The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 612: Ye Xuan and Yin Gui!

Chapter 612: Ye Xuan and Yin Gui!

Updated: 2013-12-08

Once the ‘Bao Ming Fa Bao’ is merged with the real crystal, the power can be said to be a higher building, and with the life-saving method, it is even more powerful.

As for the preciousness of the ‘Bao Ming Fa Bao’, it is even more exciting.

Many immortalists have a good life method. As for the ‘Herald of the Life,’ it’s not knowing how much the real thing is, and there is no one. Only the rare Emperor of the Emperor will appear one or two.

Why is this so?

The casting of this magic weapon is very difficult.

It is said that the magic weapon of the life, the inflow magic weapon and the magic weapon of the truth can not meet the needs of the magic weapon of the life, must be ‘into the magic weapon. And every life-threatening method, the required magic weapon is different, and can only be hand-cast into the magic weapon.

However, as far as Ye Xuan knows, how to cast a magic weapon?

In the past, in the Tiandi Emperor God, Ye Xuan did not know that the magic weapon can still be built.

Are those magic weapons, not all innate treasures, how can they be created the day after tomorrow?

Of course, this life magic weapon does not have to be in accordance with the requirements of the life-threatening method. It must be the kind of magic weapon that can be created. As long as the five elements are the same, you can also find the innate spirit of the magic weapon as a substitute, but those alternative magic weapons. However, there is no way to play the 10% power of the life-saving method.

Therefore, even if it is found in the day after tomorrow, it is necessary to build it according to the requirements of this life.

Unless it is, there is a mysterious ice sword in the world.

However, Ye Xuan has never heard of the spirit of the magical Xuanbing sword, can only be built by hand.

This is not the key, the most headache for Ye Xuan is -

"Thirty-seven mouths!" Ye Xuan face revealed a smile.

I want to play the biggest power of Qing Xuan Bingyan. The single-shoulder Xuanbing sword is still not enough. It needs to be full of '37', these thirty-seven Xuanbing swords, a mysterious ice As a mother sword, Jing Sword is a magic weapon. The other 36 Xuan Bingjian swords are used as son swords.

According to what Qing Qing Xuanbing said, once you have enough thirty-six and Xuanbing swords and a Xuanbing Hanjing sword, the power is strong, not to say that sweeping the same-order monks, there is absolutely no problem with the pressure.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan’s face is better.

At this time, Ye Xuan’s hand is holding another piece of jade.

"Cold crystal iron, Wuxing jade, grinding iron sand..." Ye Xuan muttered to himself.

These are the materials needed to create thirty-seven invaders.

"Don't you have enough of these materials, can you really create a magic weapon?" Ye Xuan muttered to himself, he really couldn't believe it, and the magic weapon can be built.

"Oh, it seems that you don't really believe that the magic weapon can be built." Black

The robe old man separated his mind from watching the ancient books and smiled slightly."It is true that the younger generations have never heard of it before, and the magic weapon can be created. You must know that the magic weapon is a congenital treasure, but it is a thing cast in heaven. How can it be created?" Xuan still doesn't believe it. It's okay to say that he is a magic weapon, but he is not very convinced.

The old man in black robes touched the beard and said: "There is nothing rare, your experience is too shallow. Although the Tiandi Emperor is a big god country, and the Fangyuan generation is also a big god country, but it really has to be huge. Compared with the Kingdom of God, the Tiandi Emperor Kingdom can be a weak country of God!"

"How do you say this?" asked Ye Xuan.

"The really powerful Kingdom of God is all those who have surpassed the emperor's road to sit in the town. These gods, even the Yun Emperor's heyday, did not dare to provoke." The old man in black robe sighed: "The more powerful God The more the country, the more diverse it is, the natural refining path is naturally lacking some masters.

"I ask you, what is the magic weapon?"

"That is, there is more spirituality than its ordinary treasures." Ye Xuan said without thinking.


The old man in black robe said: "Before the real world, it is impossible to create a magic weapon, but after reaching the true, the fire of the real crystal, when the magic weapon is tempered, the blood is integrated, it can make the magic weapon At that time, spirituality is born, so it is a magic weapon to be qualified!"

"Of course, the strength and weakness of this magic weapon is completely determined by the cherishment of materials."

"Under normal circumstances." The old man in the black robe said: "The magic weapon that has been created, even if it is made up of the true crystal fire of the real world, and the blood is integrated into the spirituality, but the actual power is far from those innate spirits. Going, even worse than the general magic weapon, if it is not with the magic weapon can be stronger, no one will create a magic weapon!"

"The meaning of the predecessors is that the magic weapon that has been created, and the innate magic weapon, the power is much worse?" Ye Xuan asked.

The old man in black robe nodded and said: "Most of the time is so, but it can't be partial. If the material is cherished, the magic weapon that is created will not be weak, even more than those who are innate. The power of the magic weapon is not to be said to be strong."

"As for your material to create a black ice sword."

The black robe old man took a closer look and suddenly snorted, saying: "There are many of these materials that I can't recognize. I also recognize the materials that are cherished. They are all materials that are impossible in the world. Iron, you have to go to the Wanzhang cold cave to find, but ordinary cultivators can go deep into it."

"Is this not to say that there is no drama in creating thirty-six Xuanbing swords?"

"It’s just that there’s no drama. It’s already rare to make up the seven or eight materials.It’s a thing. Unless you have another chance or a rich family in the future, if these black ice swords are really created, hey, the power may not be weak, but there is so easy to collect these materials. Of course, it is not without hope. You are expected to go to the moon, and then go to the moon, and look at the moon, and see if you can help them share some. "The old man in black robe said like a fox.

"Predecessors, let's do this, isn't it too kind?" Ye Xuan smiled bitterly.

The old man in black robe snorted and said: "Is not kind? The old fox lets you kill the nine-star dynasty. He is kind. You are now tied with him. What is necessary for him to help, it is normal, I believe. He will not refuse you."

Ye Xuan nodded.

The old man in black robe waved his sleeve and said: "You study first, then I will go see those ancient books!"

Obviously, the old man in black robe is addicted.

And Ye Xuan listened here, and did not bother the other side, sitting cross-legged, the body is running in the air, in accordance with the requirements of Qing Xuanbing, first practiced some of the entry-assisted exercises on Qingyan Xuanbing, to facilitate themselves. After entering the realm of condensed truth, you can immediately integrate the natal power into the true crystal.

This cultivation is not a long time. It is only four or five days. With the understanding of Ye Xuan, these auxiliary exercises have been cultivated.

After five days -

On a remote mountain range, a purple glow suddenly rushed into the sky, and then a person appeared. This person is Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan glanced at the mountains and muttered: "This should be the Tiandi Emperor's Kingdom. However, the Tianbai Emperor's Kingdom has become like this. I have not recognized where I am now!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan sighed with a sigh, and there was a sadness on his face.

After all, the hometown has become like this, and no one will be indifferent.

In front of me, the whole county was destroyed and it was hard to see. Even after the war, the blood was still not dried, and it still flowed. Many of the bodies of the immortals were lying down, and no one came to clean up. It now looks more like hell.

"It seems that, as Yang's predecessors said, they retired." Ye Xuan muttered.

At this time, he also let go of his heart, and then waved his sleeves, a black shadow suddenly pulled out from Ye Xuan sleeves, UU reading flew to Ye Xuan.


This black shadow is a ghost, and now the sinister, full of breath, is clearly a sign of a big increase.

"I know that your heart is dissatisfied. On the same day, I know that I have died for a lifetime, but I still want to take you to death. I have never let you go. It is normal for your heart to be dissatisfied. However, I will not let you go, but also my reasons. Once you leave, if I am not there, the whole Tiandi Emperor Kingdom will not be destroyed in your hands." Ye Xuan said slowly.

Ye Xuan said that it is not a false statement, the ghost also really has this


If it wasn't for him that he realized the Tao and realized the Taoist way, he is already dead. He is dead, and the ghost who has made the blood oath will naturally not go anywhere.

The sinister face flashed, and then said respectfully: "The ghost has no meaning for dissatisfaction with the monarch.""Well, I know what you think in your heart. If you can change your temperament that devours the yin of the woman, in time, I will consider lifting the bloody swearing power with you. Of course, I want to completely refrain from you. Binding, that is impossible." Ye Xuan held his hand and said slowly.


The sinister face is inconspicuous, and then it seems to be a fateful one. "Everything is dominated by the monarch."

Ye Xuan glanced at the ghost, knowing that the ghost will never obey his land easily. Even if he respects him, he does not dare to disobey him. It is because of the blood swearing. If there is no blood swear, the sinister will not be like this to himself. This is no stranger. Speed ​​and strange strength, can be described as a leader, which will lose to him?

If you give the sinister time, the other party can be a party overlord, and will you be willing to succumb to others?

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