The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 352: The mysterious voice!

Chapter 352: The mysterious voice!

Three hundred and fifty second chapter: mysterious voice!

Rì child long ago, with the main dragon dragon girl back monster domain, mysterious leaf on guessing, Dragon Lord Dragon sister back with reason. Dragon Lord once said, let him not by summoning the dragon demon blood oath sister spirit of the law, Ye Hyun just guessing rì of twelve, although ten rì already in the past, but leaves mysterious dare call.

Because the demon domain is underground, while he was in the ground. Demon domain of time, and time on the ground is very different.

For the purposes of the ground, rì a month alternating process is a rì, but underground, it is another matter.

Demon domain ten rì, on the ground, do not know how long past.

Analysis to the time difference, even now the Dragon Lord has taken away the dragon girl had a period of time, mysterious leaf dragon girl did not call, but at this moment, he enhanced the strength of the flesh, that somehow grown up with the power of his body, he also recovered.

Dragon Lord Dragon sister back with a demon domain, the original is to let the dragon girl's strength.

"Long sister Xiao Nizi flesh already reached three sections of the body, they can bring my flesh have such a big change, fear is beyond the three sections of the body, reaching for bone of the body at this stage." Ye Xuan heart smile . ..

Body reached for bone repair of body, repair gas gas reached the pinnacle of the sea border, dragon sister strength now, is enough to play against the Sheng Temple monks.

Mesenchymal mysterious mind thoughts, that's grown up on the flesh did not stop.

Breath, 10 interest, a hundred messages.

A little bit of the past.

When grown to be too calm body, Hyun leaves open eyes, breath slowly.

"Even ......" Ye Xuan muttered, said: "actually has reached the mid-body of the three sections."

Long-mei power surge, driven by his body repair also advanced to the mid-body of the three sections.

This is his far from unexpected things, thought advanced mid-body repair three sections of the body, will take some time, but such words change, directly reached the mid-body of the three sections.

Ye mysterious calm thought, but


He was about to get up.

It forces the body just disappear for a while, suddenly regeneration.


Ye Xuan Yi Zheng slightly.

"Is Long sister body repair advanced for bone of the body, not the end?" Ye Xuan heart was shocked.

Long-mei advanced of the body for bone repair while driving his body also be grown effects had disappeared, and now there, on behalf of the Long-mei advanced for bone of the body is not the end, it seems advanced for bone after the body, but also to change the medium-term impact of the body's bones.

In other bones of the body, it is reborn, for the bones of the body to Kai Tai of the body, the whole process is a transformative process, just advanced the body for bone, bone is the beginning of a change, have to be completely reborn body, It is the pinnacle for bone of the body.

Now dragon sister, seems to be changing into the mid-bones body.

This is a bit

Some also fast!

Hyun leaves the body hesitated and then just disappeared power again appears, quickly grown up with his body.

Just enter the three sections of the mid-body, body repair practice, flesh grown up continues.

Although the three sections of the body distributed to them on the body, the body can repair just the beginning, has been driven by the dragon sister, body repair strength enhancement is very significant.


Ye mysterious flesh grown more and more obvious, from the body of the three sections of the early to mid-body of the three sections, then, faint reach the latter three sections of the body, however, faint reach the latter three sections of the body, not the end.

After one hundred interest.

Kind of force disappeared.

Hyun leaves grown up flesh also be stopped.

Hyun leaves open your eyes, the face of horror, said: "I'm flesh practice, has reached a late stage of the three sections of the body, but the dragon demon girl in the domain, and what happened?"

Think to myself at the same time, leaves a mysterious heart Ji Ling, a son of the pain in my body.

"Hurts!" Ye Xuan gritted his teeth.

It is not difficult to guess

Long sister Xiao Nizi demon domain,

How it does not seem to feel better. I am afraid that practicing body repair advanced so fast, but also endure the terrible pain of it.

Hyun leaves blanket a grin.

Long sister pain, his body hurt.

Ye feel the power of mysterious disappearance, slowly got up and think to myself dragon demon girl in the domain of the situation, he left the Baihua.


The flowers pool commanded some cases, leaves mysterious think to myself is not clever ginger want to explain this, but think carefully, he shook his head, he left flowers pool, we naturally have to go to the forest to know the dream, then I told him that he should go to the snow kingdom of God.

I'm now living in a dream to know Lin, and Lin family location is the capital of the kingdom of God in the days of the White Emperor, White Emperor City!

Ye mysterious city that is to go to the White Emperor.

White Emperor City days Baidi kingdom's largest city.

However, just rushed Baidicheng full leaf in mysterious time, a man's voice, but it is unexpected sounded in his mind.

"Ye mysterious!"

This man shouting his name!

Hyun leaves can be determined, this is not an illusion, is very real, is someone calling him.

"Who is!" Ye mysterious frown, he turned around, looked around. However, this voice sounded clearly in his mind, but he can not find the presence of this man, he quickly spread the concept of God, but God read a walk around when they found empty four weeks, no man.

This makes his heart jǐng Ti, not the effect.

"Do not try to find me!" The man's voice sounded.

Xuan Ye shocked loss sè.

Who in the end yes.

And at the same time he did speak, he was not even the other people could not see.

"Who are you, how would know my name!" Ye Xuan Chen Sheng said, jǐng Ti looked around.

The invisible, but also spread the sword in the field.

"I said, do not try to come to me, even if you spread sword in the field, do not know where I am, I just wanted to tell you something of it." The man said coldly, still voice within my mind the mysterious leaf sounded.

"Who are you!" Ye mysterious cold voice asked.

Owner of the voice did not answer the question leaves mysterious, he said: "! We have been waiting for you for a long time."

"Who in the end you are!" Ye Xuan growled.

Any who do not want to even who it is, where people do not know the dialogue.

"Who am I not important if you want your uncle to survive it, to be honest, you know." Owner of the voice laugh: "I said, we have been waiting for you for a long time, giving you plenty of time but, you too let us down. "

"Uncle ......"

Ye Hyun stood transfixed.

Then, his fists tightly grip.

Kaka sounded!

"You are my uncle caught up!" Ye mysterious deep roared.

"What do you think?" The man said slowly.

"You caught my uncle where to go!" Ye mysterious screaming out loud.

How long doubts that a shocking escape word, proclaimed his missing uncle, he has been wondering how his uncle gone. Just a no news, he thought a lot of ways, but without a clue of the situation, only to stop, then pin their hopes on forest-known dream.

His mind in a hurry, but had to wait for forest-known dream injuries heal!

And this time, these people finally appeared.

How can he calm down.

"I said, you want to let your uncle alive, then it is a little honest it." Master sound cold voice he said.

Hyun leaves forehead dripping sweat, veins exposed, but also shortness of breath a lot.



Hyun leaves teeth, UU reading tried to restrain myself, want to make yourself calm down.

He had no choice, he had to calm!

"You ...... what you want from me?" Ye Xuan said aloud.

The man did not kill his uncle, and said, waited for him for a long time, but he too let each other down, he has to prove the value of the use of each other, or simple terms, what the other wants to take away from him.

"Smart!" The man sneered: "! And smart people talk, really a lot easier."

"You who in the end!" Ye Xuan growled.

Ye mysterious man did not answer the question, cold voice said: "We give you a lot of time, you know the world of medicine qualifications hard to find, but you are too let us down, I'll give you a year's time, if not accomplishment Road doctors. so, do not blame me kill your uncle. "

' "

Ye Hyun looked up and said: "!! I advise you better not touch my uncle half of the root hairs Otherwise, you'll never get anything on me."

"That depends on your own ability it!" The man said.

"I want to see my uncle!" Ye Xuan teeth, said.

"" If enlightened medicine, you will immediately see your uncle. However, a year's time, not a tract health, your uncle will die! "Man Leng Heng soon, it seems gone, there is no longer the slightest sound.

Came and went without a trace, or at least whether it is to take the leaves did not find this mysterious person, in the end where you are!

Xuan Ye stand still, clenched fist, gradually spill blood.

He thought

These people want to do in the end is what, what their purpose and yes.

Is the Road Medical holy book, said doctors, and so on ......

But I can not deny that they are very strong.

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