The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 948: Heaven and Earth Holy Land!

Chapter 948: Heaven and Earth Holy Land!

Those of the Sacred strong, through their own mind, to change the look of a space, but he wanted those people to change, too, is impossible nature of the place looks like a completely changed.

Like ...... they add a layer of the same color on the fabric.

For example, adding a layer of red cloth, it is red?

No, fabric and paint never fully integrated, the ability of Cultivation, trying to erase those colors, easy, fabric or cloth.

Or also, people build houses on the ground floor that houses it and integrate it? No, it is not.

Well, this ability to sacred land, is not, and he thought the same?

They look like a place of change, in fact, is the place to add a layer of color, not the essence, the place looks like a completely changed.

This world born of heaven and earth, the world becomes, if people can change, would not be able to override the world?

"If you and I think, like, just do not know, can be seen at this place has not changed the original appearance." Xuan Ye said slowly.

Here is the loft, but now it is a paradise.

In other words, it is that the sacred land, the scene in the attic, it turned into a paradise. In fact, attic or loft, just mix stir up his vision of it.

Ye mysterious eyes closed, suddenly opened, carefully watching around.

Time soon, a blink of an eye, is a tea time.

Hyun leaves concentrate, look no change, finally, he seems to have found some wrong.

He saw.

He saw very clearly.


Xuan Ye look at the scenery in the attic, and not the surface of paradise.

Suddenly, the mysterious head startled leaf, followed by, in front of all disappear.

"I did not think, I thought you were younger young, break me, who am Italian in the community, you should be the last one. After all, the world is intended to crack, and repair, and mood, all have nothing to do, rely on is the is experience. did not think that you should be the first one who ruined my intention in this sector. it seems, Jiuxing dynasty, it was certainly give me too much road dynasty brought a talented guy. "an old man's voice sounded.

Ye Xuan could not help but looked up and saw that a white-haired old man, white-haired old man this is a look at him smiling, smiling, touching a long white beard, apparently satisfied with the look of their own.

"Meet the older generation." Ye see this mysterious old man, guess who it is natural, took a deep breath, quickly he said respectfully.

He did not think that this man could recognize themselves, but also know they are Jiuxing dynasty people.

"Do not shy, either Jiuxing dynasty, or six pole dynasty, are Eldar Cultivation who came to my road too dynasty, is to deal with a part of the West Lan demons, I do not favor nor against." Gray hair the old man said quietly.

"Thanked the older generation." Yexuan Gong said the King.

I do not know why, even if this old man, smiling, but he was invisible from the other side of the body, she felt the terrible force of oppression.

This oppressive force, not to mention the mysterious leaf.

It was a warm, gentle force of oppression, but,

This force of oppression, but people may feel there is nothing against the mean.

Pale white-haired old man smiled and said:. "So young, so the repair can be achieved, even in the road too dynasty was also very rare, and, if I am not wrong, you should practice green from Xuanbing decision"

"The older generation younger recognize Gong practice?" Ye Xuan stared.

White-haired old man laughed: "Green from Xuanbing never created by the people in those days, but the Holy One year Xuanbing famous name, but also worse than I am, I naturally clear twelve in all, I remember Xuanbing. after the fall of the Holy One, no one heard what he left it completely, I did not expect that from green Xuanbing decision, you actually get, maybe this is fate. "

Xuan Ye have not had time to speak, suddenly, a person's appearance also showed out, so that leaves mysterious surprise is that this man emerges from the Italian border, the ten people turned out to be among the most low-key ugly old woman. This old woman leaning on a cane, cloudy eyes to see color when faster, obviously leaves mysterious even than her eyes out in a flash of shock.

"Yes, yes." White-haired old man saw this old woman also came out and said with a smile.

"Meet the older generation." This old woman can not trust big, immediately respectful began.

Soon after the old woman, the other a few elite were also false in period from the community came out in Italy.

He Galaxy and seem to be having some trouble, even circles out in seventh place in Italy just break open, to see come out of their own time, I have stood in front of six people, among them mysterious leaf, could not help but burst of ugly face flashed color.

Then, after a Zhancha time to other virtual closing of several elite also emerged from the sector in Italy.

"It seems that people have been in attendance." White-haired old man glanced around, calm said.

We have several people shouted predecessors, to show respectful.

White-haired old man nodded his head and said: "You are my spiritual family in the Cultivation of elite virtual combined, can be said to be the strongest in period of ten virtual, limitless future achievements, we had this event, in which dangerous should not be overlooked, will not let you participate in. but once you let go to help fight for Lingbao yin and yang, is forced to do. "

When he finished, then white-haired old man, I looked at a few people.

"It's the yin and yang Lingbao, a sword, to imagine a sharp sword. You want to come out to listen to people say, this sword is divided into a sword and a scabbard, both within a common aperture different places, but not far away, your task is to put these two things to win back all its importance, I think some of his fellow all understand. "

Speaking of which, dignified white-haired old man said: "This is about a fight for life and death too dynasty road, you can not afford to fail now if you who can not stand the pressure, want to go, I do not stop!"

Having said this, the white-haired old man, who saw a mysterious leaf.

He found that ten people's eyes did not flinch any meaning, just showing a happy smile.

"Well, it seems you have a great self-confidence, self-confidence is a good thing, only the strong have the self-confidence, self-confidence if you did not, I still can not let you go yet." The old man Saran smile: "But you have to clearly, you can not fail. in order to compete and this time the yin and yang Lingbao, even my road too strong Celestine dynasty only days have come. "

"Heaven Sacred?" A few people looked at each other.

Clearly, this level of Celestine day for them, is extremely strange.

Old man showing a smile and said: "Originally, this level is that you can not be in contact with the world Celestine this level, but you are in the virtual closing of the elite, limitless future achievements, and now I have met, and I also wish you Sacred thing to talk about the world. "

Hyun, who leaves where dare vagueness, are all carefully listening.

Usually they are aware of our ancestors than to God on the road are too dynasty, but that actually is what kind of state, who knows?

And now, they have just learned that the land of our ancestors are sacred land of the strong, now, what is Sacred days, even the huge tract dynasty are simply too only one of it!

"I'm so road dynasty, a total of eight world Sacred strong, where seven is the sacred land, including me also to sacred land, while the remaining one is the road we are too dynasty strongest man, that is, ! beyond the Celestine, Celestine achieve super-strong days of "white-haired old man smiled and said:" Jiuxing and six pole dynasty and dynasty, is not all-day Sacred strong presence, it can be said, they are not to Sacred more than the five fingers. "

Speaking of which, white-haired old man proud of his face showing a smile. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

Xuan Ye is also a look of surprise.

Such a talk, a single on the top, the nine stars dynasty and dynasty six pole together, not as a dynasty road too.

That Celestine in the end is what kind of level he did not know, but obviously, you want more than to Celestine Celestine days a chip.

"You might want to ask, where is the gap between day and Celestine to Celestine in, I could say no if we are too dynasty days Celestine Road sits the Super ancestors, and now we have been too dynasty Road West Lan destroy demons had no less than five times. "dignified white-haired old man said.

Xuan Ye, who looked at each other, are all a bit shocked.

"Maybe you're thinking, usually including total including battlefield, a battlefield, a total of eight non-stop war, the two sides battle of wits, so do not achieve a key role in the battle?" Having said that white-haired old man, shaking his head laughing: "I can tell you quite understand, that kind of fight, just because I was too demon king of the dynasty days Celestine Road and West Lan strong devil who can do nothing who fills."

"King of the devil?" Ye Xuan paused.

I do not know what this king devil is in the end, but not hard to guess that this king devil and should be able to Sacred day as strong rival.

White-haired old man slowly said: "Cultivation of my spiritual family day Celestine strong and West Lan demon king devil playing numerous large and small field, and who can do nothing anyone can say that if I was too dynasty Road the day Sacred not strong, then I am afraid that the West Lan demons came directly hit, our spiritual family Cultivation is one-sided trend. "

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