The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 1005: Fierce and Warrior Shura!

Chapter 1005: Fierce and Warrior Shura!

Seeing that Ye Xuan stepped directly into the theme, the female Shura did not dare to be vague, and quickly said: "Predecessors are asking if there is a royal Shura in the vicinity?"

Ye Xuan nodded: "I want to visit the royal family, some things are necessary. Also ask Yunshui sister to help this."

"Ten Xuan brother said to laugh, brother to help, the younger sister can not help the truth." This cloud Shurao smiled, heard Ye Xuan shouting his sister, suddenly throwing a wink to Ye Xuan.

She was very curious about what Ye Xuan was looking for in the royal family, but it was also clear that this was not something she could manage.

"..." Ye Xuan was helpless, he just shouted this Yunshui Shura a sister, after all, the Shura family did not call the habit of a friend, but this Yunshui Shulu did not call his predecessors, directly called his brother.

Listening to the purple electric Shura said that it is true that the Shura family is mainly a female Shura. I am only physically better than the female Shura. I haven’t said a few words about this female Shura. This Yunshui female Shura is no less than three times.

As for the Ten Xuan, it is naturally his fame in this Shura family.

Ye Xuan can only be installed and did not see it. Once again, he asked: "Do you know that there is a royal blood in the vicinity?"

"This, if Shi Xuan brother asked earlier, that little girl may not know how to answer the ten Xuan brother, but when the ten Xuan brother asked, it happened to be just right. Ten Xuan brother came from afar, also know that our belt is In the remote areas of the Shura family, hundreds of thousands of years ago, it was used as a gathering place for the offensive spirits to cultivate the immortals. This remote place is difficult to find even the high-level Shura. Where is the blood of the royal family? The blood of the royal family is rare. They are all in the Zhongdu area of ​​the Shura family!" Yunshui Shura smiled.

Ye Xuan was extremely uncomfortable by the Xuan brother of this cloud water Shura, and he said: "What does Yunshui’s sister want to say?"

He was also investigated after a series of twists and turns, only to investigate this Yunshui Shura, to understand some things about the blood of the royal family.

The blood of the royal family is the supreme symbol and existence of the entire Shura family.

They inherited the ancestors of Shura, the pure blood of the Lord of Shura.

This blood is very rare, and every royal tribe is respected by ordinary Shura. Even if Xiu Luo’s cultivation is higher than the blood of the royal family, Shura, who sees the blood of the royal family, must be respectful and dare not have any scorn.

The Shura of the blood of the royal family, although the king of the entire Shura world, never looked proud of others, so he was quite loved by the Shura community. Moreover, the owner of the blood of the Shura royal family maintains the order of the Shura community to avoid chaos in the order of the Shura community!

These are just the leaves that Ye Xuan learned from the purple electric repair Luokou. After all, the purple electric Shura was the personal guard of the royal family Shura, and it is normal to understand the blood of the Shura royal family.

However, after hundreds of thousands of years, the purple electric Shura once again set foot in the Shura world, and the time has passed. The current Shura royal family and the former Shura royal family can be the same, or an unknown number."This is the case. Can Ten Mysterious Brothers have heard that in recent days, in Pingyuan City and Beiyan City, there has been a murderous murderer?" Yun Shuxiu said with a wink.

"Fero Luo? This is heard of some." Ye Xuan calmly said.

This fierce Luo refers to Shura in the Shura community who did not obey the bloodline of the royal family. These Shura often do the killing and the treasure, and the blood of the Shura City Pool is for no reason.

In short, some of the things that are done to make Shura anger and anger, so it is called fierce.

If it is only occasional to kill and win the treasure once, the blood of the royal family is regardless of whether or not. After all, people are not going to kill themselves. Some things that kill people for the sake of interest are normal.

It can be fierce, and the murder of the treasure is usually not as simple as once or twice.

Yunshui Shura mentioned the fierce Luo, and his face appeared taboo. He said: "It is said that this fierce Luo escaped from the Zhongdu area, but one of the fierceness of the royal family."

"Wang nationality bloody all night?" Ye Xuan smashed.

Purple Electric Shura explained: "It seems that this fierce Luo is very strong, and the fierceness of the royal family is riddled by the blood of the royal family. The lowest strength also has the body of the Holy Spirit. And this fierce Luo from the Zhongdu area, the eyelids of the royal family blood Under the child escaped, and escaped to this remote area in one breath, there must be some repairs of the body of the demon."

"The body of the demon?" Ye Xuan's face showed a surprise color.

The body of the demon, that is equivalent to the cultivation of the spiritual cultivator.

Yunshui Shura said carefully at this time: "Yeah, this fierce Luo is amazing. Otherwise, where is the relationship between the north Yancheng and the distant city, where will they join hands? And in recent days, the guards of the city, even the younger generation I have gone, in order to guard against the fierce Luo."

Ye Xuan dumbfounded, if the fierce Luo really has the body of the demon, let alone the body of the little saint, that is, the Shura of the very holy body can not resist it.

"This fierce Luo is not bad, it is also a fierce and evil Lord. It seems that it is not suitable for travel in recent days, but what does this have to do with the blood of the royal family?" Ye Xuan looked at Yunshui Shura, and asked.

Yunshui Shura looked at Ye Xuan with a strange look and said: "This, ten Xuan brother does not know? This fierce Luo escaped from the Central Region, the blood of the Wang family will definitely come and chase."

Ye Xuan suddenly realized that he patted his head, but he laughed that he didn't even think of it.

"It’s that I didn’t open my head for a while. However, seeing Yunshui’s sister knows very well about this Shura royal family, isn’t Yunshui’s sister, have seen these Shura royals?” Ye Xuan said in a burst of blood.

Yunshui Shura looked around and seemed to be afraid of being heard. He said: "This is the case. When I went to Yao Wanshan to pick fruit, I happened to see the royal family chasing the fierce. The process. At that time, the younger sister’s courage could be scared. Fortunately, the little girl’s life was big. The fierce Luo only managed to escape, and did not notice the younger sister. Otherwise, whether the younger sister can return is still unknown.”

"Things have passed, Yunshui sister should not worry too much." Ye Xuan Wen and his comfort.Yunshui Shura heard the comfort of Ye Xuan, a pretty face, said: "As for the royal family, I only know this about the younger sister."

Ye Xuan touched his chin and fell into meditation.

"The royal family Shura chasing the fierce Luo came to this area." Ye Xuan said to himself.

"Although this opportunity is not very good, it is indeed an opportunity to find the royal family Shura." Purple electric Shura said helplessly.

Ye Xuan smiled and said: "However, the fierce Luo was chased and killed by the royal family Shura, and he did not know where it was. Besides, it seems that only the city has tried its luck, and it is necessary to discuss it and see what the royal family used to say. I am repairing this body. Is it true that the royal family Shura can be seen? UU reading ”

Although listening to the purple electric Shura, the blood of the royal family is modest, never arrogant, at least the purple electric repair Luo as the guardian of the blood of the royal family for so many years, no roots. But what do you take for the royal family Shura to lead himself to the Zhongdu area of ​​the Shura family?

"What is the taste of this fruit? If you don't mind if you don't mind," Xu Xuan brother can taste it casually." This solves the business, and Yun Shura has squinted at Ye Xuan.


This cloud water Shura has been retained several times, Ye Xuan only wants to leave, where will stay here? The guest set a few words and handed it to Yunshui Shura, a few Vientiane jade, which was paid, and got up and left.

That cloud Shura looked at Ye Xuan and didn't feel it for himself. Even if he didn't want to look at himself, he was obviously disappointed.

This Ye Xuan is really different from other male Shura.

But in the end, I saw that Ye Xuan gave himself six Vientiane jade. This cloud water repairing Luo was very happy, which is much more than the Vientiane jade she earned from picking fruit.

"Although this Shura is not strong enough, can you be very interesting to you? If you eat people's fruits, but you don't care about people, this is too hearty." Purple Electric Shura snorted.

"Don't mention the fruit." Ye Xuan did not have a good voice.

Originally, he thought that the fruit tasted good, and he also planned to bring Liu Baisu some. Now, he thought that he had no feeling about the fruit.

After thinking for a while, Ye Xuan said: "We still discuss it, how to find the things of the royal family Shura."

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