Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 775

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 775

Chapter 741 Chapter (2)

(Today’s two more, I will update tomorrow, I can’t stay up late any more. Today, I went to the hospital to check the doctor and said that I should stay up late. How can I be so young, and if I stay up late, it will increase.)

“Gao Peng, listen to me!” Ah’Chun suddenly panicked, then slammed Gao Peng like a chewing gum.

Gao Peng waved his hands indiscriminately and slammed into the ground.

It was hard to tear the skin monkey down, and Gao Peng said gloomyly: “Which pots and pans are you taking out.”

“No, no, I didn’t do it.” Ah’Chun vetoed.

“You don’t want to shake your tent when you lie next time.” Gao Peng said calmly.

“Hey?” Ah’Chun looked down and his tentacles didn’t shake.

“My tentacles are not shaking!” Ah’Chun said confidently.

“Well, don’t make a move.” Gao Peng nodded, IQ is still on a level as always, “Right, what do you do with a container?”

Ah’Chun listened to the music. In the face of Gao Peng, he was like a guilty conscience. He flew to Gao Peng and lowered his voice in his ear. He said quietly: “This is not a container. This is my rice bowl!”

After talking about this stupid fellow, I was amused, and my smile was constant.

“My appetite is super big~” A bunch of tentacles are rolled up into a circle.

It’s just that this circle doesn’t look like the container is half big.

“Come here.” Gao Peng beckoned to Ah’Chun.

Ah’Chun flew over, “What?”

Gao Peng violently put his hand into Ah’Chun’s body, looked for a while and then took out one thing.

“This is your future rice bowl.” Gao Peng shook his baby bottle and said with a smile.

Ah’Chun, “???”

“Knock your horse!” Ah’Chun suddenly became angry, then knocked Gao Peng.

Gao Peng sneered, “I still knocked on me. You didn’t have this month. Anyway, you didn’t do anything this month. Every day, you don’t hide in the room, you just lie on the roof and basking in the sun. Photosynthesis can support you.” “”

“Then what you did!” Ah’Chun is not convinced, everyone is salted fish, why you are a little salty than me.

“I don’t need to eat this stuff anymore. I only drink a bottle of Musk Positive Liquid every day.” Gao Peng shrugged.

Ah’Chun suddenly lost the desire to speak, and he stopped talking and stopped.

Gao Peng This fellow is getting more and more annoying.

“Gao Peng, I saw you secretly eating Liu Wei Di Huang Wan last time!” Ah’Chun suddenly said loudly.

“Hmm? ”

“Hmm? ”


The Monster Familiars, who stalked their ears in the distance, showed a smile that everyone knew, and nodded with a look.

The worries here are based on Gao Peng’s personal point of view.

Gao Peng, who turned his head and saw this scene, turned black.

“Xiao Huang, this is yours.” Gao Peng took out a bottle, pours the flesh and blood into a bottle like a ping-pong, and pours a small half bottle. “this is yours.”

“Why am I a bottle!” Xiao Huang was very angry. My dear Vajra Divine-Martial Beast-Duck actually fell to the point of eating with a bottle. If the demons killed by me know that they will laugh at me. Death will not attract attention.

“Then do you want it? Don’t let me give Da Zi.”

“…you have to.”

After taking the bottle, Xiao Huang squinted for a long time, this bottle has no Xiao Huang, a slap,

The nose twitched and took a breath, and Xiao Huang seemed to smell something.

The taste is emitted from the bottle. Through the glass bottle, every flesh crystal is full and round and crystal clear.

Xiao Huang 倒 all poured into his mouth.

The most honest Liu Guang has the most points, and Gao Peng said that Liu Guang is working hard and needs to give Liu Guang more rewards.

Honest Huang always thinks that Liu Guang just now has no reason to laugh at Gao Peng.

Liu Guang is back with a full face, and today Liu Guang is the biggest winner.

The whole head was not in the footbath, just like a whale swallowing, and only a moment later, the flesh and blood in the footbath was eaten clean.

It is still very laborious to finish the pot with Liu Guang.

After eating, Liu Guang’s belly was round, but it quickly sagged inward at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Liu Guang’s nostrils and a lot of white mist are sprayed from his ears and mouth.

During this period, Liu Guang’s breath gradually increased.

Like a bottle with only half of the water, the water level in the bottle gradually rises.

When you finally reach a certain limit, start to store… and finally break open!

Liu Guang’s breath has soared and Level has risen to Level 93.

In the past six months, Liu Guang’s level has been upgraded from the first entry to the Quasi-God Level 91 to Level 92, and finally at today’s breakthrough level, Liu Guang’s body has become more powerful.

This speed is very fast for 99% point nine Quasi-God, other resources without Quasi-God want to improve the level. Who is not relying on time and time, some even for hundreds of years Only to the extent of the equivalent level.

In fact Whether it’s Quasi-God or Quasi-God, the essence of Monster’s strength is to absorb all kinds of strength and strengthen the body and save energy.

It’s just that the energy needed to get to the Quasi-God Level is terrible. It’s very time consuming for Quasi-God to slowly absorb the elemental lift in the air.

With a large amount of flesh and blood and life essence, Gao Peng’s Monster Familiars strength is a jump.

Da Zi is now Level 95, which is one level higher than Xiao Huang, who always likes to take advantage of it.

When Xiao Huang was a supervisor, he liked to sneak into the Great Cutting Altar to fight the autumn wind. From time to time, he stole two flesh and blood crystals, one for himself and one for Xiao Yan.

The place where the dead duck buried the flesh and blood was known by Gao Peng.

Ah’Ban, though not always speaking, but seeing everything clearly, these things are told to Gao Peng by nothing.

Gao Peng looks in his eyes, just don’t say it.

Hōng lóng lóng, cracking a crack in the sky.

Countless Abyss Demon flew out of the cracks.

“The calculation of the day, today is a monthly abyss bloody battle.” Da Zi They are a little excited, in addition to mining, want to hoard a large number of Flesh Essence will rely on these to send the devils.

Gao Peng said, who is the body of these demons who killed, and Flesh Essence Gao Peng, which was broken down at the time, should not.

So they are all very powerful.

“Master, I am going first.” Liu Guang said excitedly.

Liu Guang’s body turned into a white Changhong rushing into the sky, Wind Element wrapped around Liu Guang, while at the same time it raised another powerful force in the body.

The breath of all things seems to be caught in the palm of the hand by Liu Guang, and the airflow from the breath surrenders to the foot of Liu Guang.

Raising a pair of arms in his hand, Liu Guang is like a little warrior.

The black, shiny arm of the knife tears open the void.

The silvery white light violently blooms from the arm of the knife, the knife!

The airflow is shattered and smashed around the knives into a knives.

The air in front suddenly exploded.

The space seems to be twisted, and the two crossed knives form an oblique cross that rushes into the sky.

Two incomparable gullies, such as the sky, appear in the sky, and the sky seems to have been cut.

There was a large gap in the dense demon group.

Countless demons were torn into pieces as they were in the knives.

The knife smashed away and the air remained twisted for a long time.

The demons that rushed out of the abyss cracked collectively for a second, followed by the violent rush to Liu Guang.


(End of this chapter)

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