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Chapter 685: The Law of Healing!

Chapter 685: The Law of Healing!

Chapter 685: The Law of Healing!

This Li Zhengyang is the genius of everyone in the Taiqing God. It is said to be the most top medical genius in his family. At the age of 23, he is famous for the great monasteries of the Taiqing Kingdom. Many people have asked for treatment. This time, Li Zhengyang came to Hanyue Island. Wen Jia, in his words, also wants to try his luck and see if he can heal the Qianjin Island.

Of course, it is mainly the home of Hanyue Island. This time, the doctors and doctors were recruited. Li Zhengyang is holding the exchange of ideas and the purpose of apprenticeship.

When Li Zhengyang heard Ye Xuan’s words, he smiled and said: “It’s not the opposite. It’s the younger brother in my family. He got this strange disease of heart and blood. In fact, many years ago, the first day of the family’s medical skills. Where is me, but my brother, but my brother has been self-defeating after learning that he has got this strange disease. I want to save him."

One sentence I want to save him, tells the feelings of Li Zhengyang and his brother.

"Does Li brother's younger brother have this strange disease?"


Several people next to him sighed.

Obviously, I feel that this strange disease of abdominal heart and black blood is difficult to cure.

Did not directly let Li Zhengyang sorrow and change, several people have already felt that the words are very euphemistic.

"I am a brother, I just want to save him." Li Zhengyang took a deep breath and said, this time he came to Hanyue Island, the most important purpose is to seek treatment for abdominal black blood. Now seeing Ye Xuan, he is also seeking a way to go. Of course, there is no way for Ye Xuan to be there, and he is not sure.

After all, where is the heart of the black blood is so good to heal.

"How old is your brother?" Ye Xuan asked subconsciously.

Treating abdominal heart and blood, age is a key.

"This is seventeen years old." Li Zhengyang heard Ye Xuan ask, first, a glimpse, then his eyes flashed, said: "Dare to ask Lin brother, there is no hope!"

"Not too late!" Ye Xuan smiled. "The easiest way to heal your heart and blood is to find two treasures!"

"Can Lin brother say that the blood of the sunbird, and the return of the grass?" Li Zhengyang said.

"If you really have these two kinds of treasures, the black blood of the heart is not a problem." Ye Xuan nodded.

Li Zhengyang was bitter and said: "But the sunbird is the legendary thing. This does not say that Huiyangcao has already been extinct in this world, how can it be found!"

"I can't find it, I can find something to replace." Ye Xuan smiled slightly and said: "The doctor's way, the first thing I learned is to give the opposite. I ask you, what is the main place of the blood of the sunbird and the backgrass? ”

"It's back to Yang! The blood of the sunbird has pure and pure power, and the same is true for the backgrass. With the cooperation of two different yangs, the black blood in the black heart can be broken. In that case, the physique will be healed." Li Zhengyang seems to understand what is general, open the way.

"Yes, so you can find some alternative medicines." Ye Xuan laughed.Li Zhengyang shook his head and said: "Lin brother this method, some of the predecessors in the family also thought about it, but the treasures that are too few in the sun can not be used. And too many back to the sun is rare, even if With the ability of our family, it is also very difficult to find."

"I have a way." Ye Xuan smiled slightly.

"Lin brother has a way?" Li Zhengyang said shocked.

"In fact, the method is very simple. You only need the blood of the 'three-flavored flamingo', and one can listen to the wind grass. The medicinal properties of these two treasures are not strong, but they are not rare. Take the power of your family. Can be easily found, then, with a needle method." Ye Xuan laughed.

"What needle method?" Li Zhengyang said with a shock.

The blood of the flamingo, and the wind and grass, he knows.

He just wanted to ask, but he saw that Ye Xuan’s look looked at himself in some wrong way. He quickly said: “It’s Lee’s recklessness, and this kind of thing is a treasure of his own, how can he just take it out. But Lin Brother, please tell me, as long as there are any conditions, what Lee can do, must be taken out!"

In order to save his brother, he went out today.

"You misunderstood." Ye Xuan shook his head and said: "It is not a problem with the needle method. This needle method only needs to insert two acupuncture points, one is the chest Tianji point, and the other is the foot Fengmen hole, but although only two acupuncture points However, the need for a needle is very high, and you can't reach the conditions for the time being!"

Ye Xuan said that it is not a lie, although Dr. Li Zhengyang is not bad, but it is still difficult to apply acupuncture to treat abdominal black blood.

Li Zhengyang's mentality is not calm enough, this is the most crucial place.

"Nothing, there are people in our family, there are seniors who can apply needles, please tell Lin Lin." Li Zhengyang said eagerly.

Ye Xuan said: "In the family of Li Xiong, there must be a predecessor who can apply the needle. I will hand over the needle to Li Xiong, but Li Xiong can understand how many of them can feel that this method can be used in the end, then Look at what Li brother thought about himself!"

"Lin brother is so defiant, how can Li doubt the spirit of Lin brother?" Li Zhengyang smiled bitterly. UU reading

Now, he is already a dead horse as a living horse doctor. I believe that with Ye Xuan’s medical skills, it is impossible to do something useful.

Ye Xuan listened here, calmed down, and then his lips moved slightly, and he was voiced separately to Li Zhengyang.

"The needle of the Yin is inserted in the foot of the foot of the feng shui, the damper hole is the acupoint of the foot, and even the needle of the Yin to stimulate the acupuncture point, it is sure to stimulate the foot positive. And the chest Tianji acupoint, under the stimulation, can add blood. Circulation, once the blood circulates, the black blood will naturally be washed, and then with the return to the sun, to eliminate the black blood..." After Li Zhengyang got the needle method, he carefully thought about it and suddenly thought about the magical use of Ye Xuan's healing method. At the office.


Thinking of this, Li Zhengyang finally knows that Ye Xuan is the breakthrough point of this healing method. Ye Xuan’s method of healing specifically seeks the weakness of the disease.Taking a deep breath, Li Zhengyang couldn't help but bend over and said: "Thank you for your help." If you meet in the future, Lin will always remember the grace of Lin Xiong. I will replace it first. My brother thanked Lin brother, and was ashamed in the lower pocket. The only treasure that I saw in the past was this 20,000-year-old Cui Yincao. In this book, I wanted to use this grass to ask the doctor to shoot. Now I’m a brother, let’s say it. When Moussaton opened, this Cui Yincao was given to Ye Xiong!"

In my heart, Li Zhengyang is also full of admiration for Ye Xuan. He knows that his medical skills are probably better than Ye Xuan. I don’t know how much worse.

Ye Xuan smiled slightly, and Li Zhengyang knew where else, he could be a real doctor.

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