The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 1028: The Devil Pool!

Chapter 1028: The Devil Pool!

After five days, the leaves and purple mysterious electrical Shura curse once again returned to the city, and then went straight west royalty away.

Now, when the leaves appear mysterious and purple electricity Shura, he has returned to the ancient Dian Shura is located. And before leaving, only difference is that, behind the mysterious leaf clinging to a dying infuriating, there is no combat capability of the Shura.

Look look, it is time to wind Crane Xiongluo!

It is not difficult to see that the wind stuck a nail crane Xiongluo body.

These, naturally leaves mysterious eye for an eye person in his body. I have to say, with this wind brought under control a nail crane Xiongluo already enough, then leaves mysterious province also other ways to live in captivity crane Xiongluo the wind.

At least, this way came, the wind Crane Xiongluo is a nail in the body, repair lost, has been dying look, there is no longer a little toss of the posture.

"You say this to continue, he will direct die?" Ye Xuan infuriating caught, he said puzzled.

"Dead? No, these fierce Luopi coarse flesh, where so easy to die. And there you are, how he died?" Purple power Shura careless laugh.

Because the wind caught the crane Xiongluo, purple power Shura very happy, even excited than leaf mysterious man personally caught wind of Cape Xiongluo. Just came back, she took breath released.

Soon, the body in the hall of the ancient king and blue war Shura Shura to observe the electrical Shura purple leaves and mysterious atmosphere, put down immediately at hand things out to meet and purple leaves mysterious power of the Shura.

Now, after the war Shura out of the blue, black and purple leaf electric saw Shura, a eyebrow, laughed:. "Yedao I, purple power guard, how do you come back so soon."

Purple Power Shura smiled: "Meet the blue war Highness, as we caught wind ...... crane Xiongluo, of course, came back."

Green war Shura had not what these words fall into the ears, he stared: "What, you've caught wind Crane Xiongluo!"

Talking, green eyes on the war Shura leaves behind a mysterious infuriating catch people who face for a while.

Ye Xuan infuriating a move, lookout crane Xiongluo put down, said: "Green battle brother, look at this Xiongluo, whether it is wind crane Xiongluo."

Green war Shura quickly a Guanfeng crane Xiongluo see this wind crane Xiongluo appearance of the unconscious, suddenly ferocious said: "Yes, that's him, he is the wind Crane Xiongluo, I was hurt that Xiongluo ! "

"That's right up!" Ye mysterious grin.

Green now see this war Shura crane Xiongluo wind, can be described as the enemy to meet exceptionally jealous, hate teeth, this trend even if not much wind crane Xiongluo already dying, then green war Shura has the hands.

After a long pause, Youth Shura battle to hold back the hands of just the idea.

He knows that now keep the wind Crane Xiongluo there is great use, can not let him die!

Shura rhyme next to it is full of surprise on the face, said:. "Wushu, which can wind your old crane Xiongluo hurt, it must be very bad."

"Yes ah, this is very tricky wind crane it. All in all, electric purple leaf guard and the brother really powerful strength, even so simple to fall upon the wind Crane!" Green war Shura hearty laughed.

Just say so, but his heart is full of doubt.

Shura purple electric current state he is clear, and perhaps mysterious purple leaf electric Shura together can fall upon the wind Crane Xiongluo, but not so rapidly as to fishes, this out a few days?

"It's not closed and I, everything is moving leaf mysterious hand. You know, I just flesh recovery, a strength even five Chengdu not come out." Purple Power Shura shook his head, said that, North Korea also secretly the leaves mysterious twinkle in his eye, apparently saying that they have no credit for meaning.

"......" Ye see the mysterious appearance of purple electricity Shura, silent up.

Green war Shura Shura purple power to hear the case, a shocked, said: "purple power guard is to say, it is completely wind Crane leaves a brother who solved?"

"Green Battle Royal Highness said, well, just that." Purple Power Shura hand and said, this time, she'd really have a guard looks like.

Green war Shura took a deep breath: "Ye brother is not only a terrible medicine, even the strength is so powerful, I am afraid, in the spiritual family Cultivation, Ye brother is also a leader of the bar."

He learned some things about the mysterious leaf from his sister Qinglian mouth, so he leaves mysterious identity is not surprising.

Xuan Ye said slowly: "Green battle brother flattering, in fact, this wind is not strong crane, except that nails a bit trickier, but I, as Eldar Cultivation, luck restrain the wind Crane Xiongluo just speaking, green. Lin predecessors it? "

He is now most concerned about is where Qinglian Shura, after all, he was the reason for the royal family to do so much, in fact, the root cause is still to see the royal family.

Shura then words rhyme: "The mother now has to go to the royal family!"

These words fall, leaves mysterious flash lighted surface, he said: "? Qinglian royal predecessors to the good, then good ......"

Thought for a moment, Ye Xuan said: "Now that the wind has caught back the next crane, green battle brother, the wind crane on to you!"

. "Haha, good to me," Green war Shura heard here, I heard a laugh in one hand and the wind picked up directly crane Xiongluo, said: "Rest assured, this crane to wind up my hand, that eccentric nails all the mystery, all I have to let him spit it out. Well, I will not be another war green penalty Shura family, I'm well versed in! "

Obviously, this wind is green war Shura crane Xiongluo hurt once, has been vindictive, 说什么也得 these avenged just be happy the.

Green war Shura grin happy laugh: "Well, I'll go first, the wind Crane Xiongluo, I have a good job and he counted afterwards."

Green rhyme war Shura Shura see so anxious to go, Pieliaopiezui: "Five uncle too impatient."

"His Royal Highness rhyme, now caught wind crane Xiongluo, as well as under a favor to ask." Purple Power Shura Shura see rhyme, respectfully.

Cape Wind rhyme Shura Shura now see come back again, very good mood, sweet smiles: "Purple Power guard do not hesitate, you are the mother's escort, is the mother's sisters, in accordance with the seniority I have heard you call it Aunt , how can you claim to be subordinate in front of me, it would be a very sorry. "

"Health is under the royal guard, dead, too!" Said Shura purple electric punctual.

Hyun leaves no standing next to speak, but he did clear, purple power Shura although usually slovenly, but the royal family is loyal Fuji.

Purple Power and ancient courtesy there is a will, rhyme had just asked: "? Yes, purple power guard, is there anything you"

Purple Power Shura thought for a moment and said: "Well, I wanted to consult the princess, but now the princess is not within the royal family, is to consult about ancient Royal Highness, could open the pool so that leaves about mysterious mythical royal family into it. ? "

It is obvious from these words, the electric purple Shura still want to help the psyche leaves mysterious.

"Ghost pool?" A rhyme Shura eyebrow, covered with colored thoughts of Qiao Lian.

Purple Power Shura nodded.

Ye mysterious mythical natural pool in the end do not know what is, but Shura purple power is very clear.

This mythical royal repair Roth pool but some treasure, Jie this four royal treasure, and this mythical pool, even a royal Shura life can only go three times only. Once adulthood is a time when the impact is the Ghost of the body, and once the impact immortal body!

And every time the pool soaking into the mythical, almost brand new constitution, there will be changes.

Like the ancient Mo, in adulthood, in fact, only for bone of the body only, after all, old age, after all, not Mo, was seeking to find gradually. However, other young adults, into a mythical bubble pool, directly reached the Kai Tai of the body, even the body close to the curse mine.

From this place it is easy to see the role of the mythical pool. UU reading

In other words, Ghost pool is very important, not what people can freely enter.

Rhyme Shura lost in thought which, if it is for other people, she would have refused. After all mythical pool, did not allow non-royal person to enter!

However, I will not speak that leaves mysterious royal blood, leaves mysterious first five saved her uncle, and then capture the wind Crane Shura. She thought, if this is his mother, will not refuse mysterious leaves and purple electricity Shura these requirements.

Think of it, rhyme Shura said: "! This is no problem."

"Thank you, His Royal Highness the rhyme!" Purple Power Shura heard this, ecstatic, quickly gratefully.

Xuan Ye also followed quickly thank rhyme.

Rhyme said: "Purple Power guard do not hesitate if the mother's words, want not refuse, electric purple leaf guard and brother, please come with me, I went to help open the mythical pool.."

Talking, rhyme Shura directly turned to leave, but leaves black and purple power Shura is followed up.

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