The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 1235: The way to become a fairy!

Chapter 1235: The way to become a fairy!

"Yes, it is the realm of the fairy." Baiyun floated hard and said. The mysterious and unbelievable face of Ye Xuan’s face: “Is there really a fairyland in this world?” As the cultivation is higher, Ye Xuan is more and less convinced of the illusory immortal. Even the immortal does not have a real definition. The so-called immortal is just a person who can do anything. However, such a person will actually exist? "Now, but I and Wu brother are pursuing this." Bai Yunfu said. "The predecessors thought that there is a fairy in this world?" Ye Xuan said with full of doubts. Baiyunfu heard this and couldn't help but smile gently: "Why not? You have a fairy in your heart. This fairy is naturally there. Many people don't understand it, but there is indeed a path of immortality. For example, I am in this realm. It can be called a half fairy, you can't understand it." "The younger generation can't understand." Ye Xuan said truthfully. At least, he can't understand the realm of Baiyunfu. Why is the so-called realm divided into heaven and earth? The realm is an understanding of this matter and the matter. Different understandings create different realms. Ye Xuan knows that there is a world of difference between Baiyun and Baiyun. The understanding of the other side is something that he can never understand. Compared with the sacred sacred environment, this sacred place is different from the sacred period and the sacred period. The sham and the returning period are simply the improvement of cultivation, but the sacred place and the heavenly sacred place are so The higher the fairyland, it is completely a matter of understanding and understanding. "In fact, starting from the sacred place of the earth, reaching the fairyland of the earth is a way out of the bondage and jurisdiction of the heavens and the earth. In fact, it can be seen that no matter whether it is the sacred place or the heavenly sacred place, it cannot escape the dependence on the heavens and the earth. This dependence makes them always bound by the heavens and the earth. Since it is bound by the heavens and the earth, whether it is the heavenly sacred place or the earthly sacred place, it is given by the heavens and the earth, and if one day the earth is not giving them these strengths, then The heavenly sacred place is still a holy place, and there is no point in the existence of it." Baiyun floated calmly. "The power of heaven and earth..." Ye Xuan touched his chin, and his face was thoughtful. Baiyun floated gently and said: "From the five Xuan to the heavenly sacred place, we are relying on the power of heaven and earth, the aura between the heavens and the earth, the power of the heavens and the earth, and the heavenly treasures between the heavens and the earth. Who dares to say that it does not depend on Heaven and earth? Who dares to say that it is not bound by the heavens and the earth? Even the heavenly will of the heavenly sanctuary, and all other omnipotent forces, is also given by heaven and earth. He depends on the heavens and the earth, and he has to be suppressed by the heavens and the earth. It’s fair.” “What about the fairyland in the land?” Ye Xuan’s mind was holding a white cloud, and couldn’t help but ask. "I said that the sacred place to the fairyland is a way to get rid of the bondage between heaven and earth. You also understand that if the sacred land depends on foreign objects and heaven and earth, then you will never be able to break through the heavenly sacred world. Depending on the heavens and the earth and foreign objects, it can't reach the fairyland. Why? Because the fairyland is a way to get rid of the heavens and the earth and get out of the heavens and the earth." Baiyun floats calmly. Ye Xuan had a little thought and stared at Baiyunfu. He couldn't believe it and said: "Predecessors are now out of the bondage of heaven and earth?" It can be seen that the understanding of Baiyunfu and Xuanbing Sheng is still very different, but roughly The same, it is not difficult to find that Baiyun floats in this aspect of understanding, but also better than the Xuan Bing Saint. After all, Baiyunfu is a real thing, and it is the strongest in the true sense of the world. "It is not completely out of the shackles of heaven and earth, but I no longer need to borrow the power of heaven and earth, and what is between the heavens and the earth. But the realm of the fairyland is still no way out of the heavens and the earth, at least my strength is still suppressed by the heavens and the earth. So, it is like now, how strong my opponents are, how strong my strength will be." Bai Yunfu smiled and shook his head. "This is why the ghost prisoner always refuses to take the shots of the younger generations." Ye Xuan's heart is completely clear.Baiyun whistled a corner, and smiled: "The so-called strong is strong. If you are a mortal, threatening us with the power of mortals, we will show the power beyond the mortal front. In short, the fairyland will not die. It will not be defeated, but his strength has always been suppressed by the heavens and the earth. Only when forced to liberate, the heavens and the earth can not be controlled." "But, this is what it is for the seniors to fight with the ghost prisoner, the predecessors and the Ghost prisoners have a fight, can you find a way to heavenly?" Ye Xuan's face is incredible. "Of course, this is the only road." Baiyun floated a long sigh and said: "In fact, I believe that you will be confused in your heart. Since the fairyland is strong and strong, you will show different strengths when you encounter different masters. So where is the limit of the fairyland? Where is the fairyland in the ground to show how powerful it is?” Ye Xuan heard this and slammed it. He did think about this problem before, and now he listens to Baiyunfu, and his heart is once again in thinking. Yes, since the land fairyland is strong, it is strong, UU reads www. So, the fairyland is strong, where is the limit? Beyond the heavenly environment? No one can measure this. Suddenly, Ye Xuan suddenly realized what he was, and stared at Bai Yunfu. Baiyunfu saw the appearance of Ye Xuan, and smiled with satisfaction: "What should you think of, yeah, where is the limit of the fairyland? No one knows, who can force the limit of the fairyland? This is probably not in this world. The same thing that people can do is that if there are two wonderlandes in this world, what would happen if the two men played against each other?" "The younger generation did not know." Ye Xuan took a deep breath. The confrontation between these two places of wonderland is the confrontation between the spear and the shield. Baiyun floated and laughed loudly: "This result is naturally unbelievable. The two fairy tales will force each other's strengths, so that the strength of the two will be liberated step by step. You are strong and strong, and always There is a moment when two fairylandes will have one person's limit, which will be forced out, and the real fairyland that forces the limit in the true sense, when he finds his own limit, he has already left the bondage of heaven and earth. Become a fairy." "This is the way to become a fairy?" Ye Xuan's face is incredible. "This is the way to become a fairy, two bottomless pits, to explore this bottomless hole to the end, you can become a fairy. This is why Wu Tian chased me for so many years to fight with me, but also I said, me and him One of the battles is a fateful thing, and it cannot be avoided." Baiyun floated calmly. When Ye Xuan heard this, it was inevitable that the whole heart was shocked. For Bai Yunfu’s said, his sight was suddenly widened. Dixian, Tianxian. "That said, the predecessors and the Uranian predecessors have always been enemies and friends?" Ye Xuan said with confusion.

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