The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 258: The Battle of Territory begins!

Chapter 258: The Battle of Territory begins!

Ye Xuan and the doctor she has seen are very different.

Ye Xuan is not an old-fashioned dragon, nor is it an old man who feels a beard and looks like a demeanor.

Not only that, Ye Xuan is still very young, and, Ye Xuan is not only young, it seems that there is such a superb medical skill!

Although the other party will say something that is as incomprehensible as those doctors, it is undeniable that she did not see the disgust of her smell from Ye Xuan's eyes.

the first time.

The first time I saw it, I saw it once, and I wanted to see it again for the second time.

She felt that she deliberately disguised herself, disguised her usual pungent personality, and made herself more gentle. When she spoke, she deliberately had a tone of asking for people, completely unnecessary.

Because the other side never cares about this, I never care about what I say.

is her--

Belly sinister heart of a gentleman!

Thinking in my heart, Su Huanyi licked her nose. For so long, she couldn’t stand the smell of her own like a nightmare.

Even she couldn't stand it. This man turned out to be a light-hearted look, which is hard to believe.

Ye Xuan touched his nose and said: "You can cover the mysterious body with the grass!"

"Yeah!" Su Fantasy was clean and clean, and all the spirit grasses were put back on the body, and the smell was once again covered up.

"Fortunately!" Ye Xuan stretched his brow and smiled.

"What is okay?" asked Su Fantas.

"Your sinister corpse smells good!" Ye Xuan smiled slightly and said: "In short, there is hope for healing!"

"You said--"

Sui Yiyi’s pupil was shining and said: “You said, I have hope for healing?”

She is like a little girl, she is so elated that she can't hide the joy in her heart.

"Yes!" Ye Xuan thought for a moment, said: "I will give you a prescription for medicinal liquor. You must remember that it is a medicinal liquor, not a remedy. It takes seven 瞳, jade ink, Lingxing grass, and ......"

Ye Xuan said all the needs of this spirit grass.

"Remember, make medicinal wine, don't use water as medicinal liquor, you must make it with Lingxing grass and grass juice. Every lingxing grass will contain a lot of juice. You need to squeeze it out. You will use the method I said. Make a good medicinal wine. Take one bottle a day, no more, just one bottle!"

"In this way, can I cure my illness?"

Ye Xuan shook his head and said: "It's not that simple. The yin yin body is yin, and the medicinal liquor itself is yang. The medicinal liquor that I gave you is very strong. The average person smells the scent and faints. And this potentness can make the yin of the mysterious body fall into a deep sleep!"

"Of course, in a deep sleep, it is not completely successful. This medicinal wine is only an auxiliary medicine. You are a constitution, not an ordinary disease. The body is connected to the body, and it is easy to start and hurt yourself. Of course, In other words, if you take this wine, the yin will fall into a deep sleep, and your smell will disappear!"

"My smell will also disappear? You mean, I just need to take this medicinal wine, can the smell disappear?" Su Huayi's heart is inexplicably excited, and the color is rising."Yes. Because the yin is already asleep, unless it wakes up, the smell will not appear again!"

The disease is the same as human beings.

Alcohol can be drunk.

The medicinal liquor he made for Su Fantasy was extremely strong, and ordinary people would be drunk when they smelled it.

"Really? You can't lie to me!" Su Yiyi said with a surprise, but when the voice fell, she remembered something and smiled. "Sorry, I don't believe you, but talk about it!"

Ye Xuan naturally does not care, slowly said: "This medicinal wine can only cure the scent of Xuanyin in a short time, that is, the remedy is not a cure. After all, the medicinal wine is enough to faint it, but after a long time, the yin can be immune This medicinal wine. So, this medicinal wine is an auxiliary medicine, but you can rest assured that as long as your yin and yin sleeps, I can start to help you heal!"


Su Fantasy clothes a storage bag,

Road: "This is 300,000 ink Dan, when you heal my reward!"

"No, 50,000 yuan Dandan!" Ye Xuan put his hand, did not accept.

"No, 300,000, I say 300,000, it is 300,000!" Su Huayi said.

"I said 50,000 is 50,000!" said Ye Xuan.

Su Yiyi looked angry and angered: "You are sick, give you 300,000, you will hold it, and bargain? What others have seen so much, Dandan, happy, too late, you can pour, I even pushed out, I have never seen anyone like you!"

"This..." Ye Xuanzhen looked at the Soviet costume.

How does this woman be like a shrew?

"I..." After the fire of the Fantasy costume, it seems to have found out that it is wrong. Looking at Ye Xuan’s look like a wooden chicken, he quickly said: "I, I didn't mean it, don't be angry!"

"I only need 50,000, how much effort, how much, this is the principle of my practice!" Ye Xuan saw the other side's rapid changes, said with a smile.

He has a good temper and a mild temper, otherwise the average person can't stand the temper of Su Fantasy.

Su yiyi heard this, did not dare to violate the counter, took the ink in the storage bag back to 250,000, and the remaining 50,000, he sent it to Ye Xuan, saying: "This time only 50,000 You accept it!"

Ye Xuan looked at Su Yiyi and said: "Have you already given me?"

"When did I give you?" Su Fantasy did not understand.

"The last time, when I was in Caixiage, you threw me 50,000 yuan, and turned away." Ye Xuan said.

He has long said that the 50,000 million Dandan is the cost of healing the Soviet costume.

Really, it came in handy.

"That time..." Su Shiyi finally thought about it. It was the first time when the two met in Caixiage, she gave Ye Xuan the sealing fee.

"Think of it?" said Ye Xuan.

"Think of it, but that time can't count!" Su Fantasy immediately said.

Ye Xuan’s eyes blinked and said, “Why not?”

"Because..." Su Fantasy is about to cry, and that time she did not want to let Ye Xuan say that she had a mysterious body, and came out with the ink. Now think about it, she took out the money, she was totally despised, how can she count it, but now, isn’t it what she thought at the time?

This man is really hateful."I know what you want to say, and you know what you are thinking, that 50,000 pieces of ink is enough!" said Ye Xuan.

50,000 million Dan, healing the disease of Xuanyin corpse, not much more!

"Well, after you go back, use the grass that I said to make the medicinal wine. If there is a lack of spirit grass on the body, you can ask me!" said Ye Xuan.

"Enough!" Su Shiyi nodded. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

"That's good, I will go first!" Ye Xuan waved.

After saying this, he turned around and planned to leave.

"Wait!" Su Fantasy thought for a long while, reaching out and taking out the storage bag, intending to put the 300,000 ink Dan in the hands of Ye Xuan anyway, she is not lacking these ink Dan, 300,000 Mo Dan She is not too much.

This is just a bit of a mind for her, but when she came back, Ye Xuan had already gone far.

She looked in the direction of the Dragon Temple.

"I remember!"

Su Yiyi secretly thought of it.

Remember the location of the Dragon Temple.


The Cloud Temple has been opened for some time!

Today, it is the third day after many geniuses enter the Cloud Hall.

The opening of the territorial war is a bell of the temple of the gods. Once the bell rings, it will sing three times in the big cloud temple. After these three sounds, it is the day when the battle of the cloud temple territory is completely opened.

At this moment -

In front of the temple of the Temple of God, in front of a huge stone clock, an old man held his hand.

The old man looked at the ancient clock, his brows were wrinkled, and he seemed to be waiting for time.

Time passes by little by little.

"Time is up!" The old man muttered to himself.

When the words fell, he popped out, and the infuriating air flew out from his fingertips. The time was hit on the stone clock, accompanied by a long bell that spread throughout the square.

One sound, two sounds, three sounds.

The geniuses from different positions heard this voice.

At the same time, in the Dragon Hall, Ye Xuan and Chen Tai three people, standing on the water of the Dragon Temple, the three of them are full of vigilance, dare not have a bit of distraction.

After three sounds, it stands for -

"The war of territory has begun!"

An unprecedented battle has begun!

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