The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 451: The only level!

Chapter 451: The only level!

Chapter 451: The only level!

Ye Xuan heart secretly made up his mind that no matter what purpose these people are, but saving themselves is to save themselves, and in the future there is a chance to repay the salvation of today.

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan glanced at the black man who had been fighting with the Fengfeng Fanglong, and left quietly. According to the truth, Ye Xuan is now in the dark, and the distance from Fang Xianglong can't be closer. Fang Xianglong relies on the ink disk to find out where he is.

Fang Xianglong did not notice the Ye Xuan, who was close at hand.

This is not the problem with the ink disk, but Ye Xuan can not find the tricks of the silver moon. The silver moon Lord displayed his mark in Ye Xuan's body, and the black robe old man discovered it in the first time.

After the discovery, the old man in the black robe took the mark from Ye Xuan's body. The mark was separated from Ye Xuan and placed in Qixing City. In the eyes of Fang Jinlong and others, Ye Xuan was still in Qixing City. However, they only distinguish the imprint in Qixing City. Ye Xuan has already left Qixing City. Even if there is no such black person to block today, there is no trace of imprint. It is not easy for these people to find Ye Xuan.

Of course, without the blockage of the black man and others, Ye Xuan wants to pass through the customs such as the Xinghe Pass, which becomes a difficult matter. ......

Fang Jinlong and Yu Feng and others have been fighting with the men in black. I don’t know, Ye Xuan has successfully sneaked out of this place.

"The black-clothed predecessor once said that after we left, we went to the major gates of the Xingxing River, because the manpower of these major gates must have been sent out to be clean, and the predecessor had already calculated everything."

Ye Xuan looked forward and muttered to himself. "Now the strong players of all parties are going to catch you, but they are stopped by these black people. It is not a time to retreat. It is not in the process. The major customs of the Xinghe Pass must be empty inside. It is time to go to Shaoguan."

The old man in black robe laughed happily. Ye Xuan naturally will not give up this great opportunity, and discussed with the black robe old man for a moment, then went to Xingheguan. The governor of Xingheguan is Fang Xianglong. However, now Fangxuanlong, already knowing the news of Ye Xuan’s escape, sent a large number of monastic monks and left with them to stop. Now there is a monk in Xingheguan. Before the pass, only three monks of the Holy Palace were responsible for housekeeping. The three monks of the Holy Palace are mostly languid and seem to be very dissatisfied with the errand.

"The two friends should not relax their vigilance. Although we are looking at the house in Xingheguan, if Ye Xuan suddenly comes over..." A monastic monk saw the other two companions languid and had no spirit, said.

"The predecessors and the ancestors of the baiyeguan were all dispatched together. That Ye Xuan has the ability to pass the sky, and can't escape. Where is Ye Xuan going to the Qixingheguan? How is it possible?" A monk next to the holy palace laughed and said, "I don't think so."

"Oh..." "Wait!" At this time, the monk monk who spoke at the beginning of the glimpse. Because, at this time, a young man with a small appearance is approaching the Galaxy Pass step by step."Who is the person who comes, do not know that the Galaxy is closed, does not allow anyone to come in and out?" The monk of the Holy Palace looked like a sly.

However, the young people ignored this monastic monk and strode to the Xinghe Pass. Seeing this, the three monastic monks looked at each other and gave birth to a bad premonition.

"Who are you!" The monk-headed monk immediately shouted.

"Ye Xuan." The young man smiled slightly. This young man is the Ye Xuan who came when the interior of the Xingheguan was empty.

"What!" These three holy palace monks were surprised.

They are the clearest. Now the interior of Xingheguan is empty. Only the three of them are responsible for guarding the Xinghe Pass. At this time, if Ye Xuanzhen comes over, how can the three of them be able to stop, and Ye Xuan’s strength is strong, they have heard. Although the rumors are false in all likelihood, the snow-capped gods have not caught Ye Xuan for so long.

I can always see the horror of Ye Xuan. At least - Fang Inchong once said that with Ye Xuan’s current strength, in the same rank, he would find an adversary.

"Impossible, Ye Xuan is now in Qixing City, all the friends of Xingheguan are dispatched to block. If you are really Ye Xuan, how can you pass through so many obstacles to come to Xinghe Pass. Who are you, tell the truth as soon as possible? Otherwise, we can't help but we are welcome." A monastic monk narrowed his eyes and bit his teeth.

The young man smiled. This young man is Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan secretly laughed, and to tell the truth, these people doubt their identity. Indeed, without the blockade of the black people, although Fang Jinlong and others are not easy to catch themselves, but they want to cross the Galaxy Pass, obviously not an easy thing - but there are those black people blocking, Things have become another matter.

"I am indeed Ye Xuan." Ye Xuan shook his head. When the words fell, he waved his sleeves and stepped out. The next moment he reached the Galaxy Pass.

"Infuriating lock, open!"

"The field of swords, open!"

The three holy palace monks felt that the opening of the field of swords was nothing but a meal.

"The field of swords!" Three monks of the Holy Palace have a glimpse. At this time, they also believed that the person in front of him was Ye Xuan! Ye Xuan is not willing to pay attention to the three monasteries. The first step is to develop his own strength, and the field of the sword will also open, in order to prevent accidents. After the rest of the year - Ye Xuanzhen passed the Xinghe Pass, as for the three monasteries, they have fallen to the ground and were killed by Ye Xuan. After passing through the Xinghe Pass, Ye Xuan did not stay half-point, and went straight to the Baiyeguan. Now the venetian customs are also empty inside. He must pass through this pass as soon as possible. As long as he has passed through the baiyeguan, the entire snow-covered country will only have the last major pass and leave the last pass of the snow-capped country. Ye Xuan entered the Fengxia Pass of the Snowy Silver City and met Yang Lan. ......The matter of Ye Xuanqi’s passing through the Xingheguan was soon as if it was a thunder, and it spread all over the place. After the square inch dragon finally “repelled” the black man, he went to Qixing City, but found the position of the Qixing City mark, where There is a half-point orientation of the leaves. Fang Inchong saw only the imprint, but there was no Ye Xuan. When he was on the scene, he screamed badly and knew that he had counted it. When I returned to the Galaxy Pass, I saw three monks who had died in Xingheguan. The whole person stayed in the woods, as if a blue sky was on his head.

This thing still does not understand, Ye Xuan apparently escaped!

This thing can't be hidden. Soon, someone reported the news to the Fuzun of the Snowy Silver City.

Fu Zun took the hand and stood, UU reading is standing in the house thinking about killing Ye Xuan's countermeasures. At this moment, I heard someone ask for it and said, "Come in."

"Adult!" The monk monk looked ugly and didn't know how to export.

Fu Zun raised his eyebrows and didn't know what happened. He said: "What is the cause of the vomiting and vomiting!" "This..." The monk of the Holy Palace was brave and hard-headed, saying: "Fu Zun, That Ye Xuan, passed the Xinghe Pass."

"What!" Fu Zun held his hand and stood up. Hearing this, the heart beat and his face changed rapidly. "Xingheguan has a strong master who sits in the realm of the realm, near the hundred monastic monks, and there are several big houses. The Lord is assisting by the side. Once Ye Xuan is discovered, there will be a chain of siege. How can Ye Xuan escape from the Star River?"

"This..." The monk of the Holy Palace can only say things through the 151. When I heard this, Fu Zun apparently had some accidents. Some people are so bold that they dare to save Ye Xuan. Do they not know that they are doing this, is it against the Jiuxing Dynasty?

“Someone saved Ye Xuan?” Fu Zun narrowed his eyes and said: “Several black people have blocked all the forces that have killed Ye Xuan, and the interior of the Xinghe Pass has been emptied. As long as there is nothing wrong with Baiyeguan."

"Adult!" However, this sentence just fell, a holy house monk asked to see.

"Come in!" Fu Zun's face is not very good-looking, said.

The monk of the Holy Palace came in and glanced at the face of Fu Zun. He found that Fu Zun’s face was gloomy, and suddenly he was agitated, and he said: “The government... The deity is an adult, there is something to report!”

"What?" Fu Zun looked ugly and asked.

"Ye Xuan, who passed through the louver..." said the monk of the Holy Palace, who was loyal and bold.

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