The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 43: Hugh to be noisy!

Chapter 43: Hugh to be noisy!

Baihuachi ‘Qingyi Mountain’, Yunjingzong’s ‘Land’’, and Tianmen’s Gate’s “Illegal Mountain”.

These three peaks are actually located in a mountain range called the 'Qingfeng Mountain Range'.

It is reasonable to say that when a cultivator is established, he will choose a mountain with better aura as the location of the power.

A force that monopolizes a mountain range.

However, this Qingfeng Mountain is too big.

Big scary.

Even the Tianmeng Gate, Yunjingzong, and Baihuachi’s three forces cannot completely spread their power throughout the Qingfeng Mountain.

You can only take a few mountain peaks and name the mountain.

Speaking of the Qingfeng Mountain Range, there are many mountain peaks. Baihe Mountain is a mountain in the Qingfeng Mountain Range. It is also the place where the Tiandianmen, Yunjingzong and Baihuachi three disciples fight.

On the way from Qingshan Mountain to Baihe Mountain.


"The master of the pool, after passing this ghost mountain, I went to the Baihe Mountain!"

In the sky, fly over a line of cultivators. This pedestrian, nine out of ten are female monks, only the one who stands at the forefront is a man who is young, dressed in purple and carrying a hand.

Nature is Ye Xuanyi and others.

"The mountain in front is Baihe Mountain?" Ye Xuan looked to the front.

Through the fog in the clouds, I looked at it and saw a mountain that was not visible.



Ye Xuan is watching the Baihe Mountain, but at this moment, there is a strange cry from afar. This cry is like a man and a woman, and it is weird, and the direction of the passing is exactly the name of this neighborhood. The peak of the "Ghost Mountain".

Xiao Cai also said that through the Ghost Mountain, he went to the Baihe Mountain.

"How can there be crying?" Ye Xuan slightly frowned.

Xiao Yu looked at the distant mountain peaks. It seems that there is not much strangeness. He said: "This is not a strange thing. The reason why Li Guishan is called Li Guishan is because of this evil cry. This is very crying. It’s weird, and it’s not regular. Sometimes it’s not been crying once in three or two days, and sometimes it’s a day or two!”

"It’s so weird, no one is going to this ghost mountain to find out what is going on?" Ye Xuan wondered.

Xiao Xiaoran smiled and said: "Nature is someone who has been to this ghost mountain. I can't help but see my Baihuachi, Yunjingzong, Tianmengmen, and I have gone to Li Gengshan to see one or two. I don't think there is any hidden treasure in this ghost mountain. It’s a pity that nothing has been found in the Ghost Mountain. Even the ancestors personally descended to Ghost Mountain. They only said that this Ghost Mountain is weird. The crying statement is clearly from the Ghost Mountain. When you go in, you are looking for it. Not the land of the crying cry!"

"It is said that when Jiang Yinshizu went to this Ghost Mountain, he once looked at Ghost Mountain again and found no wrong place!"

An elder said.

"That's really weird!"

Ye Xuan shook his head and smiled.

"It is indeed strange, but no one can find anything strange in this Ghost Mountain, that is, it is not strange in the strange, so the pool master does not need to put this matter in mind!" Xiao Yu smiled with a flat face.

"Yeah!" Ye Xuan nodded.

Looked at the ghost mountain.I only felt that there was a thick fog of black pressure there, and I couldn’t see what was going on inside.


He did not take this matter to heart. After all, Xiao Yu and others said that there is nothing in this ghost mountain.


In the Baihe Mountain, a mansion loft is built, which is under the jurisdiction of Yunjingzong, and at this moment, a mansion.

There are about thirty or forty cultivators.

Most of them are elite disciples of the flying world, and there are also seven or eight elders and disciples of the solid state. These people are wearing robes, and the patterns depicted on the robes can be seen. This cultivator is the Yunjing sect.

The most conspicuous is the old man sitting in the center and wearing a black robe.

The old man’s breath is amazing, and most of them have reached the peak of the solid yuan, and the half-footed masters of the sea.

This person is the current lord of Yunjingzong, Mo light.

"Qier, this time, did you contact the phoenix tree?" This Yunjing Zongzong master opened the seemingly innocent eyes and asked a young man sitting in the house.

This young man is the son of Mo Qing, named Mo Qi.

"Indus?" Mo Qi snorted and said: "I just made her foolish with just two sentences. But when I talked about this time and the indus, I really didn't pass the letter with the indus. I know how the indus is inside the Baihuachi!"

"The strength of the Tianmeng Gate, I have no way to shake the Yunjingzong for the time being, but the Baihuachi is already a loose sand, and the strength is not as good as before. We must take it down, but then we still need to start from the phoenix! "Mo gently said.

Mozi was very puzzled and asked: "Oh, I am wondering, there are no people in the Baihuachi who have been cultivated in a sea. We are afraid of what she does, and can take it directly. That Xiao Yu I see. For a long time, as long as I took the Baihuachi, she is mine!"

Mo lightly narrowed his eyes and shook his head and said: "It's not that simple. Although the Baihuachi is not as good as before, but at the peak of the year, the card left is still not small. I really have to move, but also to Luo Xin. It’s only after death, Luo Xin’s death, Xiao Yu is sure to be the head of the pool. As long as Wu Tong is moving around, the Baihuachi will not be united. When it is broken, it will be a breeze!”

"Hey, that Xiaoxie had a few battles before, and pressed me for the second time. When I took her, I saw how she was arrogant in front of me!" Mozi's mouth outlined a sneer.

"You don't need to worry so much this time. With that inflow magic weapon, even if Xiao Yu is advanced to the peak of the solid yuan, it is definitely not your opponent, and I have to look at it. Luo Xin has not seen this for three years. , the magical power has not grown in the end!" Mo bite his teeth.

The battle of the masters of the past few years has always been that Luo Xin is the leader.

He and the lord of the heavenly gate are not the enemy of Luo Xin. He had just got a treasure in the past time. Among them, there are two inflow magic weapons, one handed to his son Mozi, the other one is naturally In his hand, with this inflow magic weapon, he does not believe that Luo Xin can still turn up any day.

"Ok?"At this time, the owner of Yunjing Zongzong suddenly smiled and said: "The group of people in Baihuachi is coming. I want to come to Yang Laotou!"


Ye Xuan and his party are falling in this Baihe Mountain.

And when they just entered the house of Baihe Mountain...

Brush it!

There are about a few hundred figures flying in two directions in succession. All of them are flying above the sky or flying. They can achieve the strength of the solid environment. It can be seen that it is Yunjingzong and Tianmengmen. Two forces.

"Ha ha ha, you are so slow!"

A mocking laugh sounded, it was Namoqi.



Mo lightly held his hand and suddenly frowned.

Ye Xuan is standing at the forefront, and his gaze is naturally the first to see Ye Xuan.

"Ha ha ha ha, in the Baihuachi, when did you enter the male monk!"

This person who speaks is not a light, but a Mozi who stands next to him.

Ye Xuan blinked a little, and while this pedestrian looked at him, he was also looking at this group of people. In my heart, it is the dark road. The strength of the two gates of this day and Yunjingzong are higher than their Baihuachi. UU reads www.uukanshu. Com can be seen from the number of solid elements alone.

"You talk politely, he is our pool owner!" said a woman in a cold voice.

"Oh, you pool owner!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"You are not kidding!"

“A 17-year-old boy is a pool owner?”

"This boy will not be the illegitimate child of Luo Xin!"

"Do you have a hundred flower ponds that allow male monks to be the masters?"

The next moment, a group of cultivators laughed.

In laughter, it is full of ridicule.

Mozi strode over Ye Xuan and his party, saying: "Xiao Xiao, when did you make a male monk as the pool master?"

Xiao Yu has no change in his face, and said faintly: "The things we have in the flower pool are still not in your hands!"

"Oh!" Mozi looked at Ye Xuan and laughed and said: "I don't care, I will see if this kid is qualified to be the owner of your Baihuachi!"

next moment.

Mozi suddenly waved his hand and a gas sword was born. It was a big step and a span. Ten feet were not a distance. A gas sword swayed straight toward Ye Xuan.

Xiao Yu’s brow wrinkled, and at the moment Mozzie shot, he waved a silver sword and flew out. It’s just a void and three fingers. When the silver sword is separated, a sword is actually divided into hundred and ten swords. The sword became a sword fan, but it was only a collision, and the air sword of Mozi was disintegrated.



Xiao Yu is just a blink of an eye, and it has the upper hand.

"It's a little polite to our pool!" Xiao Yu's eyes gradually became cold, and he said quietly.

Mozi saw that his blow did not work. After one step back, it was a bite and wanted to spur the infuriating.


Mo lightly grabbed his son and shook his head and said: "Hugh to be messy!"

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