The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 870: Swords and Opposites!

Chapter 870: Swords and Opposites!

Chapter VIII: The sword is facing each other!

Wenyue is still playing chess from her own self. Only after Ye Xuan has finished talking for a while, she said in an understatement: "My spiritual cultivator should be careful not in the Ducheng area, but in the tower of the gods. A band!"

"Why do you say that?" Ye Xuan looked confused.

Now everyone thinks that it is necessary to be careful about Ducheng. The moon is just the opposite. It makes Ye Xuan feel strange.

"As you said, Xixi demon will not do some useless work!" Wenyue dropped a black piece, and Baizi was killed. He said slowly: "You can all guess that Xixi demon is in the east, is it they? I don't know my weaknesses? The Xixi demon in my eyes is not such a stupid fool."

Ye Xuan heard this, and suddenly there was a feeling of smashing, and I felt that things were definitely not that simple.

Ye Xuan condensed his eyebrows: "As you said, this Xixi demon is also the sound of East!"

"You can say so, you can't say that." Wenyue said faintly.

"What do you mean?" Ye Xuan's face showed a strange color.

Wenyue said calmly: "If you think about it carefully, you will understand why so many Xixi demons are not coming out of the tower of the gods, but they still appear in the area of ​​the spiritual cultivators. And why are these The other places of the demon do not appear, but appear in the Ducheng area?"

Ye Xuan heard this and was surprised: "What do you mean, the Xiqiao demon in Ducheng's generation, and a 'tower of the gods'?"

His tower of gods is just a metaphor.

All the spiritual cultivators think that the Xiqiao demon thinks that there is only the tower of the gods, but what if the Xiqiao demon has a second exit?

"There is definitely land." Wenyue looked confidently and played chess: "You can watch it. After a long time, the Xixi demon will launch a big attack on Ducheng, not to mention devastating, but the momentum. It is absolutely frightening. At that time, it will inevitably attract the attention of the general army. At that time, the large amount of military power of the spiritual cultivators will definitely move to the Ducheng area, with Ducheng as the core of the battlefield!"

"At that time, there were a lot of demon attacks in the tower of the gods and devils. Even if the strength is insufficient, it is completely unprepared for the spirits to cultivate the immortals. If it is developed to this point, the Xixi evil spirits can recover some lost ground, thus stabilizing the situation. It is a long-term battle with the spiritual cultivator. It can be said that this battle, the Xixi evil spirit will definitely throw out the blood."

The words fell, and Wen Yue slowly started his own chess.

Hearing this, Ye Xuan took a deep breath and stared at the pros and cons.

After half a sigh, Ye Xuan glanced at the chess under the moon and said: "Which party has won now."

"There is no problem at all." Wen Yue said calmly, as soon as he fell, then a film that was killed by the sunspot would not stay. "Of course, I want to win, whoever wins."

Ye Xuan heard this, the pupil was shrinking.

I want to win who wins, whoever wins!

......Even when he went back, Ye Xuanxin was full of thoughts. There is such a smart woman, Ye Xuan naturally will not let go. However, after such a pointing point of Wenyue, Ye Xuan also considered the shortcomings of it. It is not the name of this kind of thing that the Xixi evil spirits are insidious and cunning!

"It must be prevented before it happens.

"Yuan Xuan muttered.

Purple Electric Shura is secretly saying: "This woman is a little weird!"

"Who?" asked Ye Xuan.

"It's the moon you said." Purple Electric Shura said faintly.

"Weird, how strange?" asked Ye Xuan.

Purple Electric Shura said seriously: "In short, it is weird. As for where it is weird, it can't be said!"

Ye Xuan is nothing strange: "She is the mind of the entire Taidao dynasty, very mysterious. If it is not weird, it is a strange thing."

"I said that she is weird, not referring to this aspect." Purple electric Shura said this, it was silent.

Usually, she would like to ask Ye Xuan and her to talk for a while, but this time it was surprisingly thinking about it, and did not take care of Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan did not pay attention to the purple electric Shura, looked up at the sky, but found that it was still a starry sky, Ye Xuan shook his head, Ducheng is in the domain of Xiqiao demon, the night here is much longer than the daytime More often than night, not daytime.

"she was……"

At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly recalled Jiang Qiaolai during the day.

The look and face of the woman made him feel a little strange. Although the former Jiang Qiao cold, but not the kind of cold that is completely ignorant of 'warm', and now, in the eyes of Jiang Qiao, in the face, it seems that they do not know what warm, hot, warm things.

Ye Xuan stood in the same place for a long while, finally biting his teeth, still could not help but walk to the land where Jiang Qiao lived.

He said that he was here with Jiang Qiao, but how could he really stop here?

The mentor and apprentice of that year experienced so many ups and downs, today, friends can't do it?

Ye Xuan thought in his heart, it was a wave of sleeves, disappeared in place.

When it was once again, Ye Xuan went directly to the attic where Jiang Qiao lived. The candlelight in the house flashed, and Ye Xuan hesitated in front of Jiang Qiaomen. After half a squat, he knocked on the door.

“Is there any time to talk?” Ye Xuan asked.

"No time to!"

The cold voice of Jiang Qiao was quickly heard in the house.

"Just talk for a while." Ye Xuan did not give Jiang Qiao a chance to refuse, and pushed the door hard.

Jiang Qiao walked out of the state of cultivation, and immediately looked at Ye Xuan with a cold eyes.

On the eyes of Shang Qiaoqiao, at that moment, Ye Xuan only felt that he suddenly entered another world, ice and snow, and even Ye Xuan could clearly feel the coldness of the body.

The world is very big, there is no one, no idea where it is the export, and even the memory of how to come in disappears.

"This is a fantasy." Hong Yun reminded.

"It is indeed a illusion, everything is fake. However, you are also a fake." Ye Xuan held his hand, this words fell, the surrounding illusion broke through, Ye Xuan returned to the original world, in front of Jiang Qiao Still Jiang Qiao, he is still him.Jiang Qiao saw that Ye Xuan soon looked like this, and his expression did not change.

"You don't have to use illusion anymore." Ye Xuan shook his head and said: "My heart is like a meteorite. Your illusion is very high, even I don't know if I fall into it. However, your illusion can't handle me."

He did not expect to see you today, the two are actually swords and arrows!

"I didn't agree with you coming in." Jiang Qiao looked at Ye Xuan coldly.

"I just want to talk to you, why are you so ugly." Ye Xuan sighed, this time he really saw it, Jiang Qiao is really not right.

"I didn't agree with you coming in." Jiang Qiaohan said.

Ye Xuan did not answer the question of Jiang Qiao and said: "What happened to you?"

"I am fine." Jiang Qiao said calmly.

Ye Xuan looked straight at Jiang Qiao: "You have a problem."

"I am very good." Jiang Qiao chilled and said.

"You have a problem. UU reading" Ye Xuan condensed.

"I said, I am very good." Jiang Qiao said coldly: "You can go out."

Hearing this, the bad premonition in Ye Xuan’s heart is getting more and more intense. What happened to Jiang Qiao? Strictly speaking, the current Jiang Qiao is not really cold. Her cold is a kind, no mood swings, no signs of inner feelings, she... what happened.

"..." Ye Xuan knew that he would stay here for a while now, but it would even cause Jiang Qiao to resent, and quickly said: "You should rest earlier. I... I will go first."

The words fell, and Ye Xuan turned and left.

Jiang Qiao didn't even look at Ye Xuan, but just a little, the door automatically closed, and she fell into cultivation.

"It’s too much to be so cold about my family’s little Shura.” Leaving Jiang Qiao’s house, Zixiu Xiu Luo said lazily.

"I am not your home." Ye Xuanhan said.

"It's too unfair." Zixiu Shulu dissatisfiedly said: "You are so gentle to her, how it looks like to me, I am fighting for you, and why are you not my family? The same is Shura is a family. I am your family, you are my family, what is wrong, Xiao Xiuluo."

"I am not Shura." Ye Xuan faintly sighed, the thoughts in his mind are full of Jiang Qiao's things.

she was……

What happened?

Such a ginger, he should not be in the end -

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