The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 643: The enemy is coming!

Chapter 643: The enemy is coming!

Also discussed some things about the 10th, after the two sons of Qiao Zilong and Xin Hui voluntarily retired, leaving only Ye Xuan and Lin Zhimeng.

Ye Xuan looked at Lin Zhimeng like this, and there was a smile on his face. I believe that any man who sees Lin Zhimeng’s dress will reveal the same bitter smile as him.

"Why, is it like me to look better than a woman dressed up as a woman? If this is the case, would you like to dress up like this every day?" Lin Zhimeng smiled quietly.

"..." Ye Xuan shook his head and said: "It's still different. I think, you still have to be a woman better. However, looking at your appearance, it seems that you are not worried about Qinghai Shenguo. Are you still? Is there any card?"

"I have another card." Lin Zhimeng said in an understatement: "However, what is the use of worry, you should know that I have encountered something that is not so much worry!"

If you have to say something, it may have happened.

For example, not long ago.

Ye Xuan dumbfounded, then took a deep breath and said: "This time Qinghai Shenguo wants to occupy the Tiandi Emperor Kingdom. If it is only some solid period, it is not a terrible thing. I am afraid, some god countries. The Lord will also intervene in this matter."

"Reassured, those gods and gods do not dare to intervene when they do not understand the situation of the Tiandi Emperor." Lin Zhimeng Yan Yan smiles, even if it is a man, but the smile is still like a flower The child blooms.

"How do you say this?"

Lin Zhimeng took out a fan in his hand and shook it slightly. He said: "Do you think that the snow-capped gods and the gods of the gods attacked me in the heavenly kingdom of the gods, and the other surrounding gods are not clear about this? And now the Biqing Emperor and the Snowy Kingdom are retreating, and those gods will not feel a problem?"

"Since they dare to attack, they are only exploratory attacks! If those dying are dead, then it will be considered. For the Emperor of the Kingdom of God, this is nothing. But let them be the Emperor of the Kingdom." I tried to test the truth of the Tiandi Emperor, obviously they didn’t have this guts. After all, in their eyes, we were able to force the retreat of the Biqing Emperor and the Snowy Kingdom, and let the two great emperors’ powers return without success. They can also be used on them, and this is their concern."

"So, with the lessons of the Biqing Emperor and the Snowy Kingdom, the gods of the kingdoms want to set foot on our Tiandi Emperor, and they will never do it."

Ye Xuan heard this, his thoughts in his heart, and immediately said; "It turns out that

Those who are strong in the road can reassure me without taking the shot. ”

Now, the most worried about him is the strong man of the emperor.

If the strong man of the Emperor of the Kingdom of God has intervened in this matter, he said that he must not hide in the demon domain for the second time.

"Right!" Lin Zhimeng suddenly remembered something, the fan was combined, and immediately said.

"What's wrong?" Ye Xuan looked at Lin Zhimeng and asked.

"After ten days, be careful." Lin Zhimeng hesitated for a moment, then said warmly.Ye Xuan’s slight glimpse, apparently because of Lin’s sudden concern, said with a smile: “Reassured.”


When Ye Xuan left the Xiangyu Pavilion, he went straight to the corner of the imperial city, and immediately explored the gods. He searched in the imperial city and muttered: "Xiaolian has settled in the emperor. That would be fine."

Feeling this, Ye Xuanyan opened his eyes. He always owed his heart to Zhong Xuexue. Now, Zhong Xuexue’s whereabouts are unknown, and he does not know life and death. He can only make up for this owe, from the niece Xiaolian who used to have a good relationship with Zhong Wangxue.

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan shook his head, and then he disappeared in the same place.

Ye Xuanzhen took this short time and was familiar with Qing Xuanbing.

"This Qing Yu Xuan Bingzhen is said to be tempered after the cultivation, the speed of the advanced emperor road, it seems that it is true."

After a blink of an eye, after three days, Ye Xuan felt the amazing changes in the body, and then muttered: "I just cooperated with Jiu Xuan Jin Gangzhen, meditating for three days, I feel that the five elements of the real crystal are more, this is the It’s only three days, the effect is so obvious. It seems that the body of the gods dare to assert that Qing’s Xuan Bingyan is extremely fast in the period of solidification. It is not a matter of no reason.”

Ye Xuan thought of this, and then silently thought.

This Qingyan Xuanbing is very fast in the advanced emperor road. After reaching the emperor road, the speed is slower. How slow and slow?

Is it the same as the extreme speed of entering the emperor's road, but the opposite is extremely slow?

Of course, his cultivation speed is so fast, and Ye Xuan also feels the reason for Jiu Xuan Jin Gangzhen.

At this time, he held the silver needle in his hand and murmured: "What is the origin of the nine Xuan Jinzheng needle and the set of needles..."

This nine Xuan Jinzheng needle is a piece of material that his grandfather left for him in this part of the medical book, which can assist him in cultivation, so as to speed up his absorption of the heaven and earth aura. Ye Xuanben thought that after entering the condensed period, the nine Xuan Jinzheng needle would be the same as the twelve lock forging gas, and it didn't have much effect.

However, not only that, it seems that after entering the period of solidification, the role of the nine Xuan Jinzheng needle is even larger than the original.

Before he entered the period of solidification, the aura of heaven and earth absorbed was not fixed, but after entering the period of solidification, it could only be absorbed. Ice, gold, and wood are five kinds of auras, and the nine Xuan Jinzheng needles are assisted to absorb the effects of the three auras, which is much larger than before.

This makes Ye Xuan secretly surprised.

What is the origin of this nine Xuan Jinzheng needle?

Once, after Ye Xuan got the second half of the Taoist holy book, I also thought about the existence of some pages in the lower part of the Taoist holy book, but it is clear that this medical holy book There is no page in the lower part, and Ye Xuan tried to find it many times, and there was no result.

This makes Ye Xuan puzzled.

Is it true that this nine Xuan Jinzheng needle is really something that he left for his grandfather before he died?

Otherwise, why is this Jiu Xuan Jin Gang needle in the upper part of the Taoist holy book, and the lower part is not?Without any clue, Ye Xuan is not thinking about this matter, and then once again realized the Qingshen Xuan Bing.

During the tenth time, Ye Xuan naturally could not make Qing Qing Xuan Bingyan a thorough understanding, but only a small half of the enlightenment, but even so, in terms of his understanding, his use of Qing Xuanbing It is also greatly increased.

On the tenth day, Ye Xuan rushed out of the closed room.


At noon on the tenth day.

A hundred miles away from the imperial city, in the sky, four people stood shoulder-to-shoulder. It was just three people, Ye Xuan and Qiao Zilong. The four stood in the sky, their eyes staring into the distance, apparently waiting for the people of Qinghai. After all, a few people have already agreed not to compromise each other, and there is no need to hide them.

Just wait for the other party to come straight, just fine.

"This is already at noon, and the people of Qinghai Shenguo are not coming?" Joe Zilong's face flashed brightly, and immediately said.

In his eyes, the people of Qinghai Shenguo can not come, naturally it is the best thing.

Xin shook his head and said: "Cough, brother brother still don't think about things too well. Since Qinghai Shenguo sent an envelope, it is possible to give up without any reason. Is it true that Joe brother still thinks? I am waiting for three people, but they can also make them compromise. However, the identity of Ye Chi is secret, and it is just entering the period of solidification. Those people certainly do not know, the existence of Ye Chi."

When a few people chatted, Ye Xuan frowned and said: "Several people, they are already here!"

"What, come so soon?" The three sons of Joe Zilong heard this, and they all spread their knowledge.

However, UU read After the gods spread, they were disappointed, and did not find any movement.

Qiao Zilong asked in confusion; "It seems that the master of Yechi’s cultivation is far beyond us. The old man just spread the knowledge, but he did not find any movement!"

Ye Xuan smiled slightly, did not say anything, just stared into the distance.

Soon, in the distance, there are six more horrible breaths.


"Sure enough!"

Feeling the arrival of this breath, the three of Joe Zilong could hardly stay calm, staring at the front one by one.

Soon after, six men wearing the same clothes, the old man looks like a middle-aged, several high-level cultivators, at the same time came to the front of Ye Xuan.

These six people have been repaired, and all of them are all repairs in the early days of condensing.

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