Monster Pet Evolution

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Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 773

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 773

Chapter 739 Chapter Nie (third)

“I am going to go, then the fellow is not going to occupy my Divine Artifact all the time.” Fatty Da Hai is speechless.

“This is only the case for the time being.” Gao Peng also had no choice. “Would you like to go in and kill it?”

Fatty Da Hai hesitated for two seconds, righteous words, “No matter, one less Divine Artifact has no effect on my strength.”

Fatty Da Hai, who is righteous, screams at the fat head and leaves the place.

Gao Peng picked up Maze and placed it in Zhao Cai’s portable space. Zhao Cai’s breath skyrocketed, and then Zhao Cai tested to verify that his speed has increased a lot.

Undead is tireless, because Undead has only wreckage left, so they can fight endlessly… Of course, they can work endlessly now.

“Undead is great,” Da Zi said enviously. “They are not tired.”

Xiao Huang is a little sad. She is no longer a contractor. Without the hard work of the under hand, she can no longer receive the 3000 block of wages from Gao Peng.

Of course, Xiao Huang, who personally goes to dig this kind of ruin, will never participate.

Even Gao Peng gave it a high-tech 2000 block every day.

I, Xiao Huang, will never succumb to the money under the district.

Gao Peng, you also want to use money to insult me!

A grand husband does not eat food.

“Who gave me back, 20,000 yuan.” Gao Peng’s voice came from afar.

“Hey~Gao Peng, I am coming!” Xiao Huang raised her head, smiled on her face, turned and started running in one go.

“Gao Peng, can this force be a duck, okay? Do you want to add a tip?”


Someone came to Gao Peng in the next few days, but none of the people who came to Gao Peng saw Gao Peng’s face. Every time there was a fierce duck that intercepted everyone.

“Look at the fart, if you sneak in, I will pull all your hair out.” Xiao Huang stepped on the stone with his right foot, and said to the person in front of him.

“His Highness, it is too much, and his ducks are so arrogant.” A well known Trainer suddenly changed his face, and this Gao Peng was too arrogant. His Highness personally came three times, but he could not see this Gao Peng. one side.

This is the second sacred empire of the Holy Trinity, one of the four super empire.

“Okay.” Second Highness looked down at Xiao Huang and said faintly: “No, then I will come over tomorrow, and I will ask this brother to tell you Master.”

Xiao Huang waved impatiently. “No, Gao Peng will definitely not see outsiders.”

His Royal Highness’s eyes indicated that a man behind him had secretly stuffed Xiao Huang with something.

After watching them go far, Xiao Huang looked around and determined that no one noticed himself and then took out the item. It was a wooden box with more than a dozen Crystal Cores. The atmosphere was Emperor Level and Saint Level. .

“What?” Xiao Huang rolled her eyes and it was such a worthless junk.

Gao Peng only received one hundred and nine pieces, and I still have a high salary for one day.

Really trick!


Xiao Huang suddenly frowned, why suddenly palpitations.

Looking up to the east, the sunset on the horizon is red as blood.

The golden red magma in the magma raised a hot flame, and the magma struck on the inner wall of the volcano, and the waves splashed and the heat wave rolled.

On the volcanic edge, many figures came.

All are Bi Fang, but these Bi Fang are very large, 50 meters high and 30 meters short. They are all giants in the Bi Fang group, and they are also old antiques.

But at this moment, these Bi Fangs are surrounded by volcanic edges and look at the magma boiling in the volcano.

This volcano is very large and has the same size as the predecessor of Lake Baikal.

Standing on the crater overlooking, it looks like a golden ocean.

But at this moment, the ocean is boiling, and the boiling golden sea is shining.

The light is strong and hot.

The sea gives birth to life, and the lava sea can breed extraordinary.

The ignition light floats from the surface of the magma and floats in the air. The golden red spots of the rice grains are crystal clear. This moment, as if the world is upside down, they have risen from the lava sea to the sky.

They are gathered into the dragon in the sky, the magma is jumping, the heat waves are cheering, the flames are dancing!

“Is it true…..” There is an old Bi Fang with a hot eyes and a trembling voice.

“To be successful.” Bi Fang, who is 50 meters tall and has a large body like a hill, is in a Fang in a flock of chickens. The clear cheeks are protruding and his eyes are sharp.

The air waves formed by the high temperature twist the air, causing the lava sea below to sway continuously in the refracting space.

“Hahahaha.” There was Bi Fang excited and shouting in the sky, and the wings flew up to the sky and danced in excitement in the sky.

Other Bi Fang, although not so exaggerated, but also nodded.

The volcanic atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, and the air continues to show various visions.

At the end of the far south, the red feather falls like a waterfall.

It seems to be aware of what the source of the waterfall is, burning two red stars, and two red Changhongs above the stars penetrate the distance of hundreds of miles.

For a long time, a red-blooded feather fell from the Hongqiao into the volcano.

When the red feather falls into the volcano, the entire volcano is ignited!

boom! ! !

The red light beam emerged from the volcano and fell into the sky.

The clouds are rendered in red, and a circle of water-like ripples spread out at the point of entry.


A sharp humming sound resounded through the heavens and the earth.

The blue-red figure flies out of the volcano, and the wings are stretched and elegant.

“This…” Bi Fang, who was 50 meters tall, stunned, but it quickly reacted to the winds and waves, and his face returned to its original state.

The figure is nearly ten meters long, and the wings are stretched out. The flame rises from the air.

The cyan feathers are dotted with oval red spots, such as the sharp spikes of blood, such as spears, one-legged gathered in the soft feathers under the belly.

There is a red mark on the heart of this giant bird. The shape of the mark is similar to the shape of the flame and does not belong to any text.

The giant bird looked down and the volcano that was about to erupt was immediately subsided.

The surface of the lava sea becomes smooth as a mirror, flattening to reflect the figure of the sky giant bird.

“It surrendered… this generation, we Bi Fang must go to fight!”

“Yes, this time, even if you try to fight for the power of the family, you have to fight once, haha.”

The Bi Fang people below chatted excitedly.

They whispered, and the neck stretched out and exchanged.

The giant bird in the sky looked around all around, although the smell in the air made her comfortable and the body was full of strength, but she still felt very uncomfortable.

No one knows that she almost died several times at the bottom of the volcano, and she also hovered between life and death. Even she was surprised that she actually insisted on the end.

“Gao Peng, where are you…”

“Dead Baldy, I miss you…”

Three more finished.

(End of this chapter)

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