The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 285: The Sword of Electric

Chapter 285: The Sword of Electric

Long sister caught the flaw diamond bear, also make use of its own advantages, can be described as King Kong bear this miserable bullying, King Kong bears often want to seize the opportunity, when the fall of the dragon sister, sister hit the dragon look, but very, very clever dragon sister, how can we make this pretty bear succeed?

King Kong angry bear.


It claws wantonly destroying the surrounding trees.

Ancient king's face has become gloomy, dragon fly sister, than in terms of its diamond bear, this is not the advantage. After all, King Kong Xiong fast, powerful brute force. But that advantage is demon dragon -

The other turned out to be gas Wicked repair, and repair gas attainments, reached the pinnacle of the sea air environment!

This is enough to make King Kong bears fear of place.


Diamond Bear gas jumped more than ten feet, anxious to put the dragon girl in high altitude thoroughly Jiuxia Lai can not.

It is more angry, more music happy dragon sister.

This is a slap Diamond bear, dragon tail sister still feeling some pain, Jiao said: "You're a stupid bear, you see your stupid like that, jump, up ah, you have the ability to say people, then this curse two girls, come ah, Benxiong, scold the girl two! "

Long considered a wonderful sister, pointing to this Diamond Diamond Bear Bear let him curse.

Big deal scolded chanting, afraid her sister Dragon King Kong bear this, the most critical is that this diamond bears, can not really say that people talk.

have to say--

Profane language, the only language but also human Cultivation of.

Diamond Bear dumbfounded, those eyes is not that big, it seems, is silly.



It does not hide, vomit.

Even if it bears the huge family of King Kong, the only King will bear some of the elders and older say hide, it is also a school for a long time had just learned, they hide for diamond bear, it is not so easy to control. Not like a demon dragon family, you can do almost every hide, vomit.

"You Benxiong, even if people say you will not, tell me about your stupid that into what! You have the ability to scold the girl two mouth, stupid bear!"

"You know you bear is how King died? Bensi!" Long sister yells Road.

Ye seem to have seen the mysterious dragon sister pinched waist curse appearance.

And others fight is not the same.

Others fight, it was all the strength to fight on to the bitter end, while the dragon sister and people fight, that fight is cursing, swearing that if the foundation is not very good even, but why dirty curse this much, but every word quasi Road Diamond bear weakness, diamond bear to hear someone say they do not hide, vomit, said its stupid, gas has been Qiqiaoshengyan up.

This dragon sister, is an outrage.

This is also the reason for the mysterious leaf dragon girl is very confident.

Long sister Xiao Nizi, absolutely can not go to the surface, so innocent, it seems just out of personal put Xiao Nizi fool same.

Long-mei is deliberately angered this diamond bear, but the bear also with the King was enraged.

Diamond bear was disoriented dragon sister scolded, gas already without anyone just beginning, but this time, the dragon sister saw the opportunity, the tail volume, rapid fall, fiercely fought King Kong bear it, King Kong Bears eat pain, reflex want to grab the dragon sister.

But Long sister ran back.


Ancient kings looking more and more gloomy, his spirit demon blood oath Wicked injured being beaten, he is not a natural taste, but it is a war between the evil, he is not very good to intervene, not to mention that he intervene, then leaves Yuen will intervene. As a result, it will only make the situation becomes more confusing Bale.

"Then here first to get rid of him!" The king of the ancient heart secretly thinking.

His practice exercises that door, you can make infuriating twice as large than the average person, a start has not been used much, and now he is going to throw out.

"Qingyan refining Sea Act -"


When the ancient kings of discourse down, infuriating a sudden surge, actually, almost twice as much as the stronger start.

Cultivation fight, as long as the strong infuriating occupy some advantages,

It is likely to occupy a greater advantage.

His infuriating twice as stronger than ordinary sea air environment, free to play tricks, the other side is difficult to resist!


Ye mysterious atmosphere, the face of that majestic atmosphere of ancient kings, already been firmly suppressed.

Ye Xuan frowned, he naturally felt, the ancient king jumped infuriating, than just what that kind of change.

"Infuriating lock, lock the fifth -"


This time, Ye Xuan infuriating, equally suddenly exploded.

However, this is not the end.

"Sixth lock -"


Infuriating the lock body, open layers.

Ye Xuan infuriating completely been released, and, like the ancient king, at this moment, his infuriating been fully liberated.

This is being pressed down ancient king of breath, suddenly soared, actually, faint and ancient king even.


Than the breath of ancient kings, even more strongly on one point.

Contest between infuriating and infuriating.

"What!" Gu Ye Wang saw the same mysterious atmosphere soaring, how can we not scared.

His practice exercises that door, but his family heritage law, practicing to perfection, in a short time, the sea air infuriating than twice as big common sea air environment. In fact, every genius and the older generation of sea air Cultivation territory, will practice some of the exercises Lianqi.

There are a lot of refining qigong method.

More aspects of the expansion of sea air, or let infuriating different from normal exercises, minority.

Cloud temple genius, will be refining qigong practice law, and naturally he, too, but his practice of qigong refining method, in the same hierarchy, to be more subtle several more. It exercises control over the door, and he spent little of it mind, however, and he could have evened the other side. And that infuriating outbreak, he seems even more powerful than he.

He did not know that, but just leaves mysterious road into the fifth and sixth Road infuriating lock to be grown up on time, but that is only a few days, if another for some time, it untied six mysterious leaf lock infuriating, infuriating soaring, and now, even more powerful than it.

At that time, just infuriating is the culmination of six locks.

Twelve locks forging gas, the more long grown up, the resulting effect of the more strong.

Ye mysterious handheld bamboo sword.

Gu Ye Wang Xuan squinted at the hands of the sword Chi Chi haunted lightning, that lightning like a snake, disk tie on its sword.


Ancient king Lengheng soon.

Then kicking about, sword rushed over. This is infuriating it hovering body, UU reading www.uukanshu. com until the mysterious leaf away.

Blink of an eye fight.

Blink of an eye fly into the sky.

On the dusty ground, in that moment just fight, jungle has been destroyed unsightly, Yi Keke trees down, just because two people infuriating when Jianqi turned into more than prestige are cut off.

They are not the whole body without wandering infuriating.

Body care infuriating, infuriating turned into gas and sword Jian Qi, covered defense and sharp attack, the degree of manipulation of the two infuriating have reached perfection in this fight, it looked dazzling, who also accounted for not who's the slightest bit cheaper.

Even the two is comparable sword Italy, a difficult time for the separation of a high and low.

"Just the fight, I was testing you about it!" Said Chen Sheng ancient king.

He was referring to just naturally long before sister attack him.

And now, the real shot.

"Now, no one will stop us both!" Ancient King grinned.

His whole body, are wrapped around the optic.

"Then the following -"

"Pick me up sword!" The king of the ancient sword hand, more and more electric snake contains some strong.

See here, the ancient king smiled.


The roar, the bear is not King Kong roar, nor sister dragon roar.

But its sword, the sword means that a strong convergence with the infuriating out a monster, this monster is the embodiment of power into a dragon. Chi Chi, Perak Pata, this electricity will converge in the ancient dragon king sword is so powerful, people see it, shocking, definitely better than ordinary Jiangang, but also a stronger one point.

This is not Jiangang.

But the power of Jianqi.

Long Leaf electric eyes looked mysterious.

See them, Ye Hyun my mind vigilance.

This electric Jian Qi, Jian Qi can definitely not an ordinary ah.


Gu Wang Jian, a sudden fall.

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