extent of 1.6 m.

The lower body has no legs, like a thick Black Mist, the more the Black Mist color goes down, until it disappears completely and fits into the space.

The more black it gets, the thicker it is, the upper body is wearing black armor, and the black Mist is spreading in the gap of the armor.

The front half of the left and right arms is completely turned into a sharp arm.

The cold light flashes, and the arm is almost obliquely touched to the ground, and its length is comparable to its height.

It doesn’t look anything special, but if you look at Liu Guang, you will be attracted to the pair of arms at first glance.

The blade is sharp, and it is covered with complicated lines. Just looking at these lines will make you feel dizzy and vomiting.

And the blade twists and turns, both sides of the front and back are extremely sharp, a bit like a strange knife.

There is a recessed blood trough in the middle of the knife.

“Master, fortunately, not to be insulted.” Liu Guang’s indulgent voice came out of his throat, his eyes twirling, and he looked at all around with excitement.

Mythical Grade – Shen Shen Black Prison.

(End of this chapter)

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