The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 1013: You shouldn't say that I don't deserve him! (3

Chapter 1013: You shouldn't say that I don't deserve him! (3

"What!" Shura female body very holy see this surging river of blood, a time some of them lost in the mind.

She was, Liu perilla see through the tricks! !

Although Liu perilla see through the tricks, but one thing she was sure to repair Liu perilla is where the body is impossible to have such amazing strength.

This is a high altitude river of blood, looking at all gives an enormous terrible pressure!

Now, this river of blood flowing high in the sky, has spread to the foot of dozens of Ashura. Precisely, it has dozens of Shura completely surrounded.

"Ten mysterious Big Brother ...... perilla sister she could not hurt." Old Mo Shura blinked, subconsciously he said.

Although the power and influence caused by strong Liu perilla, perilla but whoever may willow body repair it. Her face an enemy but a very holy Ashura body.

Ye Hyun held hands standing, looking over the river Willow blood perilla figure: "She was angry."

"Why ...... uh perilla sister angry?" Mo Shura Joji puzzled ancient mind.

"Really is a small Shura." Purple Power Shura Pieliaopiezui said:. "I'm afraid it was twelve or thirteen."

Ye Hyun serious, said: "The woman Shura, said she does not like to hear."

"But, perilla sister no problem?" Said Shura Old Mo is not assured.

"Do not worry." Ye said, laughing lost mysterious.


"Sister, what tricks." Now, these repair ranging from blood Shura stood above the river, a river of blood this time do not know is what, do not dare to act rashly.

This river of blood is too mysterious, and standing on the river of blood, they always feel that this river of blood will be moving the same.

Ting Qin Shura narrowed his eyes, looked Liu perilla one, and then ferocious said:. "?! What are they afraid, where she was a mere body, just put a cover-up scare you."

Having said this, we intend to court piano Shura to kill Liu perilla.

However, when she was going to kill Liu perilla, but found that Liu perilla actually has disappeared in the place.

The huge river of blood,

Liu has been completely unable to find a trace of perilla.

"People?" The Shura stared, but could not find a trace of the mysterious leaf.

"Are you sure your wife did not question it?" Said Shura purple power is not assured.

"You do not know her." Xuan Ye said slowly.

"In you into marriage, I know her, I do not know how she?" Purple Power Shura unconvinced said.

Ye mysterious lost smiles: "Do not you know her better than I?"

Liu perilla is not a long shot before, but this does not mean that Liu perilla strength has decreased.


A sudden popping.

Shura saw that the blood flowing river engulfed the full height of more than ten feet, this river of blood rolled moment, toward the rear of the body of the penalty mine only days. These have to be a fine day when Shura mine body is rolled into the river of blood, you can hear the sound of a Road miserable!

"Well!" Ting Qin swept away behind Shura, only to find that his men actually died more than twenty breath.

This is more than twenty Shura bodies falling from the air, rivers of blood to completely kill.

And she is now, not even Liu perilla people can not find!

Ting Qin Shura stared for a time: "people do!"

"I'm here too!" Liu perilla cold voice suddenly sounded.

I do not know at what time, the blood out of a convergence of the river figure appeared in front of the word piano court Shura, this woman looks like willow and perilla look exactly the same!

"Go to hell." Ting Qin Liu Shura saw the emergence of perilla, crackling electric snake on a road flashed blue fist. Immediately, the court played the piano Shura punch, life through a willow perilla chest.


Blood shed.

Ting Qin Shura see their punch to kill Liu perilla, laugh and said:. "Trick, much better than this."

However, the voice just fall that killed Liu perilla has turned it into a mass of blood, blood into the river.


Is a Road screams.

Court once again turned to the piano Shura, when to look behind him, only to find their original dozens of men, to curse mine body, the Blessed Virgin of the body. Even at this time, all disappeared.

"How could!" Ting Qin Shura become pale complexion.

So one will be the effort, her staff do all dead?


Liu perilla in the end is what, the person who is not a mere body do?

She in the end, provoke a kind of person?

"This ...... perilla, perilla sister was amazing!" Shura ancient Mo stared, saw Liu perilla even a short time to get rid of so many high-order Shura, his face covered with disbelief.

Ting Qin Shura see his men even have unknowingly died, a time of some fear, then, looking at the sky.

I do not know when, together formed a blood Phoenix appeared in the high altitude, and Liu perilla, stood on top of that blood phoenix!

"Damn!" Ting Qin Shura fists clenched, standing in a river of blood, not to act rashly.

She did not understand Liu perilla, perilla Liu also did not know in the end what is the use exercises. It exercises she unheard of!

Now, this blood Phoenix scream loudly, Liu perilla rode this Phoenix blood, breath toward the atrium piano Shura rushed over. Ting Qin Shura feeling the force of the blood on the Phoenix, dripping sweat on his forehead for a time, then, and Liu intends to temporarily perilla distance.

However, that billowing flowing river of blood is suddenly rolled up, withstood her path.

"Go away!" Ting Qin Shura rage, a fist smashing down, you want to try to play a channel.

However, this river of blood rolled up blood is endless, piano court Shura just break open some of the blood and Hanoi is a lot of blood to gush, making her absolutely no way to get rid of her range is located.

She was just an ordinary very holy body Shura, where there are so many ways to crack.

At this time, Liu perilla has to control blood Phoenix TV drama, she rushed over.

"Go away!" Crackling flashes court piano Shura fist with lightning, which turned into a lightning electric snake, all of a sudden blood toward the Phoenix Liu perilla, perilla Liu will suddenly cut off half the blood of the Phoenix.

This allows the piano court Shura long sigh of relief.

But Soon the effort, let Qin court Shura desperate that Liu perilla that control blood Phoenix, UU reading actually restored the original appearance!

"Go." Liu said perilla face expressionless.

These words down, she jumped out of the blood of the Phoenix.

This moment, the blood out of Phoenix Liu perilla, rushed to the court piano Shura's side, and then, directly explode.

A large number of infuriating the court piano Shura involved in it, in this amazing power in the Qin court Shura, the defense will soon be cracked. Soon the effort, piano Shura court will already seriously injured, completely lost the fighting, the blood fell on the river.

Liu perilla standing on the river of blood, a grasping hand, these dying atrium piano Shura arrested.

Her eyes were cold, watching the Qin court Shura, cold voice said:. "You can say I am useless, but you should not say I do not deserve him."

These words down, her hands brought together out of a blood sword, sword through the court piano Shura body!


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